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Ambrosia Books & Collectibles

   The West Coast's Doctor Who Retail Store
   10679 West Pico Boulevard, West Los Angeles, CA 90064
   Just east of the Westside Pavillion
   TOLL FREE (888) 47-DRWHO [US only]   •  Regular Phone (310) 475-5825
   Email: ambrosia@gallifreyone.com

   Updated June 5, 2001

EMAIL US for answers to your questions! We thank our customers for their patience... now, if you need to contact us, email us at ambrosia@gallifreyone.com -- please give us at least 48 hours to respond. (Do not ask for a catalog, we do not have one to ship, only what is in our store.)

An Afternoon With Elisabeth Sladen
Autograph Party at Ambrosia Books - Saturday, July 7, 2001
Click here for more details!

IMPORTANT NOTE TO AMBROSIA CUSTOMERS: For information on any of Ambrosia's products, call Ambrosia TOLL FREE at (888) 473-7946 (1-888-47-DRWHO; do NOT use 1-800) to answer any questions or place orders; best time to call is 3-8pm Pacific or on weekends, and always ASK FOR KEN! If the TOLL FREE 1-888 number does not work, call (310) 475-5825.

The Trading Cards Are Here!

The Doctor Who Trading Cards, Series I have arrived! Sealed boxes, direct from Strictly Ink UK are in our store! Just drop-shipped from England, direct from the manufacturer... every box contains TWO signed autograph cards featuring a Doctor or his companions or enemies! THE BOXES ARE LIMITED AND WILL SELL OUT FAST so call Ambrosia to get yours!

Ambrosia's New Website and Ambrosia Press are Coming Soon...

Very shortly, Ambrosia Books will debut its brand new website! A new order system will allow you to purchase all your favorite items online, right from your computer... with the Ambrosia service quality to back it up! (And your Ambrosia website editor will be none other than the Outpost Gallifrey site editor, so you know it'll be a good one!)

Bonnie Langford's NOW: Charity Benefit Through Ambrosia

At Gallifrey 2001, we bought a large stock of CD's and souvenir programs from Bonnie Langford's one-woman show, "Now," as featured at right. Bonnie's new album features selections from her one woman show; it consists of her own personal tribute to some of her own sensational tribute to some of her favourite musical stars and shows - Magical showstoppers from "Cats", "Little Shop of Horrors", "Funny Girl", "Sweet Charity", ... plus her red hot favourites from the world of jazz, soul, rhythm and blues and just a little bit of rock and roll! Some of these were performed live at the Gallifrey 2001 convention... but many more selections were not! Through a special arrangement with Bonnie Langford and her husband, Paul Grunert (simply, two of the nicest people we've ever had the pleasure of meeting), we have arranged to donate part of the proceeds of each and every "Now" CD and programme sold to Bonnie's charity, the CdLS Foundation. CdLS people have both physical & mental disabilities, all have learning difficulties to some degree. Communication is a major problem for CdLS people many have problems speaking & use sign language to communicate, whilst those who can speak are shy & have difficulties in being understood. One thing many of the children have in common is a love of music. "Parents have told me that their children relax and really enjoy music. Music therapists have had a lot of success with CdLS people," says Bonnie. As part of her support for the CdLS Foundation, Bonnie & her management have agreed to make a contribution from each copy of the souvenir programmes sold at her performances and on her website... and now, your support through Ambrosia helps too! For more information on the CdLS Foundation, you can visit www.cdlsoutreach.org. These items are available until they're gone! Order one today!

A Thank You to Our Friends for Gallifrey 2001

Ken and Diane, the Lord and Lady Ambrose, High Regents of Gallifreyan Capitalism do hereby and gratefully raise a glass of thanks and good cheer to all and everyone who came by our dealers tables at Gallifrey 2001 to purchase our wares -- or just say hello. And thanks to the following.... A special cheer to our fellow dealers-who add luster and variety to the proceedings, fine folks one and all!! We are humbled and indebted to many fine Lords and Ladies .... The guests who came from the many corners of the world... many friends of Ambrosia, who support our store and the convention... all the great Doctor Who Authors (Too many to name them all without filling up a page), you sign our books, give us something to sell, and make our customers very happy... The actors and actresses that honor us with their presence and dazzle us with their talent... Our fellow friends on convention staff and committee, who have supported Ambrosia-on a personal and professional level for over 12 years... And an extra acknowledgment to Bonnie Langford and her husband Paul Grunert, David Howe and Arnold T. Blumberg, Philip Segal, Keith Barnfather, Mark Strickson, Jim Mortimore, Lars Pearson, Jill Sherwin, Jason-Haigh-Ellery, Gary Russell, Chris Kirkham, Bill Baggs, Robbie Bourget, Christian McGuire, Diana Dougherty, Gary Akers, Steve Barr (who minds the store and much more) and Shaun Lyon, creator of this website, editor of "Missing Pieces"- and our dear friend. Thanks to everyone! Ken & Diane, Ambrosia Books

The Five "Missing Books": UPDATE

Five BBC Doctor Who books were unavailable in 2000 from the US distributor, London Bridge: "The Ancestor Cell," "The Burning," "Heart of TARDIS," "Prime Time" and "The Banquo Legacy". WE NOW HAVE "HEART OF TARDIS," "PRIME TIME" AND "THE BANQUO LEGACY"!

New Arrivals: June 2001

Ambrosia Books, your West Coast headquarters for Doctor Who and media merchandise, has stocked the following items for your convenience.

Recent Items Received

Ambrosia Books has received the following items in the past several months, and has them in stock:

Ambrosia Books wishes to offer its loyal customers our thanks and a special service: theAmbrosia Doctor Who Collectors' Subscription. Each month, subscribers receive both of the new BBC Books' offerings in a timely manner (shipped to you as soon as they arrive at our store)... and are offered at TEN PERCENT (10%) off the cover price of each volume! (Shipping costs will still apply... but you'll get it almost as soon as we do!) For more information, call Ambrosia and ask for Ken!

Please note: If you order books via mail order from us and one or more of your books are not in stock at time of shipping, we will ship the remainder out ASAP and then ship the out-of-stock books the day they arrive! We are ordering larger quantities of BBC Doctor Who books in the meantime!

AMBROSIA caters to the media and science fiction fan with the following: