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"It's a show about two young people who don't have sex."

Hank Hill, Fox's King of the Hill

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I Can Explain


What did they say to each other after Small Potatoes?

No Explanation Needed

Scully had a little more to say after they visited Eddie in prison. . .


Twisted Truths Arc:

After Gethsemane, was there finally peace for the dying Scully and betrayed Mulder?

Click here for background on this story. Note: all scenes contain Fouth Season spoilers.



Scene 1 - Echoes of the Angels



Scene 2 - The Coin of Betrayal



Scene 3 - Like Swords Entwined





Coming Soon:

Scene 2: The Coin of Betrayal-Released 7/30/97

Scene 4: A Solitary Reunion

Scene 3: Like Swords Entwined- Released 1/24/97


Scene 5: Untitled: Endstory



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