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An industry-leading UNIX operating system, AIX continues to lead in technology firsts.

The following is a list of some of the first achievements successfully implemented by AIX and the Itanium Processor.

  • First UNIX operating system to deliver TCP/IP v6 support.
  • First 64-bit UNIX98 certification.
  • First UNIX operating system to boot up on Itanium.
  • The first operating system to receive Virtual Private Network (VPN) certification from the International Computer Security Association (ICSA).
  • First UNIX operating system to support Java 2 V1.3.
  • First (and only) UNIX operating system to be offered on both POWER and Itanium-based systems, offering customers the flexibility of freedom of choice.

Itanium Architecture
  • First microprocessor using Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) architecture, specifically designed to address the bottlenecks found in existing architectures.
  • First 64-bit Intel microprocessor, with 64-bit FSB and full speed BSB.
  • First Intel microprocessor to address greater than 4GB of memory without use of software.
  • First Intel microprocessor to offer 4MB of cache.
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