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Stress Busting Survival Guide  

Dear Sharon: I am about to embark upon my bi-annual
family holiday get- together. This translates as about fourteen hours of transportation-- mostly spent on an airplane-- resulting in major sleep depravation and skin dehydration, not to mention severe waning of spirits and shelling out big bucks for airfare. Then, I get to spend some quality time with my critical aunties who only can comment on how I look like a wreck and why. Do you know any secrets to make my travel stress-free? Help me get through this and at least look like I still have my dignity. ---Niece In Pieces (Reading, Pa)

Dear Niece In Pieces:
Okay, let's rack-up the top list of snide well-meaning (?!?%%%###!!?) family commentaries: How thin/fat you look. How frizzy/stringy your hair is. Why you are still a blonde/brunette/redhead? Why you don't wear/paint on makeup. Do you need to work sooo hard/can't you get a descent job?

Sweet sister of strenuous familial baggage, your only defense is a well thought out offence to
conquer the travelin' boogy-woogies and soar above the mindless riff-raff rants of those relatives who are too absorbed in their own woe begotten inertia to say anything positive. Look at it this way, at least they care enough about you to rally in their two-cents worth of left-handed compliments and intrusive questionings. Knowing their personalities, you'd probably feel ostracized if they clammed up. 

Between your ego-elevating affirmations and gulps of rehydrating H2O,
boost yourself with some feel-good treats before you set out on your journey. Be sure to be dedicated to your anti-aging skincare regime, if only for you, not them. If you haven't begun, consider Avon Retroactive Age Reversal Cream icon

Dermatologica Multivitamin Power Concentrate (800-831-5150) is a daily dose of
topically applied pure vitamins to reduce premature signs of aging packed in techno cool metallic looking torpedo-shaped pellets … there's even a handy travel size compact included in the box. Hey, why not offer-up some to Great Aunt Hortance before she can comment on your looks?

Tony & Tina Vibrational Remedies offer an array of
cosmic quenching beauty-boosters: Power Boost Herbal Bath and Shower Gel  beams a "fresh awareness of how joyous life is". Mind Boost Herbal Aromatherapy Lip Balm  clears your senses while curbing the damage from constant angst-ridden lip biting. Therapeutic Eye Base  With Apple Seed Enzyme naturally camouflages dark under eye circles for those bereft of sleep. And, finally, Tony & Tina's Mood Balance Lipstick contains a goody bag full of nutrients, plus St. John's Wart, 'nuf said.

To ensure a
good night of zzzzzz's, with some at-home spa luxuries, like The Thymes Limited Relaxation Tension Spot Relief tonic gives instant relief to pressure points while absolutely relaxing your senses. Magnetic Therapy Roll Massager from The Sharper Image provides ergonomic neck support and relaxing vibrations on or off the plane. 

When stress gives you the zits, Dermatologica  Skin Purifying Wipes X-out acne bacteria and excess oil in
travel-friendly individually sealed towelettes.

Hair will never look lackluster again, after a treatment with a
fave hair savior, Lazartique Pre Shampoo with Shea Butter-- the stuff is sooo rich, you'll want to drench your Travelocity Fare Watcher Bath Drops from Complexions Rx (available at Sephora.com). 

Cinch a naturally "safe" vacation with Naturopathica  Herbal Remedy Travel Kit that holds lightweight portions of holistic heavyweights. 

Could there be a more appropriate
vacation journal than The Art of Everyday Ecstasy  -Dialogues at the Chopra Center for Well Being, by Deepak Chopra? I think not.

When the karma chameleons get too heavy,
ward off the yaps of evil by zoning out with some mind-invading, hum producing, karaoke in your shower kind of dance music. I'm personally inspired by Madonna Music , Cherry Bomb  maxi single from 1+1 and Tom Jones' Reload  (import). 

With this bounty of
feel good, look great beauty ammunition, you just may leave your relatives speechless because you look sooo awe-inspiring. And, they don't even know that you got a cheaper ticket by using Travelocity Fare Watcher . Buon voyage!

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