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Dick Cheney Bio

Former Defense Secretary Dick Cheney is George W. Bush's Vice President.

Below is a look at the man who is a heartbeat from the presidency.  Then check out our daily news coverage of the Bush Administration.

Who is Dick Cheney?

Read More About Dick Cheney

  • Born: January 30, 1941, in Lincoln, Nebraska, grew up in Casper, Wyoming.
  • Age: 59.
  • Family: Wife (Lynne, bio from AEI - about Lynne's racy book), 2 kids (Elizabeth, gay daughter Mary (are they keeping Mary in the closet?).
  • Education: University of Wyoming, degree in political science (1965).
  • Religion: Methodist.


  • 1995-present: Chmn. & CEO of Halliburton Co., a large energy equipment and construction firm based in Dallas.
  • 1989-1993: Secretary of Defense to President George Bush.  (Dept. of Defense bio).
  • 1978-89: Six-term Republican congressman from Wyoming. (Had "a strongly conservative voting record" in the House - Washington Post).
  • 1975-77: Former Chief of Staff to Gerald Ford (at age 34).
  • Late '60s, early '70s: Had several lower- to mid- level posts in Nixon Administration.
    (Sources: Washington Post, CNN)


More about Cheney

Profiles of Cheney

Cheney on the Issues

More Articles

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Read more about Bush

The Florida Recount
Our in-depth coverage of the ongoing election battle, and the recount madness taking place in Florida.

Polls & Forum Talk
Got an opinion on the election?  Take a poll or join in a discussion in our forum. We've assembled the latest polls and forum postings on the ongoing Florida mess - check it out and join in.

Republican Overkill
George Bush and his Republican attack dogs are now saying Al Gore has no respect for the military.  With this latest move, the Republicans have begun a dangerous game that threatens the presidency, and our country's respect for our democracy.

Election 2000: A Foreign Perspective
Does the election 2000 mess show America's resilience, or idiocy?

Bush Bucking for a Divorce
While both presidential candidates have acted brashly over the last week, Bush's recent actions really take the cake.

Houston, We've Got a Problem
The growing controversy over Florida's presidential balloting is destroying whatever meager legitimacy the American election had left.

Election Chaos Continues
The never-ending US presidential election continues to hold the nation's rapt attention.  Here's the latest.

Bush Wins, Maybe
At 2:30 AM EST, the networks declared George Bush the next President of the United States, with Nader playing a major spoiler role. As for Congress, the Republicans likely hold their majority, but Hillary wins NY, and the dead guy wins Missouri.  But then at 3:30AM, the networks said that Florida might not really be Bush's.  Here's the full story.

Bush Lied About DUI, Reporter Says
A reporter with the Dallas Morning News says Bush lied to him two years ago about the DUI arrest. Add that to reports about Bush's absent military service, and his speech at a college that expels gays, and it hasn't been a good character day for the Governor.

Bush's DUI
George Bush was arrested for drunk driving in 1976.  Does this last-minute revelation affect his chances at the presidency?

Remembering Reagan: The Last Candidate I Actually Liked
Name the last presidential candidate you honestly were enthused about voting for?   For me it was Ronald Reagan, and here's why...

GOP Convention Special
Our special coverage of the GOP convention. 

Dick Cheney's Gay Daughter
Republican VP candidate Dick Cheney has a gay daughter.  Does it matter?   From your Guide.

Bush Foreign Policy Adviser Interview: Part I
George W. Bush's foreign policy adviser to his presidential campaign, Condoleezza Rice, is interviewed by About.com. Part I of II.  From your Guide.

Bush Foreign Policy Adviser Interview: Part II
George W. Bush's foreign policy adviser to his presidential campaign, Condoleezza Rice, is interviewed by About.com.  Part II of II.  From your Guide.

More on Bush
Information and resources about George W. Bush, including links to his biography, fundraising information, interviews, and parody sites.  From your Guide.

George Bush and Bigotry
The Republican candidate has had run-ins about African-American, religious, and gay rights. From your Guide.

A Bush/Gay Axis?
George W. Bush is reportedly courting gay voters.  How will this sit with the far right?  From your Guide.

Is McCain Dangerous?
George W. Bush is meeting with John McCain, and Pat Robertson is none too happy.  The religious right leader weighs in on potential running mates for the Republican nominee. From your Guide.

More from About.com

Kolbe, Schwarzkopf, Rice, and McCain
A line up of heavy hitters addressed America's role in the world at the GOP convention Tuesday night. Some delegates also used the occasion to shun an openly gay Congressman. About's World News Guide Keith Porter has details.

Hispanic-American POV
Latino Culture Guide Richard V�zquez looks at politics and the presidential race from the Latino/Hispanic perspective.

Bush, the GOP Convention, and the World
Conventions are usually focused on domestic affairs. But there are still many international angles to the story--both inside and outside the Philadelphia convention hall. World News Guide Keith Porter has all the best resources.

Dick Cheney
George W. Bush sidesteps controversy by naming the experienced, pro-life Dick Cheney as his running mate. The GOP will unite behind a Bush/Cheney ticket. (Commentary from U.S. Conservative Politics Guide, Ted Gausmann.)

Dick Cheney on Life Issues
The choice of conservative life advocate Dick Cheney as running mate gained George Bush the support of many prolifers who might otherwise have backed Alan Keyes. Pro Life Guide Christina Dunigan joins Keyes in tentatively backing the Bush/Cheney ticket.

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