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The IBM ThinkPad 730

Last updated: 28th November 1999


The ThinkPad 730 is an A4-sized 486 tablet PC. You can write on the monochrome screen using a special pen and appropriate software. No other keyboard or pointing device is included as standard!

Lots of ThinkPad 730s have been coming on to the second-hand market recently. I recently bought one as an addition to my ThinkPad collection, since I didn't have one of the tablet models.

This page is a work-in-progress recording my attempts to get the system running as I like it. The ThinkPad 730 shares one important peculiarity with my favourite IBM portable, the PC110 palmtop, in that it uses PCMCIA hard drives. Some of the pointers here refer to documents on my PC110 site where the principles are common to both models.

Want a more detailed description of the 730T and 730TE models?


Operating system installation

Windows 95

Information on finding and configuring Pen Services 2.0 to provide pen support for Windows 95.

Since I have the docking cradle that stands the machine in portrait orientation, I have been trying to sort out drivers, etc., that will support this - currently, I have the display rotated through 90 degrees, plus a new pen driver definition to flip the digitiser round 90 degrees also.

I also have PCMCIA support working.

Windows 95 installation tips

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portrait mode

Windows 3.1

Information on finding and configuring Pen Services 1.0 to turn ordinary Windows 3.1 into the rather grand sounding Windows for Pen Computing!

Again, I looked for ways of getting portrait mode working, and it turned out to be much easier than for Windows 95.

Windows 3.1 installation tips


portrait mode

Hints & Tips

Easy-Setup - Device setup, boot order, and power management configuration.

General pen usage

Pen Services for Windows usage

Initialising PCMCIA ATA storage devices (hard drives)

Installing software without using the port replicator



Links to other ThinkPad 730 resources

Click here for software, drivers, other web pages, and the ThinkPad mailing list.


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