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Corral Springs Looking BackCorral Springs

The next available decent ruts are here at Corral springs between Rieth and Echo on the Old Pendleton River Road Take exit 207 off of I-84. On August 27, 1851 P.V. Crawford wrote:

"This day we traveled sixteen miles. We first ascended a long hill on the northeast side of the stream [Umatilla River], to a high plain, over which we traveled for fifteen miles, then down a long hill to the valley, then one mile to the stream. Here we found good camping and a butcher located here, with a bountiful supply of good beef, which he sold very cheap, and which we hungry emigrants ate with good relish." This view is looking backward on the hill.

Corral Springs Looking Forward

Looking Ahead

Crawford continues:

"This day we traveled twelve miles. Four miles down the valley brought us to the Umatilla Agency. Here the road forks, the right hand one leading to the columbia, at the mouth of the Umatilla, the left hand one leading to the wells springs. Our company took the wells springs road and crossed a dry, sandy desert toButter creek."

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