Icewind Dale

This section contains all the information you need about Icewind Dale, including characters, information, encounters, game information, help, and media.


Basic and detailed information about your player character. Find out about character abilities, alignments, classes, races, and spells.

The Spine of the World is populated with all manner of man and beast, some of which will help you and some of which will hinder you. This section gives you information on the monsters and exotic locations you will encounter.
Game Information

Turn your eyes here for all manner of insight into the features, maps, system requirements and story behind Icewind Dale.

Do you require assistance? PlanetBaldursGate has a complete help section dedicated to customizing character portraits and sounds, getting multiplayer up and working, and general troubleshooting.

Looking for Icewind Dale files? Look no further, for herein you may find all the patches, files, screenshots, and wallpapers that you could ever desire.

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