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What is Corax Obitus?
    Corax Obitus is a Necrometal Band from Poland.  It is currently composed of two members, also known from the thrash metal band Fatum.  These two souls took it to themselves to compose the most extreme music ever known to mankind.

Lord Axemaster of Dwylth- Drums & Percussion  
Baron de Eradicator of the Living - All Guitars & Vocals 

What the fuck is Necrometal?
    Necrometal is the most extreme music ever created.  Corax Obitus were inspired by the well-known Finnish band Akkikuolema.  These heroic souls are forever worshipped by the members of Corax Obitus.
    To an outsider Necrometal may sound like a chaos of sound.  As one listener has commented: "Is that a vacuum cleaner as the bass?"  But to the well-trained, Necrometal brings on a state of DEATH, while physically remaining in this world.
    Okay, so we've estabilished what it brings.  It can hardly be called music by a critic, but it's metal played at an unbelievable speed and frenzy with vocals from black metal and the drums from death metal.  Simple.

I want to hear this shit!
    Corax Obitus have so far recorded one Demo.  It is now partly available (one song at a time) for you to listen. Go to the demo page. So far we have included in the above link (yeah, the one marked with "demo", twerp) the logo, the list of songs and their relative lengths.. Also now the weekly song..  It's as good as we could do in 15 minutes.  So, bite onto that now.

Wow!  That was fucking great!  I want to contact these guys!
    Okay, okay.  Chill out.  Firstly, it took great work to put this shit up.  Well, I can tell you one thing.  We won't guarantee anything.  You can TRY  and get in touch with us.  We'll give you all the possibilities but we won't guarantee anything.  You can order the tape version of our newest demo (there'll be one along somewhere down the line) from:

Necrovargis Productions
ul. Naleczowska 58
02-922 Warsaw
tel. (+48 22) 642 7503
This tape will cost you two dollars (yeah, $2, fuck.  American dollars, in cash.  Otherwise no tape) and we won't guarantee the quality. Oh, and one more thing: You're paying for the tape to come there.. So enclose an envelope and some postage... Like enough, too. One thing is certain, however: It'll bring the feeling up in the room!  Just try it and give us a quick buck.  We're all in the same soup, dammit.  And remember:  Hellhounds will be after you if you try anything stupid.

If you want to catch Lord Axemaster of Dwylth, e-mail or call: (+48 22) 847-08-44

The only way to get in touch with Baron de Eradicator of the Living is email.  Nothing has ever been received from him.  So be discouraged. He does, however, have a personal web page. Go see it now.

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