Land of the Babes

Land of the Babes
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   Planet Duke | Land of the Babes | Weapons

Duke Nukem: Land of the Babes Weapons


Duke never runs out of these little pigstickers, which he can hurl around at will!


Play The Man With The Golden Gun with this little sweety, which holds 200 rounds - it's fast, if not too strong.


Duke does what he does best with this - blowing stuff up! The Holster Weapon button whips it out and drops it, and the Fire button blows it up. Make sure you throw it though, or Duke might just go boom himself. (Note: That is not good.) Duke can hold 20 sticks at a time.

Laser Blaster

It's a handy-as-can-be laser gun. Whip it out, zap 'em down! 150 rounds can be held at any time, meaning Duke can zap away like, uh, something that zaps away a lot :)

Combat Shotgun

A lovely, friendly gun, this mother pumps the enemy full of lead in a quick, effective blast. Don't get carried away with the pump action though, because it only holds 75 rounds!

Laser Gatling Gun

Ooh, this big nasty mother of a gun is a real crowd-pleaser - it spits out mean balls of plasma that fry the enemy! Holds 150 rounds, kids!


Find those Pig Cops and roast 'em with this baby! Although only extreme short range, the flamethrower is VERY powerful! Holds 200 rounds of pure burning love. Er, burning pain, too.

Incendiary RPG

Holding 8 missiles at once, this double-barreled rocket-launcher is one big hurt machine. Just make sure you aim far, far away :)

Grenade Launcher

Chucking out little explosive balls that bounce, this is a fun weapon for hitting enemies around corners! 20 rounds at once, and no more, kid.


Make 'em little! Then make floor pie out of 'em! Holds 30 rounds of miniaturising fun!


These fun little pyrotechnics work in the same way as dynamite - but these don't blow up until you press Fire again! 35 at once, mister

Torpedo Launcher

Someone stole this from a submarine - and it's perfect for underwater mayhem! 30 torpedoes can be held in it.

Energy Weapon

Thrillingly named, this is truly a scary gun - it fires a sharp laser beam that burns the enemy from the inside! Must be good for cooking chilli, however. Holds 200 rounds of pyromaniac fun!

Mini Laser Gatling Gun

A "cuter" version of the Laser Gatling Gun, it's slower, but more powerful. And the WORST part? It clashes with Duke's shirt! Holds 100 rounds.


Instead of blowing the enemy up, or burning them to death, why not freeze 'em? Once frozen, an enemy can be shattered by Duke when he walks up to them! Holds 150 chilling rounds.


This is a weird gun - it teleports babes to safety, but if you hit an enemy, they go invisible! Which isn't good! 150 rounds of Star Trek-style teleport/invisibility fun!

Sniper Rifle

Line 'em up, pick 'em off. Head shot! R1 zooms and there's no ammo lying around - you have to find another rifle! But these babies are still fun! 50 rounds at a time.


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