Thank you to everyone who has sent letters of support for the friends and family of  Brian Deneke. Sometimes it is heartening just to know that people can recognize the injustice for what it is, especially for those still living in Amarillo who have to deal on a daily basis with people who want to deny what happened.
Several people have emailed wanting to contribute to the Deneke's legal funds and do local memorial benefit shows. Any of these kinds of contributions should go directly to
The Brian Deneke Memorial Committee
PO Box 2531
Amarillo, TX 79105
The memorial committee now has a website up at www.briandeneke.org
As I get more information on benefit events happening around the country/world I will put the information on this site.
Letters:January 7
    Morgan Camie
    Badge Brigade
    Laura Boercker
    Matt C.

Due to technical problems with my email, most letters sent to me 1/7-1/9 were not sent to me until 1/11 so they are all on this page.

January 9
    Kathleen O'Farrell
January 10
    Rick                                  Lindsay
    Amanda Johnson             Andrew Beath
    Melody Pershall             Caroline Watters
    Tom                                Nobody
    Donald B                        Beth
    Earl                                RollinDucks
 January 11
 January 12 and later 

January 7,  2000

This is wrong, people alwys teach us it's not
  right to judge peopl eby their
  skin color, but what makes it right to judge by
  hair color. Because of
  people's facism and ignorance a life that could
  have done a lot for society
  was lost and it is truely a tragedy. Something
  needs to be doen because this
  is truly disgusting to me and it makes me very
  upset everytime I think about
  it, my heart and prayers go out to everyone
  touched by this story whether
  they know Brian personally or not.
  ~*Morgan Camie*~

January 7,  2000


 After seeing this tonight, we were VERY upset, and
 really would like to
 assist with this in any way. If a legal fund is
 not already set up, we
 would like to help organize one, if possible.

 If you folks need/want publicity stuff, definitely
 let us know. We make
 buttons for punk/DIY bands around the world, and
 are all about getting
 everyone to know about this, and raise their

 Please contact us with any information that you
 have, or would like to
 share with us.



January 7,  2000

After watching the 20/20 Downtown story, I wish to
  express my deepest
  sympathies to the family and friends of Brian
  Deneke. As an individual, the
  world can be merciless and for teens high school
  is a continuous nightmare. I
  have personally experienced harassment and
  hate-filled words for dressing
  outside the "norm" and can definitely relate to
  this story. I cannot express
  my outrage to hear that Dustin Camp only received
  probation for murdering
  another human being!!! I wish I could encounter
  some sort of campaign for
  tolerance and understanding of other human beings
  as individuals. Everyone
  has a right to express themselves creatively-- it
  is not a crime! If there is
  anything that I can do to help spread Brian's
  story (if you would like me to
  add your url to my band's webpage please let me

  Sincerely Yours,
  Laura Boercker

January 7,  2000

i saw the story on 20/20 last night, and it was
 one of the sickest and most
 senseless things i have ever seen. being a
 goth/thrasher type myself, i know
 what a punker goes through on a daily basis; so
 this definately touches home
 with me. i think that brian was a beautiful
 person. he was simply standing
 up for himself, and he was a hero to us all. i
 would have been proud to call
 him my friend. i look at him as a personl
 insperation, giving me strength to
 be myself and to love and respect others
 individual unique qualities. on the
 other hand (sorry to get emotional) this sick
 murderer sould be tortured. he
 got away with just a slap on the wrist, and no
 remorse whatsoever. i wont
 waste anymore of my time talking about him. i wish
 that people could just
 get along, and realize that we are all acually
 human beings after all.

Matt C.

January 7,  2000

It tears me up inside to hear about this story. Not
  only was it an huge
  injustice, but also an injustice to humanity. How can
  another human actually
  kill another of his own kind for looking differently?
  I just don't
  understand. Not only am I into the punk scene, but i'm
  also a young mother.
  I can't even imagine how Brian's Mother must feel. I
  want to help. Let me
  know. Anything I can do. I'm so glad this story aired
  in NY. I bet alot of
  people here are outraged. I give my sincere
  condolences to the Family of
  Brian, and I hope that sometime soon, people will
  realize the mistake they
  made by letting a killer loose, and Justice will be

  Sincerely and much love,


January 7,  2000
hello...i fell upon your site by a link on the
  strung-out message bord,
  and i just wanted to tell you that your tribute to
  your friend is
  beautiful..he truly sounds like a wonderful human
  being..it is tragic
  that the mere combination of looks and location could
  be deadly...i
  myself have never lived in such a bigotted environment
  and i'm beyond
  grateful..it is enraging that such ignorance is legal
  and causes no
  undue suffering, just as it seems to be the case with
  my heartfelt sympathies
  beautiful punks die all the time to prove they have
  the right to live.
  thank you
  kathleen o'farrell

January 10,  2000

  i am just e-mailing you to show my sorrow for brian. i
  am a very social
  person, have friends in all different "categories",
  and i have a big yellow
  mohawk, and to think that some shallow-minded person
  would beat someone up
  daliy and run them over just because they spoke out
  and were different just
  makes my blood boil with anger. if there is anything
  that can be done to
  help, no matter how miniscule it may be, please let me


January 10,  2000
i just finished reading about Brian....i really don't
  know what to say....the
  injustice that took place here makes me want to throw
  up, but really brings
  tears to my eyes....my best friend, Sam sent this to
  me....the story of any
  young person's death would touch me, but Brian's
  story....i can't even
  explain....he sounded like a wonderful, caring person,
  and i give all my love
  to his family and friends....i could not imagine what
  you must be going
  through....and i'd like to say that i'm sorry, on
  behalf of this entire
  country, for the horrible and unthinkable crime that
  was committed against
  him....i'm sorry, but i don't know what else to
  say....love always, lindsay

January 10,  2000
This is the sickest most horrific stories i have ever
  heard.America has
  turned on each other there is no justice in this
  country anymore.All I have
  to say is if camp doesnt pay for it on earth i twiil
  be worse in HELL!!!!
  I will pray for you everyday,
  Amanda Johnson

Andrew Beath/Student/KSG
  01/09/2000 04:57 PM

  To: griwog@email.com

  Great work on helping to further spread the message of
  this heinous travesty and
  of the memory of what by all accounts was a remarkable
  human being. That an
  invidious, fictitous stereotyping of punks could
  direct result in the practical
  non-punishment of what was patently murder is, in this
  day and age, astonishing.
  It is deeply ironic that this whole fiasco has served
  to very clearly validate
  the deep distrust of the "system" held by Brian Deneke
  and many punks. As from
  point, justice for Brian Deneke through the system
  seems an improbability (for
  me that would entail charging Dustin Camp with a hate
  crime and accompanying
  life imprisonment), one can only hope that from this
  awful incident there might
  spring a renewed vigilance and unity among punks to
  expose and fight the dangers
  of prejudice and the inequities of the system. One can
  also only hope that
  Debbie Camp and Warren Clark - authors of some of the
  most outrageous and
  offensive statements I have heard in a long time -
  come to realize how deeply
  g they are and how much pain their ignorance has

  Andrew Beath

January 10,  2000
From: Melody Pershall

I would just like to say that the Deneke family is in my prayers.  The verdict
  was a joke and I wish this town would realize that.  May god be with all of
  Brians family and his friends.

January 10,  2000
"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls"

  When I read this quote I thought of Brian. When I read
  it again...I
  thought of his family. Although I don't know either of
  them something tells
  me they are the strongest people I will never meet!
  Caroline Watters

January 10,  2000
I'm from the UK, and a friend of mine in the states
  just passed on the
  address to your website, and i'm horrified after
  reading your story. I want
  to pass on my condolences to Brians family, and just
  wish his killer has
  many sleepless nights over his death. I've always had
  shit for being the way
  I am (long hair etc...) and the image thing is always
  the thing that sways
  so called "ordinary" people into believing it's always
  us to blame. One day,
  i believe it will all come back on them in some way.

  Anyway, as i say, sorry about your friend and pass on
  my best wishes. He
  seemed like the sort of person every town or city
  needs to keep a scene
  alive and make people happy.

  Tom (UK)


January 10,  2000
Even in his absence, Brian is helping to bring unity
  to a group of unknowing
  friends. As he is marching down whatever road he is
  traveling on, Blasting
  some Pre Al Barr Dropkick Murphys, looking down, proud
  of his Friends!
  Friendship doesn't end ever! A bond that no others
  will ever know. It starts
  with your fist, it must end with your mind. Battle On


January 10,  2000
I was filled with a mixture of emotions tonight when
  my friend informed me
  of the death of Brian Deneke. I thought a pondered to
  myself why, or how for
  that matter someone could be so ruthlessly evil to
  kill another human being
  just because they are "different". I myself live in
  Richmond VA and see this
  descrimination of punkers and such, but never have I
  heard of something to
  that extremity. A human's life depends on more than
  what they wear, and how
  look to others. A human's life should be judged by
  what they will and can do
  for their surrounding communities, and from what I
  have heard about Brian,
  he was one of the top contributers. All I have to say
  to the murderer,
  Dustin Camp, is that I hope you are happy that you
  have taken the life of a
  young man who means so much to a community, half of
  which consisted of
  people whom he didn't even know; and I hope you think
  over and over again to
  yourself, how much courage it really takes to hit
  someone with your parent's
  car. As for the parents of Dustin, I hope you
  yourselves are satisfied that
  your son has killed Brian, who in his short life has
  accomplished more than
  your son will ever dream of. And for the parents of
  Brian, even though I did
  not know him, my best wishes and prayers go to him,
  and you, and I want to
  say that even though his physical being is gone, his
  soul and legend will
  live forever in so many hearts to come.

  Sincerly - Donald B.

January 10,  2000
i read your story about brian, and i'm really sorry
  about your loss,
  especially since it was unnecessary. fortunately i
  haven't had too many
  people in my life die or had to lose a great friend,
  like brian was to you.
  i don't know much i can do, but i will spread the word
  around about brian,
  i hope for the best and wish you all luck.

January 10,  2000
My deepest sympathy.
 I saw the 20/20 show and then stumbled scross this website while looking at Clash sites. I know Brian is somebody that I would have loved to have as a friend.


January 10,  2000
From: RollinDucks

I honestly dont know what to say. I"m really sorry for all of Brians friends and his family. He seemed like such a great guy, it's sad i'll never get the chance to meet him.

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