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This Website maintains a partial archive of fan-authored fiction based upon the X-Files television show. All stories herein are sorted, rated, and summarized by a staff of highly trained amateurs. Trust us. We get the Big Bucks to make the Hard Calls.

Don't try this at home, kids.

The Goo-log maintains the local archive for selected works of X-Files fan-fiction in the Humor catagory. These pieces range from farcical to touching, from sexual to celibate. Their common theme is laughter, even if amongst the tears.

The links to the X-File Fan-authored fiction archives for Angst, Crossovers, Drama, and Horror are found below.

Angst contains emotionally laden stories that do not directly impinge upon the X-Files cases. Dreamland contains the Angst archive. Gatekeeper contains Crossovers. Crossover stories add another storyline to the X-Files. The Aquarium contains the Drama archive. Drama is the name given to those serious pieces which are structured as X-Files. Lastly, Horror is intended to arouse at least some of that fight or flight response. Apartment 42 contains the Horror archive.

Story Listings for The Goo-Log

Roundfile by Youkneek

Fox Mulder and Dana Scully stepped into the FBI's elevator, but Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny stepped out. Now two actors are stranded in the Washington, D.C. of the X-Files, wreaking havoc on conspiracies, government filing systems, and Agent Mulder's credit rating. A must read for any X-Phile who wants a good laugh!(Adult Language)

RoundAbout by Youkneek

The sequel to the eminenty popular RoundFile. Agents Mulder and Scully have coped with a lot of threats in thier careers, but they've never met any like the X-Philes. The trials, tribulations, and other mayhem when the agents switch places with the actors. (Adult Language)

Vacation by Livengoo

The X-Files and Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. Terrifying? Horrific? Or is the answer all of the above and pretty funny to boot? When Mulder goes on vacation at Miskatonic University, a sunburn isn't the worst thing that could happen.

Camping by Livengoo and Amperage

This first of the ping-pong stories, and the first Amp/Goo double ticket. Dana railroads a reluctant Agent Fox Mulder into an Outward Bound -style weekend in the wilderness. Friendship, humor, pathos, and poison ivy are only a few of the elements that go into a good Camping Trip. (Adult Language)

Colors by Amperage, Livengoo, Youkneek, and S.Smith

A hilarious and delectably profane allergic reaction to romance. This parody is out of character, out of bounds, and out of this world. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Graphic Sexual Content)

Neighbors by MsBrooklyn

Mulder meets Ellen Feldman, lawyer par excellance. She starts off defending him after Anasazi, but ends up romancing the FBI's leading Bad Boy. This starts the Feldman Series. (Adult Language, Sexually Explicit Material)

Suspension and Disbelief by MsBrooklyn

Agent Mulder is suspended, and manages to keep busy with Feldman. In this action/adventure installment, Krycek and Cancer Man get involved. Oh yeah, the Mafia too. (Adult Language, Violence, Adult Situations)

Indecent Obsessions by MsBrooklyn

Feldman has an unknown admirer stalking her while Mulder is out of town. Naturally she turns to Skinner for help... and Krycek. (Adult Language, Violence, Adult Situations)

Mississippi Mud Slide by MsBrooklyn

Phoebe Greene returns to Washington, and managed to confuse and schmooze the good Agent. Feldman, of course, has her own ideas. Consider it comedy/action/romance. (Adult Language, Adult Situations)

Taking Out the Trash by MsBrooklyn

Girls Night Out in the X-Files. Scully gets to see a softer side of Mulder as ellen recounts tales of her life with Mulder. (Adult Language, Adult Situations)

Searches and Seizures by MsBrooklyn

Mulder is stuck taking one of Feldman's law classes while they're on the out because he's been neglecting her. Pranks and counter-pranks abound as Agnet Mulder tries to woo her back. (Adult Language, Adult Situations)

Justafiable Force by MsBrooklyn

A slightly love-lorn Krycek kidnaps Feldman, and she makes her way free with the help of a few friends. Like maybe a biker gang or two. (Adult Language, Adult Situations)

Trick or Treat by MsBrooklyn

A Halloween Party at the Hoover Building is stormed by terrorists. This time the hero isn't shoeless, and he has backup. With Feldman along, this one swings from action to comedy. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Explicit Violence, Sexually Explicit Material)

Identity Crisis by MsBrooklyn

An amnesiac Feldman wakes up with Krycek, who convinces her she is his lover. The confusion increases exponentially from here on out. (Adult Language, Adult Situations)

Neutered by MsBrooklyn

Mulder overhears Scully and Feldman talking. Thanks to a mistaken impression, the two women have him running scared. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Explicit Violence, Sexually Explicit Material)

Going Down by MsBrooklyn

Ever wondered what those two agents do in the elevators they seem to be in all the time? Well, think sex. Lot's of it. Then add Feldman. Maybe a pinch of Director Skinner. Stir gentle, and let steam for several pages. NC-17. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Sexually Explicit Material)

Leave of Absence by Livengoo

Everyone hates filling out itemized expense forms. This scenelet takes that into the realms of parody, displaying the hazards inherent in filing insurance reports for alien abduction.

X-Filed by Livengoo

The IRS doesn't like Mulder's idea of 'Business Expenses.' And you thought demons and monsters were scary.

Office Disciplineby Radthea

Unabashed X-smut for those who like it kinky and funny. Romance was never like this! Skinner and Mulder, liberties taken with logic, character, and anything else available! Definitely NC-17. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Mild Violence, Sexually Explicit Material)

Office Discipline IIby The Guest Author du Jour

This is an *authorized* sequel to Office Discipline. Apparently, Agent Scully wants to give her parter a piece of more than just her mind. But where would any good sex comedy/ assault on the first ammendment be without AD Skinner... in it again. NC-17. (Adult Language, Adult Situations, Mild Violence, Sexually Explicit Material)

Paybacksby A. Nonny Mouse

I guess a whole lot of people on the net think Mulder and Skinner make a cute couple. More X-smut, a lot more liberties taken with characterization, and a fine line walked between consensual and non-consensual adult activities. NC-17. (Adult Language, Sexually Explicit Material)

Next Stepby Brenda Antrim

A goodly percentage of the female X-Philes out there have noticed how attractive Agent Mulder can be when he's injured. Apparently, that fact isn't lost on Agent Scully; she decides, however, to take the next logical step. NC-17. (Adult Language, Sexually Explicit Material)

The Date by Livengoo

This is a nice little diverting vignette depicting Agent Mulder on a date. I'm not sure if this tells us a lot about Mulder's proclivities, or Livengoo's... This piece is a follow up, but not sequel to, Leap of Faith.

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