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October 17, 2000
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I, Senator
by Medea Benjamin

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I, Senator

Medea Benjamin, who is currently running for Senator in California, has released a book entitled I, Senator. The book is in the same vein as the 1934 I, Governor of California by Upton Sinclair, which reads as a history of the future, detailing what Sinclair wanted to achieve as Governor. Benjamin's book deals with the issues surrounding her campaign, and her run for office in the same way.

It is available here at sfbg.com for free, in web and PDF form. Check the links below to read or download the book, hear audio from Medea's March 3rd speech, and jump to background information.

I, Senator: How Together We Transformed the State of California and the United States

Read I, Senator online: web version

Download the: PDF version (50 pages, 412 K)
Adobe Reader required

Medea Benjamin

Our endorsement of Medea Benjamin for U.S. Senator from California

Fortress Feinstein
Medea Benjamin protests Green Party candidates' exclusion from debates
by Dan Zoll 10.11.00

Listen to Medea Benjamin speak at the October 21st Nader Super Rally in Oakland

Listen to a March 3rd speech by Medea Benjamin

More info on Medea Benjamin can be found at her campaign site


View a larger version of the cover of Upton Sinclair's I, Governor

Upton Sinclair's I, Governor and the 1934 campaign (Social Security History page)

Upton Sinclair's I, Governor and the 1934 campaign (Progressive Los Angeles Network )