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Creatures Docking Station

Reviewer: Da bomb mom
Reviewed Date:

The Norns are the norm in this charming game!


Click for screen shot 1 of Creatures Docking Station
Click for screen shot 2 of Creatures Docking Station
Click for screen shot 3 of Creatures Docking Station
Click for screen shot 4 of Creatures Docking Station
Creatures Docking Station

Publisher: Creature Labs
click here for complete game info page

GZ Review Ratings:
 Game Play 9.9
 Graphics 10
 Sound 10
 Difficulty 9.8
 Concept 9.9
 Overall 10

click here for Reviewer's Scoring Details

This has to be one of the hardest and easiest reviews I have ever done

This has to be one of the hardest and easiest reviews I have ever done. Hard, as I am afraid my words will not do the game justice. Easy, as it is easily one of the most beautiful games I have yet to see. So, without further ado, I will review on and hopefully find the right words.

The creatures are called Norns and if any of you have had any experience with virtual pets you will be in for a treat, if not, welcome to the world of virtual nurturing! You are able to add to the game by visiting the Norn website and get tips and hints as well. Another great feature? It is free to download and play! Let’s face it, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

Before starting the game you will be asked to register and pick a name for your world. This is all done with the guidance of a hand (think Addams Family and thing here). This hand though only gently touches your choices and guides you into a world of make believe which will totally enchant you and have you coming back for more.

The Norns are based on real biologically principles and it is hard to believe that they are only characters and not real time beings. They have all the basic needs of any red-blooded creatures, sleep, food, fear, hunger and boredom. They have their own language and as they speak you will see, as in comics, a little bubble with the interpretation inside. You will see a “me, tired”, “me, sleepy” and a “me bored”. I swear they reminded me of my own children at time, which of course made them more endearing.

When they are tired, they will go to sleep and you will hear them snoring. If they are bored make sure to click on the music machine. It is like a giant mechanical band and by pushing a button you can get a sweet jazz sound from the tymps or a blast from a horn. Norns love this and watch them dance with delight! They also love playing with a ball and to get a giggle from them, just tickle them in the tummy or on top of the head. The giggle is infectious and I promise you will also giggle along as well as smile. Now a point here: Norns like all creatures need to be sustained to live. Make sure that when they say they are hungry you feed them and make sure that it is a balanced diet. Make sure they are fed frequently as it is possible to actually have a Norn die. I did the first time I played and it about broke my heart!

Make sure also to take full advantage of all the wonderful and beautiful machinery around your world. From pushing buttons to open passages, to a have to see transport pod which will lift you into different levels. There is also trees which can drop fruit for the Norns to eat as well as beehives which you have to stay away from. One bee sting can send a Norn into terrible pain and you feel the pain yourself as your Norn loudly yells “ow”.  You can also create new Norns and even decided on the sex of them. This is one of the most amazing games I have ever seen and what I have said is only the tip of the iceberg to what you can do. I have played this over and over and still discovering all the options available to me.

Install: Easy
Requires installing one CD.

Gameplay: 9.9
This has to be one of the most addicting games I have ever played. It is one of those games, which captures the imagination and encourages it every step of the way. Your imagination is what makes this game tick and there is never a moment when you are not awed by the whole experience.

Graphics: 10.0
To sat the graphics are breathtaking is an understatement. Deep rich colors are used and this only lends to the otherworld atmosphere. The Norns are absolutely adorable and also done in a way, which endears them to you. It is easy to see that no expense was spared when it came to the creation of the game.  

Sound: 10.0
From the giggle of the Norn to the ouch to the zzs logging when asleep and those adorable little voices,  the sound never fails to give you a Dolby feel. The music has the most wonderful ethereal effect I have ever heard in any games close to the same genre.

Difficulty: 9.8
The difficulty is consistent throughout the game. It never lags and always calls for your complete attention at all times.

Concept: 9.9
The combination of virtual pet as well as gameplay is done beautifully.

Multiplayer: 10.0
This is one part of the game I could not wait to get to. The game is designed for online use and brings together other Norn lovers. I have to tell you that this opened up a whole new world on the net which I never knew existed and I thought I knew almost all of them after 10 years online. You will meet some of the most interesting people who share your interest and imagination. You can send each other Norns as greetings and they can travel between your world and your online friends.

Overall: 10.0
This has to be one of the most charming games on the market today. Not only does it encourage creativity and imagination but also gives you the chance to meet others who share your Norn passion. It brings you into a world much different than the one in which we live and introduces creatures who are not much different than anyone in this world when it comes down to it. Love and laughter makes their world go around just like it makes ours. .


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