Friday, June 8, 2001
NIKKEI 225: 13,430.22   +152.71 Tokyo
USD/YEN: 120.54   +0.66
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 Instead of being a global star, I'd rather still be singing when I'm 60. 
Yuki Koyanagi, 19, whose debut single sold more than a million copies. (Shukan Post)

Two long weekends added
Jumbo investigated for gear fail
Record travelers flock overseas
Kyoto Protocol effective minus U.S.
U.S. to recover spy jet via Okinawa
Tokyo to hold int'l animation fair
Taiwan trawler collides with patrol boat
Streamlined airport customs coming
Korean Air jet blocks Kansai runway
New Okinawa heliport planned
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Tanaka in war with bureaucrats
Govt to freeze dam, road projects
Overtime ban for parents mulled
Shiokawa signals easing budget
PM Koizumi in security policy talks
Coalition eyes shares tax breaks
Anti-U.S. Tanaka memos published
Late PM Takeshita left bonanza
Powell keen on Tanaka meeting
Pension system in revamp
Tanaka regrets secret fund
Upper house in leprosy apology
More politics news

Schoolkid slayer "babbled"
Head lock-picker in new bust
Ex-Sogo chief Mizushima hospitalized
Swindler Tomobe loses Diet post
More crime news

Tokyo stocks higher on Intel
Banks must get revamp
Downgrade of economy looms
Job safety net discussions to start
Corporations lose govt funding
Lending wallows in slump
Wholesale prices static
Ripplewood to buy up
Money supply rises in May
Many workers get 9-day summer break
More business news

Fake critic sparks Sony backlash
Drugs side effects withheld, govt
Wireless Bluetooth card unveiled
Laptops beat supercomputers
Sony, MusicMatch in CD burning deal
More technology news

Nakata goal puts Japan into final
Nakata to miss Confederations final
France downs Brazil 2-1
Giants snap seven-game losing streak
Matsui top in all-star series voting
Irabu sharp for Montreal
Omata leads Suntory Ladies Open
Ethnic tensions boil over
More sport news

Nepalis see shocking truth
China quake injures ten
Reforms to slow says China premier
Philippines wants Muslim rebel talks
Kim Jong Il to visit S.K.
India hit hard by AIDS
U.S. wants N.K. talks soon
Cultural Revolution for U.S. teens
Malaysian cops worried by militants
More asia news

Blair storms to landslide win
Nuns guilty of genocide
Bomber McVeigh prepares to die
Kids left wanting - U.N.
CIA chief brokers peace talks
Bush makes tax cut law
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School slayer "babbled" while killing eight kids

Keiko Kanai

IKEDA — Eight Japanese children were killed on Friday and more than 20 others injured, several critically, by a man who burst into their elementary school classroom and began stabbing at random.

The attack, unprecedented in traditionally safe Japan, took place in the middle of morning classes at the elementary school in Ikeda, a suburb of the western city of Osaka.

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Veritas Vision Japan 2001

Your network has just crashed and all your data has gone. What do you tell your IT manager? No problem, if you have backup, but a disaster if you don't.

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Japan officially the land of the long weekend

TOKYO — A bill to create two additional three-day holidays by shifting the dates of national holidays and combining them with weekends passed the House of Representatives plenary session on Friday.

The bill will be sent to the House of Councillors to be approved by the current Diet session. Under the plan, Marine Day, July 20, and Respect for the Aged Day, Sept. 15, will be moved to the third Mondays in July and September, respectively from 2002. (Kyodo News)

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You're never too old to e-learn!

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Troubled Tanaka wages war with bureaucrats

George Nishiyama

Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka. REUTERS NEWS PHOTO
TOKYO — Foreign Minister Makiko Tanaka's battle with bureaucrats showed no sign of abating on Friday, with newspapers carrying what seemed to be new leaks by officials a day after she threatened legal action on such moves.

The daily Tokyo Shimbun carried detailed memos of recent bilateral meetings between Tanaka and her counterparts from Italy, Germany and Australia, which included comments in which she apparently criticised America's missile defence strategy.

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Tokyo stocks higher on Intel

Risa Maeda

TOKYO — Tokyo stocks ended higher on Friday after a relatively upbeat sales forecast by U.S. chip giant Intel Corp fuelled hopes that U.S. tech stocks will gain momentum and prop up Japanese peers such as Toshiba Corp.

"The market is looking for an end to the recent instability in the Nasdaq. That is reflected in the strength in high-techs here and the Nikkei," said Tetsuya Ishijima, Okasan Securities' chief strategist.

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Fake film critic sparks Sony backlash

LOS ANGELES — Sony Pictures Entertainment has disciplined two advertising executives for their roles in creating a fictional film critic whose ecstatic appraisals were used to promote films released by Sony's Columbia Pictures studio, Daily Variety reported in its Friday edition.

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U.S. to recover spy jet via Okinawa

WASHINGTON — The United States said Thursday it will fly two Russian-made Antonov-124 airplanes from Kadena air base in Japan's Okinawa to transport the crippled U.S. reconnaissance plane from China's Hainan Island.

"Now, we are moving materials and people to Kadena Air Base on Okinawa. That will be our final staging area. And the An-124s will fly from there and then down to Hainan," Defense Department spokesman Rear Adm. Craig Quigley told a news briefing. (Kyodo News)

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Overtime ban for parents mulled in Diet

TOKYO — Lawmakers began deliberating Friday at a plenary session of the House of Representatives an amended child care leave law that would ban employees with preschool-aged children from having to work more than 24 hours of overtime per month.

The bill stipulates that employers must ban unfavorable treatment of employees who have requested child care leave and also requires a reduction in working hours for employees who have not requested child care leave but are raising children under the age of 3. (Kyodo News)

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Palm and Toshiba unveil wireless Bluetooth card

TOKYO — Palm Inc's Japan unit said on Friday that a new Bluetooth module for its latest handheld computing devices, developed with electronics giant Toshiba Corp, will go on sale from this autumn.

The postage stamp-sized module, which fits into the SD memory card slot on the Palm m500 and m505 models, will enable the handheld computer to communicate with other devices equipped with Bluetooth wireless technology, eliminating the need for cables.

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Kyoto Protocol effective minus U.S.

TOKYO — The Kyoto Protocol, an international pact aimed at curbing global warming, put in effect even without U.S. participation would still be effective, according to study results a major Japanese newspaper reported in its morning editions Friday.

The research group of the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Kyoto University will report on its studies to an advisory panel for the environment minister Friday, the Mainichi Shimbun said. (Kyodo News)

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Taiwan trawler collides with patrol boat

NAHA — A Taiwan fishing vessel capsized Thursday afternoon after colliding with a Japan Coast Guard patrol boat in waters off Yonagunijima Island in Okinawa Prefecture, southwestern Japan, the coast guard said.

Four of the five crew members on the Taiwan vessel De Fa were rescued, but the remaining crew member is hanging on to the overturned ship, the coast guard said. A tugboat carrying four divers is being sent to the scene to rescue the fifth member who is believed to be the vessel's captain. (Kyodo News)

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What do you think of Nakata missing the Confederations Cup final Sunday for a game in Italy?
"Without Nakata the attacking speed of the team will be slowed down. It'll be hard to win."

What do you think about Foreign Minister Tanaka's questioning of the U.S. missile defense plan?
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The ecommerce low-down
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