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Brikwars April 29, '00

These are pictures from the 04/30/00 NELUG Brikwars game.

Once again we all had a fantastic time and we were even able to declare a victor. There was much carnage and shreaks of dismay were heard often.

Unfortunatly Eric J. and Shaun could not role dice in their favor to save their soles (or their minifig soles in this case). Eric K's heavy mecha reaked havoc over Eric J. and Shaun's forces taking out 1 light flyer, 1 medium flyer, and a mecha.

Dave's space slaves were totaly ineffective and even nearly led to a battle between friendly forces as the dove in front of a motorcycle just as it was lining up a shot on the enemy.

While Eric K's GONK kamakazi's were not as effective as hoped they did create some spectacular explosions and had the enemy on the run.

We are hopeing our next Brikwars event will be in a Medieval Fantasy world with Dragons, Majicians, and skeletons.