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Top of the line tips for maintaining pretty feet

Dear Sharon: Shouldn't a pedicure last more than a moment? I'm a little self-conscious about how my feet look and a nice pedicure certainly pretties them up. Whenever I do get the chance to indulge myself, I'm back to square one in a few days with sloppy looking feet and no time to fix them up. How can I keep my feet sandal-ready? - In A Toe Jam (Cincinnati, OH)

Dear Toe Jam:
There are women who have a standing appointment every Friday at 3 o'clock at the beauty salon for a
manicure and pedicure. There are women who race with cosmic-crashing speed to the manicurist the millisecond a nail chips. And, then there are the rest of us…

There is nothing that makes me crazier than
taking precious time out for the actual "pedicure" … then spending another half-hour waiting for the blasted polish to dry… only to realize that the soles of my feet still have the unique feeling of chipped away cement… my cuticles are torn away like fledgling sprouts of freshly planted grass…and then, the devil-be-darn polish starts to nick before the weekend is over! I just don't have the patience! 

My ears have been perking up every time I've heard about Manhattan's J. Sisters International (212-750-2485) salon, that boasts the pedicure that
lasts three-weeks. Belatedly, I conceded to see if there was something special about the way the seven Brazilian sisters with names all beginning with the letter "J" paint it on. 

Let me tell you, it must be
easier to get a viewing with the Queen than it is to get a mani-pedi appointment here...  the methodical sisters are also known for their almost nude Brazilian Bikini Wax!

But once the wait is over, their  results put every other pedicure to shame. The J. sisters even have an overflowing celebrity wall of fame that includes famous clients Sarah Jessica Parker, Kirstie Alley, Gwyneth "you changed my life" Paltrow, Vanessa Williams, Christy Turlington, Tyra Banks, Kyra Sedgwick, Naomi Campbell, and the scores of other famous clients without photos on the wall. 

For close to two hours, Jonice Padilha and entourage thoroughly
soaked, scraped, buffed, poked, pushed, and painted every morsel of abuse off my callused, well-worn feet until they looked flawless… well, sans for the imperfections only surgery could help. And with a bit of a little upkeep, the results endured more than half a month! 

The Big Tip Off: You've never seen nail polish applied like this before. Somewhere in their meticulous application kookiness lies genius: Polish is wildly "painted" all over nail, toe, and then some… like a kid going hog wild with finger-paints! 

Then, another shade is layered over it to create the "perfect" custom color. Finally, the slop is delicately obliterated with a cotton-wrapped orangewood stick doused with polish remover. The result is saturated color that makes your nails appear longer, gets side walls even and avoids that bumpy "grow-out" polish ridge around cuticles. 

Here is Jonice's "sole sister" 
advice to maintain your pedicure:

Have a weekly soak in tepid water. Then, use a
pumice or the J.Sisters' contoured double-sided callus paddle--to gently rub soles, corns, the ball of your foot, and anywhere that is prone to callus build-up.
Remember to always
dry feet thoroughly with a soft towel after a bath or shower. And, be sure to fully dry between each toe to avoid dead skin build-up and fungus growth.
Cream nightly to help keep feet soft and prevent cuticles from looking dry. 
Push cuticles back with a cotton-wrapped orangewood stick; never use metal tools that can hurt nail bed.
  Keep polish looking fresh with one good coat of polish and
topcoat every four to five days.
Darker colored polishes diminish imperfections by absorbing light and are easier to touch-up. Notice: The more transparent you go, the better shape your nails have to be in.
When you put shoes on after walking around barefoot on a hot day,
avoid enclosed shoes like sneakers or pumps that make feet perspire and swell. Opt for flip-flops, slides or sandals. 
Never use powder on your feet before putting shoes on; instead give feet a spritz of Sea Breeze.

Sleek Feet To Go: Bring a bit of Brazil to you with J. Sisters exclusive imported at-home products, such as contoured Callus Paddle, Nail Treats 118 quick-dry colors and enriching Foot Cream; 1-800-933-6115 or 212-750-2485 for appointments.

Follow these tips and you'll be belting out "My Feet Are Smiling" every time you wear your stiletto's, well almost every time!

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