NOTE: this version is now out of date. Bill la Forge took over maintenance of XAF, and for a while you could find the raw source code for the newest version at, but as of 2000-10-08 the link is dead.

Using the XAF package for Java

By David Megginson<>

Date: 1998-06-10

XAF is copyright (c) 1998 by Megginson Technologies Ltd.
Free for commercial and non-commercial use.
NO WARRANTY! Use at your own risk.

The Java XAF package allows you to process architectural forms with any Java-based, SAX-conformant XML parser. The core of the package is a SAX driver, com.megginson.xml.xaf.SAXDriver, which sits between a regular SAX parser and the client's document handler, translating the SAX events according for the specified base architecture.

XAF lets an XML document masquerade as many different documents, by associating the document with one or more base architectures. For example, by specifying the right architectural forms, you can embed RDF or MathML in an XML document without actually using the RDF or MathML element type names.

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