Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Timeline
     (Updated:  28 May 01)                            
Note: See last page for episode titles/(number) relationships. Sentences NOT underlined ... I'm just trying to fill in the gaps.

In 1609, the Virginia Colony, an angry, unrepenting, young prostitute lies dying. The Master, pretending to be a priest, sees great potential in this woman. The Master vamps her and renames her "Darla".(9a)  So beginth the lesson.  

Liam was born in Ireland in the year 1727.(3a) In 1753, Galway, Ireland(9), Liam sees Darla, who is posing as a noble woman. She lures Liam away from a tavern and into a dark alley. There the two exchange pleasantries and Darla makes Liam an offer he should have refused, the silly boy! Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it was Darla who turned this "tom" into a vampire.(2)(9)  Darla bites Liam's neck, then forces his mouth against a self-inflicted wound above her breast. Liam must drink her blood or suffocate(9) (not a hard choice ... but I digress).  Almost immediately from raising out of his grave, Liam goes on a killing/sucking rampage through his home town. He goes back to his own house to seek his revenge on his father. Liam is invited into the home by his sister, Kathy, who thinks he is an "Angel" who has returned from the dead. He kills her, his mother and his father.(3a) Liam, amused by his sister's error, takes the name as his own. Darla thinks it is a fitting name but likes to call him Angelus. A dark and impassioned relationship begins between the two and they spend their "honeymoon" killing and causing mayhem throughout Wales and Northern England.(9a)

Note: In 1997, in the "Halloween" episode, Willow and Buffy believe that Angel is @ 241 years old (total of all his human AND vampire years).  While reading Giles' watcher diary, Willow does the math to find what she THINKS to be Angel's human age in 1775. Willow subtracts 241 from 1997 to get 1756 (what they think is Angel's birth year). That leaves 18 or 19 years (depending on the month Angel was born) for Angel's age in 1775 (the year that is mentioned in the watcher diary). Willow/Buffy believe that Angel was 18 years old in 1775 (and still human because they both know Angel was older than 18 when he was vamped).Willow was wrong (not her fault really as the diary and Angel were quite vague with the age 411). Angel was actually 244 years old in 1997 (see, demons do lie about their age) but in  vampire years ONLY (you know, not counting those pesky 26 human ones he had before he was vamped). Confused?  Don't be, just trust me.

In London, 1760, Darla takes Angelus before the Master. (She waited seven years because she wanted time to get Angelus a little bit of a rep to impress the Master with. It didn't work.). The Master and Angelus lock horns over Darla. The Master wins the fight but Angelus wins Darla. They leave together while the Master bides his time.(9a)  I guess Angelus redeems himself in the Master's eyes over the next couple of decades since the Master says of Angelus, "He was to have sat at my right hand, come the day."(2)    

In 1765, Darla and Angelus are somewhere in the south of France. They are being chased by a vampire hunter and his posse. Darla and Angelus hide in a barn. The mob puts the barn to the torch. Darla decides that only one of them can escape safely so she leaves Angelus to stay and put out the fire.(10a)

Sometime before the beginning of the 1800's, Angelus meets up with a young Puritan named Penn. Angelus takes Penn under his wing and begins to instruct him on the finer "art" of stalking, terrorizing, maiming and murder (Vampirism 101). Later, Penn and Angelus part company but they promise to meet up with each other in Italy, so they can reminisce about the "good old days" and to compare notes on the tastier populations of Europe. Penn waits, Angelus gets sidetracked and doesn't make it.(2a)  

December, 1838, in Dublin, Ireland, a very well dressed Angelus takes his card game winnings out of the throat of his good friend, Daniel.(15)

By 1843, the Master is in Madrid, Spain, where his number one minion, Luke, is almost dusted in his sleep.(1)      

At some point, Darla shows Angelus a strange and exciting human to play with. Darla points out Drucilla who is walking with her family down a street. As the two vampires discuss this new "toy", Drusilla turns and stares frightfully at them as she walks away with her unaware family. Angelus realizes that the girl is gifted with the ability to see what will happen in the future .... to see what Angelus is. He is intrigued.(8a)  

In London, England, in 1860, Angelus is *dining* in a quaint little chapel with a priest he just happened to run into, when Drusilla enters the confessional. Drusilla is very upset and she isn't thinking clearly -- her "gift" doesn't tell her that it is Angelus and not the priest in the next confessional. Drusilla begins to confess her sins of prophesy. Angelus is at first amused with his masquerade and tries to convince the poor child that she is evil and should embrace her fate with the devil. Drusilla is adament in her wish to be pure and good. Angelus is taken aback by her unwavering desire for good.(9)  

Okay ... right here I had this wonderful storyline about how Angelus courts Drusilla and then turns on her but noooooooo! Joss had to go and ruin it. But, I'm not bitter. Let's move on.  

Angelus continues to stalk Dru.  Dru runs to a convent for help and this really makes Angelus angry. Angelus proceeds to kill her friends and family.  Dru has horrible psychic flashes of the deaths of her loved ones. Angelus' mayhem and her graphic visions drive Drusilla insane (it was a short trip). Even after all this, Angelus cannot get Drusilla to denounce "good". Angelus crashes her Holy Orders party (inviting Darla because she really is fun at parties). Angelus bites Dru(6) (vampire foreplay). Angelus now has a new play thing .... or will Drusilla play Angelus?  

Still in London in 1880, the gang meets up with William the Bloody (not because he is a terror ... far from it!! But because the romantic little mommy's boy is so BLOODY bad at writing poetry!!). Drusilla decides that she needs a plaything of her own (she is tired of trying to get a share of Angelus) and Dru vamps a very willing William.(9a)(42)(see note below) Angelus now has a testosterone buddy to teach, pal around with, play catch, terrorize Europe. (It won't last) William is bought into Angelus' band of merry vampires who continue to charm, and then kill, most of the wealthy ladies and gentlemen of the day. Taking the victims fortunes in the name of the Master but keeping the loot for themselves. William begins torturing his victims with railroad spikes. These brutal killings garnered William the Bloody the nickname Spike(4) (altho William the Bloody sounds so much nastier, if you ask me).

We KNOW that Spike told Willow that he was 126 in 1999(27) which would make his vamping be in 1873 and NOT 1880. Well, he lied. Not on purpose but because he has been lying about this for over a hundred years ... and it has become the truth to him. Why add the seven years to his vampire age? He wanted to forget them. Those were wasted human years when he was in love with that woman Cecily. The snob that broke his heart when she told him he was "beneath her".(42)    

Because of Spike's random killings, the gang moves to Yorkshire, England, where they are reduced to living in a mine shaft. Angelus is not happy and he shows his displeasure to Spike. Spike is still full of himself and Angelus tells Spike that he will one day change his tune if he ever runs into a "slayer". Spike is intrigued and wants to know more about "slayers".(42) Even vampires need a hobby.  
At around the same time in 1880, a fortune seeking young man named, Richard Wilkins, goes to California searching for gold. He hears about a "spooky" place in the southern region of California that men have gone into but have never returned. "Dick" quickly packs up and heads for this "no man's" land because he thinks it's just a smoke screen to hide a big old gold mine. Once he gets there he is cornered by some demons and he begins to make a deal with them (Dick was born for politics). He tells the demon that he is just a skinny little snack but he can bring many more if he and the demons work together. They agree and set up the deal. Wilkins spreads the word that the "spooky" place was full of gold (which the demons supply for him). Over the years the gold brings in huge amounts of people. Of course, some are eaten but that's explained away by bear attacks, indians, etc. It takes Wilkins almost 20 years to get the gold town into a real town (with stores, schools, homes, etc).

Towards the turn of the century, Darla and Angelus are staying in Budapest, Hungary. The two share a few drinks, a few laughs, a few earthquake victims.(2)  

In 1898, the gang make their way eastward across the Carpathian Mountains to Borsa, Romania, where they find a nice cozy residence on a busy street (the original occupants, you ask? Darla and Angelus took them out for dinner). Darla decides to go out and find the perfect birthday gift for her toy, er, I mean her boy Angelus. Darla brings back a gypsy girl. Angelus enjoys his gift while Darla enjoys watching Angelus' enjoyment.(4a) After Angelus tortures/kills the gypsy girl he decides to take the body back to where Darla found her so that he can see the reactions of her family when they find her body. Angelus' plan backfires as a gypsy elder woman puts a curse on him that restores his soul.(9)(3a)  Angelus returns to the home he and Darla had together in Borsa. Angelus is confused and he wants help from Darla. At first, Darla is concerned about Angelus' behavior .... then as she holds him she realizes that he has a soul!! Darla is disgusted with him and threatens to kill him if he doesn't leave. Angelus leaves and wanders the streets until he finds a woman walking with some friends. Angelus tries to feed on her but he just can't.(4a) The evil Angelus is gone, in his place is a vampire with a soul and absoluely no direction. So, Angel roams the gutters of Romania with his inner demon poking at him, poking at him. Angel is lonely and tries to find his old friends. He remembers that Darla had spoken of going to China.  Angel heads for the far East.

In May of 1899, the town of Sunnydale is official declared(23) by the newly elected mayor, Richard Wilkins. (I wonder if anyone will throw a party for the town's Centennial?) Once the town is established the demons know that there will be an "all you can eat buffet" from now on. The demons then give Wilkins one of his rewards -- he will never grow any older. Then the demons dangle the Ascension in his face if he keeps Sunnydale running for the next 100 years. He agrees.  

In 1900, Darla, Spike and Dru are living large in China (Oh, the Chinese carry-out is just to die for). Angel finally makes it to China and he talks his way back into the gang and Darla's heart. During an outbreak of the Boxer Rebellion,  Spike kills a slayer (she gives him a dandy little scar over his left eye).  Dru sees Spike in a whole different light now that he has killed a slayer. (could be the start of a beautiful, if not painfulled, relationship). Spike joins the "Killed A Slayer" club with Angelus and Darla. After a time, Darla knows that Angel isn't the old vampire that she knew and loved. She calls Angel on it.(7)(9a)(42) (what's this crap about Angel feeding on rapists and murderers(42)?? Didn't he tell Buffy that he hadn't feed on another living human being since he was cursed(2)?? Maybe he killed them first and then feed on them or maybe Angel doesn't consider them "human". That's okay, because  ... neither do I.). Darla demands that Angel feed on/kill a baby. Angel cannot bring himself to do it. He grabs the baby and flees.(9a)    

Angel decides to hide from the others of his kind and heads for the "Far West" (America) verse the "Far East" (China). While traveling back into Hungary,  Angel is diverted from his quest by the impending war. Angel becomes involved with the Allied "underground" (what did you expect?). Darla, Spike and Dru head back to Europe because they missed the taste of home and, you know that old saying, "With oriental food: An hour later you're hungry again.". Darla, Spike and Dru go back to the Master (see, the Master was only off by about 40 years on the two lovebirds not lasting a century together). Later, Spike and Dru decide to set off on their own.

Around 1917, weary of the war, disease, sorrow, and death, Angel travels to America.(2)
At some time in the 1920's, Angel finds himself in Juarez, Mexico, discussing the virtures (or lack thereof) of a young woman with an old friend named Boone.(13a)

During the 1930's, Angel travels to Missoula, Montana.(1a)

Angel travels to the West Coast. The Master hears about Angel being so close and he sends Darla to see if he might be bought back to the "dark side". Darla heads for the Asian part of town (where the inside info says Angel was seen). Darla follows a young Asian woman-of-the-night to her apartment and stays for dinner. A few days later Darla finds Angel and she invites him to her place. When Angel arrives, Darla has set up a little romantic get-together. Darla is wearing one of the kimonos(2) that once belonged to Darla's unfortunate dinner guest.  Angel isn't interested in the offer that the Master has Darla propose to him. Darla becomes angry, yelling at Angel that he has nothing, that he is nothing, and that when the Master opens the hellmouth ... he'll wish he had gone back to the fold. Angel leaves the apartment and he heads off to parts unknown. Darla returns to Sunnydale.    

In 1937, the Master, Luke and Darla are ready to open the hellmouth but gosh darn it, the Master is trapped in the hellmouth when an earthquake messes up his "opening" ceremony. Luke and Darla hang around, tidying up the cave, waiting for the day of the "Harvest", so they can free the Master.(1)  
In 1952, Angel makes his home in room 217 of The Hyperion Hotel in Hollywood, California.(7a)  Angel doesn't stay long. He leaves with a reinforced mistrust of humans and a rather stiff neck.

Back to Spike and Dru. After leaving Darla they spend the next sixty or so years traveling throughout Europe. They take an oceanliner to New York, staying in their darkened cabin during the day and taking long romantic moon-lite walks (with stops to sample the on-board cuisine along the way).

In 1969, Spike and Dru attend Woodstock.(7)  

In 1977, Spike runs into a Slayer on the New York city subway. Spike kills his second slayer.(42)  Soon, tired of the punk life, weary of the drug-laced blood supply (heck, Dru is whacked out enough) and missing their old stomping grounds, the two head back to Europe.

During the rest of the 1970's and on into the late 1980's, Spike and Dru visit the tourist hot spots of Europe. Around 1989, Spike and Dru are living in Prague, Czechoslovakia. During the patriot revolution, a mob does unspeakable things to Dru (unspeakable because Joss has not told us what they were yet) Spike saves Dru from the mob (but barely). Over the next several years Dru becomes sicker/weaker.(7)  Spike tries to find a way to cure his lover but he is coming up with zilch. Then he hears about the Hellmouth in Sunnydale.

In 1996, on the dirty mean streets of  Manhattan, New York, a mysterious figure known only as "Whistler" finds Angel. Angel has been living on the streets eating rats to stay alive. Whistler confronts Angel and tells him that he knows about Angel's curse and that he (Whistler) is a demon himself (a good demon - WHO KNEW!). Whistler convinces Angel that he should go with him to Los Angeles, California.(9)

Later in 1996, Angel watches as Buffy Summers is identified as the next slayer(9) (she is NOT happy about this)!!! Angel sees himself in this young girl. Angel can identify with her pain, fear, and loneliness as a reflection of his own. Another who cannot disregard their fate. Angel stays in L.A. watching Buffy occasionally but mostly he visits all the occult bookstores he can find. He reads everything he can get his hands on that might help him fight against the demons and forces of darkness. Angel reads about the hellmouth being in Sunnydale ... and Angel remembers that the Master was last in Sunnydale. Angel tells Whistler and they figure out about the Harvest. Angel and Whistler leave L.A. and head for Sunnydale. Whistler finds Angel a place to stay (a nice, single-occupant, unfurished, above ground efficiency with a window on the street). Angel tells Whistler that he has a small fortune hidden away in Europe (from his days as Angelus). Angel asks Whistler to go and retrieve his belongs (as Angel contemplates the new digs color/decor scheme). While Whistler is away in Europe, Angel continues his visits to the library/bookstores of Sunnydale (entering them though the underground tunnels that transverse Sunnydale, of course). Whistler returns with Angel's fortune (including souvenirs from Japan and other valuable objects). He fences most of these items and then sets up a banking account/trust for Angel (ATM cards, for those after-hour withdrawls). Seeing that his job is done, Whistler bids Angel adieu and disappears into the sunset (or does he?).  

Back to L.A. and Buffy. While Angel has been putting the finishing touches on his apartment, scoping out the tunnels under Sunnydale, and relaxing in the bookstores, Buffy's grades begin to suffer, she hangs out with unseedy persons, she stays out all night, and she burns down the Hemery High school gym (it was full of vampires!). Joyce, Buffy's mom, decides a change of location might be just the ticket to get her Buffy back. So, in March of 1997,  Joyce takes a job at the art gallery and the two are off to Sunnydale(1)  -- the Siberia of the West! (ahh, but without all the snow).  
During the spring/summer of 1997, the Master rises(1) Buffy kills Luke(1), Angel kills Darla(2), the Master kills Buffy (but only alittle!)(3), and Buffy kills the Master.(3)  That's a whole lotta killing going on! When Buffy was "alittle dead" Kendra was chosen as the next slayer(7)  (she IS happy about this).

Let's talk about Kendra. Kendra is from Jamaica (what the heck was that accent anyway?). When Kendra was a child, her parents were visited by a wise and well-spoken older gentleman. His name was Mr. Zubuta. He told Kendra's parents the story of the slayer (all watchers LOVE to tell this part) and that Kendra was one of the chosen ones. Kendra's parents overcome with pride and saddness, believed in Mr. Zubuta's words and that Kendra must go with Mr. Zubuta to be raised and trained as a Slayer. So, Kendra begins "Slayer Pre-school". Thoughout the years, her single-minded determination allows her to excells in both her slayer academics and in physical training (okay, let's be real, it's not really "determination", it's the lack of any "distractions"; no family, no boys, no friends, no cheerleader practice,(7)  no "Must See TV".  What else has the kid to do?).

In the summer of 1997, while practicing a spinning back kick, Kendra is overcome with an added sense of power.  Her strength increases, her agility magnifies, and her mental awareness sharpens. Mr. Zubuta knows that Kendra is the new slayer. He bows his head in silence for the fallen slayer. Kendra's slayer powers are daunting for her so Mr. Zubuta begins to train Kendra to handle these new talents. After five months of intensive training Mr. Zubuta sends Kendra out to investigate the mystic happenings at the "Hellmouth".  Mr. Zubuta does not accompany Kendra as his suit is in the cleaners ("It's me best suit, hell, it's me ONLY suit!"). Kendra goes into "stealth mode" and conceals herself in the cargo hold(7) of the next plane out. She travels "last class" to Sunnydale.

In September of 1997, Spike decides to take Dru on a vacation to California. Spike brings Dru to Sunnydale "Hellmouth Spa and Resort" for a cure.(4)

November of 1997, Kendra finally arrives in Sunnydale, kicks some vampire/toraka butt, hooks up with the gang, helps save the day and then quietly goes home (you don't have to tell this girl she's stayed past her welcome, well, some of you guys did). Spike and Dru have a little party and they invite Angel (it's a reunion, of sorts). After the party, Dru feels ALOT better. Spike and Angel ... not so much.(7)

In January of 1998, Buffy and Angel have a romantic evening (hey, I have to say it like that! Kids can read this!). As Angel lays in bed with the woman he loves beside him he feels complete happiness for the first time in over 100 years. WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!!  The gypsy curse is broken and Angel loses his soul. Angel becomes Angelus!(8) Let the mayhem begin!

May of 1998, Kendra puts aside her vampire slayage in foreign lands and she and her buddy, Mr. Pointy, arrive in Sunnydale bearing news that trouble is a'comin' (man, is that Mr. Zubuta psychic, or what!). Willow and Buffy find the yellow disk that the late Jenny Calender (sob, I ... I can't type about it) saved the restoration spell on. While Buffy is fighting with Angelus (but only keeping him at bay, per Giles' instructions) the rest of the Scooby gang are trying to perform the spell that will return Angel's soul. During the ceremony Drusilla and her henchmen break into the library, beat up the Scooby gang, kidnap Giles, and Kendra is killed by Drucilla.(9) (Damn, girl, you gotta cut those nails!)

Okay, let's run this down, Kendra is dead, Buffy is wanted for Kendra's murder, Willow is in a coma, Xander is all broken up (well, his arm is), Giles is taken prisoner, and Cordelia is doing the "100 meter dash" across three counties(9). By the by, Oz (Daniel Osbourne)(24) is AWOL. Buffy tells her mom about her career as the slayer (finally, Joyce gets a clue!). Spike makes a deal with Buffy - if Buffy will let him leave Sunnydale with Dru, he will help her stop Angelus from opening Acathla (or as he likes his friends to call him, the "vortex of hell"). Buffy agrees. Willow awakes from her coma and she sends Xander off to tell Buffy that she will try the restoration spell again.  Xander finds Buffy but he doesn't tell her about the spell. (Was he right? Wrong? You decide.). As Buffy is fighting with some token vampires, Angelus pulls the sword from the stone (how Arthurian) opening the "vortex of hell". Buffy and Angelus fight (with swords), Spike and Drusilla fight (they don't need no stinkin' swords!), and Xander rescues Giles. Spike knocks Dru out and carries her off. Spike drives away from Sunnydale as fast as a demon in a car with painted-out windows can go. As Buffy steps up to kill Angelus, the spell kicks in and Angel's soul is restored (Hurray!)! But, to close the "vortex of hell", Buffy must sacrifice Angel (he did open it, it's only polite that he closes it!). One last kiss, one last "I love you", and then Buffy runs the sword through Angel and into the stone (Hiss!). Angel is drawn into the vortex thus closing it and saving the world (again). Buffy goes home, packs a few belongings, leaves her mom a note, secretly checks on the Scooby gang, then she walks to the terminal and boards a bus leaving Sunnydale.(9)  Man, I can NOT wait for next week's episode! What? THE WHOLE SUMMER!!  Bum. Mer.

FINALLY!! New episodes!! Let's see .... how can I cram ten episodes into one really long paragraph. Hey, I was moving! It's an excuse! Not a good one, I grant you, but it's still an excuse.

At the end of September 1998, Buffy returns to Sunnydale.(10) In Oct, Faith replaces Kendra as the next slayer(11); Scott Hope is Buffy's new boyfriend(11) (yeah, like we believe he'll last more than an episode. Okay, so he lasted for THREE, big deal.); Mr. Trick is the new vampire villian(11); the mayor is a demon-hag(12); and Angel is back from the Acathla demon dimension(11) (was it the First Evil(15), or did Angel just bore the *hell* out of the other demons?). In Nov, Spike returns to Sunnydale for some revenge (sans his lover, Drusilla, who is ho'in' around Brazil with some slimy Chaos demon)(14)(42); Buffy and Angel's relationship is on-again(13), off-again(14), on-again(15); Willow and Xander have smoochies(12); and Willow and Xander are caught having smoochies by Cordelia and Oz.(14) In Dec, Oz and Willow rekindle their relationship in a sorta "ackward, uncomfy, let's watch videos" kinda thing; and Xander is left single again(15) (just the way I like him). Gosh, it's starting to look alot like Christmas all around the Buffyverse.

In January of 1999, Buffy turns eighteen. It's another memorable and painfilled celebration of her birth. Giles is fired from the Watchers Council.(16)

In February, a new Watcher for Buffy shows up. His name is Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Buffy jumps on Faith's "dark side of slayerdom" bandwagon but the ride only lasts until they accidently kill Allan Finch, the Deputy Mayor.(18) Faith rats out Buffy to Giles about the killing (right before Buffy attempts to rat Faith out to Giles), Giles rats out Faith to Buffy, Wesley rats out Faith to the Watchers Council, and Faith rats out the gang to the mayor after she stakes Mr. Trick.(19) Lots of rats in Sunnydale. Speaking of rats, the mayor becomes indestructable for the next 100 days while he awaits the Ascension.(18)

In April, thanks to a NinjaGenie demon (Man, Giles knows ALL the cool demons!!), the gang finds out that Faith has gone over to the mayor's side and that the Ascension will take place on graduation day.(20)

Sex. Have we discussed sex yet? No? Well, here goes ....Buffy/Angel have done it(8), Joyce/Giles have done it (twice!!)(21), Xander/Faith have done it(17), and Oz/Willow have done it (twice!!)(23). (My money's on Oz/Willow for the win in season 4!). The only character that we can be positively sure hasn't done it ... is Wesley. And if you saw that kissing technique of his, you would totally understand why.

In May, Willow decides to stay in Sunnydale and go to college with Buffy. I'm sure Oz will stay because "Where Willow goes, so goes his registration.". Xander is planning a cross country road trip (hopefully, he will run into Anya and bring her "use to be a demon" butt back to Sunnydale). Angel dumps Buffy. (again... when will this stop!!!) He is planning to leave Sunnydale after the Ascension(22) (if they survive). The eve of graduation/Ascension, Faith tries to kill Angel (to give David and Sarah another dramatic scene together) with a poison arrow that only the blood of a slayer can cure (yada yada yada). Buffy plans to use Faith's blood (seems fair to me). Plan doesn't work. Big fight between Buffy and Faith. Faith gets away but is badly wounded. Buffy goes to Plan B. She makes Angel drink from her which almost kills her. Angel takes Buffy to the hospital where we find Faith lying in a coma. (Will we get a new slayer or just Sleeping Beauty?) The morning of graduation/Ascension, Buffy awakes with a plan to stop the mayor ... thanks to Faith and a very cryptic dream sequence (what IS that 7-3-0 thing!!). New plan, explosives in the library (Cordy and Wesley have removed all the books. I don't want to even think about THAT SCENE!!) and weapons hidden on the students. The mayor becomes a BIG demon-snake. Let's see, fight ensues, students hold their own against the vampires, Buffy taunts the demon-snake into the library, Buffy exits via a back window, and Giles detonates the explosives. The library blows up in a massive blast with the demon-snake inside. End of the Ascension, the high school, and a really really great villian. After all the ado is over, Buffy sees Angel in the smoke. They look at each other but do not speak. Angel walks away alone ... and into his own series. Buffy and the gang reconnoiter and "take a moment" to realize that they have survived ... the ascension AND high school. They walk away together(23) .... and into a new season.

Man, we survived the Ascension and all we get is this lousy timeline!!!

In the fall of 1999,  the Scooby gang (except Giles, Xander and Cordelia) head off to college.(24) Giles is in "retirement" mode, Xander is still on his "road trip", and Cordelia, the smart girl that she is, made a fast exit to L.A. for a co-starring role on the spin-off show.

In Oct, Xander returns to Sunnydale to live in his parents basement with little to show for his months on the road except for a working knowledge of G-strings(24) and a doe-eyed ex-vengence demon who is professing undying love for him. Does the name "Anya" ring a bell?  She sure rings Xander's.

Spike shows back up in Sunnydale without Dru. She is now with a fungus demon. (The tart!!)  Spike takes up with Harmony who has been vamped.(25)

In Nov, Oz meets up with a kindred spirit in a female werewolf named Veruca. Willow is not amused, mayhem insues, and they all lose (Willow/Oz each other and Veruca her life). Oz takes off to parts unknown to think about his life, his relationship with Willow(26), and his future movie deals. Hopefully, he will be back to taciturn happily through numerous more episodes.

Spike is captured by a secret military demon hunting organization that calls itself "The Initiative". Spike escapes but not before The Initiative's doctors implant a device in him that causes severe headaches if he tries to feed on or harm a human being.(27)  

Meanwhile, Buffy is beginning to get interested in a nice college boy named Riley Finn who turns out to be an agent for the above mentioned secret organization (headed by Buffy's Psychology Professor, Maggie Walsh).(27)(29)  Buffy just can't seem to find that one "normal" guy who will just STAY "normal".

Spike is having a terrible time finding food with his implant, so he goes to the last people on earth who will help him...the Scooby gang. They help him!!!(28)  Spike and the "gang" grudgingly team up ("Will wisecrack for food") and later Spike accidently learns that he can vent his aggressions out on other demons(29) without the aid of Advil. Spike has finally found his true calling.

In January 2000, Buffy and Riley find out about each other's "night" jobs(29), Buffy finds out that she will survive her 19th birthday, Willow and Tara find out they can't handle their magic, and Giles and Walsh find out that  ~ they just don't like each other (this can only mean one thing ... wedding bells!! Giles and Maggie sitting in a tree...). The "Scooby gang" and "The Initiative" form an uneasy alliance in the fight against demons/vampires.(30)  Monty Hall, I'll take what's behind door number "314" to reveal the fourth season's villian.    

Well, I was right about Adam being the new villian but I was WAY off on the whole "Giles and Maggie sitting in a tree..." thing. Hey, 50% is good, real good. Well, for me it is.

In Feb 2000, Maggie is killed by her oldest boy Adam(31),  her youngest boy (Riley) is all confused(32) (but he snaps out of it by the next episode), and Faith (remember her? of course, you do) awakens from her coma with revenge on her mind. Faith heads out to wreak havoc on Buffy and all Buffy holds dear (Joyce was a trooper through the whole thing). With the help of the late mayor Faith is able to get inside Buffy (literally). Buffy is Faith and Faith is Buffy(33) and all the Kings horses and ... oh, sorry. Faith begins to tear Buffy's world apart. Faith thinks it is Buffy she hates, only to find that it is she herself she hates. Tara, Willow and Giles magically make a device that will let Buffy get Faith out of her system (literally). Faith gets away and she leaves Sunnydale.(34) Will this be the end of our second favorite slayer? I think not. I bet THAT will help raise my "guess percent" to 75?  We will see, yes, we will see ... IF these stinkin' reruns ever end!    

In April 2000, Faith arrives in L.A. Faith is recruited by Wolfram & Hart to kill Angel. Faith isn't up to that task (although she did seem to enjoy the Wesley torture alittle too much). She and Angel come to an understanding after an few rounds of fisticuffs (of course).(4a)  Angel decides that Faith is still worth saving.(5a) (he doesn't ask Cordy or Wesley or Buffy ... he knew he'd be out voted.).
In May 2000, Oz returns to Sunnydale to reclaim his woman. Too bad his woman has been claimed by another ... woman. Willow and Tara are much more than just friends. Oz leaves Sunnydale again (and this time I don't think he will be back. Unless he is needed for sweeps). Riley is thrown out of the Initiative. Spike has teamed up with Adam.(35)  Faith finds her good side and turns herself into the police(5a) (I guess we will have to wait for next season to see what her sentence will be). Spike starts to whisper in each Scooby's ear that the others don't appreciate their contributions.(36) It almost works but the gang comes together and Willow does a spell to harness their strengths. Adam releases all the caged demons and a huge fight between the Initiative and the demons begins. (This is Jeff/sophia's swan fight and it's a doozy!!) The Scooby spell kicks in and turns Buffy into a combination of all their powers. The spell enables Buffy to defeat Adam. Riley helps out and saves a few of his buddies(37) which brings him back into the good graces of our government.(38) The "powers that be" in Mayberry, er, Washington decide to scrap the Initiative, cement over the underground lab, destroy all the records concerning demons(37). and write Sunnydale off as a "Bay of Demons" learning experience (but they'll keep an eye open for future incidents ... cause that's what the government does).

Oh, and Darla's back. *g* (6a)

Another season is over. The long hot summer awaits. Thank goodness for Mudslides!

In September 2000, nothing much has changed except Buffy got a little sister, Dawn.(38)  Whoa ... don't lose your water!!! It will be explained. Just chill.

October brings much news. Seems Xander has a job(39), Giles has a job, Anya has a job and Buffy doesn't have a sister. Buffy has a brand new "Key" in the shape of a sister. Dawn is actually energy that was formed into a person so that Buffy would protect it from "the beast". So far only Buffy knows that Dawn isn't who they think she is ... even Dawn doesn't know.(40)  

At the same time, in L.A., Angel is fighting off Darla who is now human (how the hell did they do that and why isn't it in pill form??) and working for Wolfram & Hart. She is trying to turn Angel back into his bad boy self. It doesn't work and she goes back to Wolfram & Hart to plan the next move in Angel's destruction.(8a)  

In November, Buffy gets Spike to tell her about the two slayers he has killed. Spike tells Buffy that it wasn't he who killed the slayers but themselves that did. That all slayers have a "death wish". Riley isn't taking his being "normal" too well. Joyce seems to be sicker than she is letting on.(42) (I knew it was a tumor!!) Tara thought she was a demon but she really wasn't.(41) Now, to L.A., Darla can't stand being human and she wants to be a vampire again. Angel won't vamp her so Darla leaves without so much as a "thank you very much".(9a) Later, Angel locates Darla and he finds out that she is dying from a terminal heart ailment. Angel tries to cure Darla but it doesn't  work. Then an old friend shows up. Drucilla arrives with the help of W&H; and vamps Darla.(10a) So, now Darla is Drucilla's grandmother AND her daughter!!! Who are these people ... hillbillies!  
In December, Joyce is off the disabled list. Riley blindsides Buffy when he rejoins his old buds and starts playing for a new team.(43) Darla and Dru form their own little league in L.A. Angel fires his whole squad and starts to play by his own rules.(11a) Sounds like the XFL.

Come January 2001, Buffy convinces the Watcher's Council to reinstate Giles as her watcher. The council also agrees to help Buffy fight the new villian (that would be Glory) who turns out to be a god.(44) Buffy might need to place a long distance call to Xena. Darla and Dru do alittle shopping and get some HOT clothes. Angel doesn't think they're HOT enough so he sets them on fire. The girls are a tad bit singed but are more worried about what Angel has become.(12a)  We all are.

What happened to Buffy's birthday??!!! It's suppose to be in January ... it's ALWAYS been in January!!! Man, I really hate it when the writers mess up their own show.  

Beginning in February, the gang celebrates Buffy's 20th birthday. (we all know that Buffy's birthday is in January but I figure they put off the party because of Joyce's illness.) Anyway, Buffy tells the gang about Dawn being the Key. They are shocked but they get over it. Later, Dawn finds out (with the help of Spike). She is shocked but she gets over it (just not as quickly as the gang does). We find out that Glory is really a schizo ... she is interchangable with Ben.(45)  Maybe this is how the Buffster can get rid of Glory ... kill Ben. There is some sad news, Joyce dies (yes, I said DIES!) from natural causes stemming from her brain surgery.(46)  A moments silence please ... I will miss Joyce.  Meanwhile back in L.A., Angel is getting darker and darker. He finally finds that W&H; aren't what's causing the evil in the world, they are there because there IS evil in the world. Angel is so bummed that he sleeps with Darla (whether to become Angelus again or because he just needed a good lay ... your guess is as good as mine). Angel doesn't become Angelus (but he did get the second part) and he realized that he wants to be on the side of "good" again.(14a)      

Ah, it's the beginning of May, spring is in the air bringing plot devises and continuity holes along with the pollen and ragweed. Take a pill and ignore them. Glory finds out that Dawn is the key after Tara spills the beans (not her fault as she isn't herself after Glory did the brain-drain on her).(47)  Buffy and the gang flee but Glory stumbles on them when she changes from Ben (who was called in to aid Giles with an injury) into her most magnificent, glorific,  .... ah, sorry, minion channeling ... and she kidnaps Dawn.(48)  Oh, didn't I tell you a paragraph ago that killing Ben was the thing to stop Glory? I love being right.

Angel? Nada ... just fun episodes. Nothing really brain draining or flee worthy. Maybe the second half of May will be more text inducing.  

The end of May has Buffy and the Scooby's being led to the ritual site by Tara (her brain drain is a homing device). Dawn is tied at the top of a REALLY tall platform. Willow redrains Tara's mind from Glory back into Tara. Tara is sane again (too bad cause now she has no excuse for those pants she's wearing). Buffy beats the Ben outta Glory but she can't bring herself to kill him. Giles can ... and does. High above, Dawn is bled by an Oscar winner and the portal opens. Buffy gets to Dawn and then she has some kind of epiphany. Buffy jumps into the portal. Buffy is held in the energy of the portal for some minutes and then the portal closes. (Could Buffy be the new "Key" on the block in Glory's dimension? Where's a stinkin' monk when you need one?) Dawn is saved, the world is saved, but is Buffy? The gang finds her lifeless body laying at the bottom of the platform. A parting shot of Buffy's grave and headstone.(49)  Willow goes to L.A. to tell Angel about Buffy.(15a)  

One good thing, we know what Faith was talking about back in May of 1999, with the "counting down from 730" comment to Buffy.(23) Faith was saying that Buffy had only 730 days or two years (365 x 2) until her death. Glad that question is answered.

Alas, 'tis time to kiss the 5th season goodbye, to kiss the frog goodbye (no prince ... just UPN), and to kiss Buffy Summers goodbye. Well, just kiss off two of the three.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it .... until Joss shoots me down on the show.

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