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Blue Mountain Crossing

This great Forest Service interpretive area has about a mile of wonderful ruts and great interpretive panels. On weekends they have a living history display of an emigrant couple and their wagon.  In October, 1843, John C. Fremont wrote:

" October 20  After travelling occasionally through open places in the forest, we were obliged to cut a way through a dense body of timber, from which we emerged on the open mountainside, where we found a number of small springs, and encamped after a journey of ten miles. October 21  there was a very heavy white frost during the night, and the thermometer at sunrise was 30 degrees."

The trail is also hikable for a short distance on each side of the actual interpreted area.

"The hills here are all covered with fine timber. Some of them are awful steep, however. We went up one today and it took twenty-two head of cattle to haul up one wagon, and there was not much in the wagon, either. Emigrants will therefore see the necessity of kind and careful treatment of their teams at the outset and indeed through the whole of this long journey, to reserve their strength for these difficult places." (Elizabeth Wood, 1851)
Photos courtesy of  Southwind Productions.

Blue Mountain CrossingBlue Mountain Crossing Locator Map
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