I'll have been receiving so much email lately. Thanks so much!

It seems everyone has a question or two to ask me.

So here is what I am going to do. Please email me your questions.

I'll post the top five questions with answers at the end of April.

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1. Did you love him? Yes. After four years of knowing him, and the intimacy that followed our affair, I fell in love with him.

2. Did you see any cameras in the New York Hotel? No. Each day we spent together was in a variety of rooms in my hotel suite. I was there for a week. The first day he showed up at my door unannounced. He would call to let me know he was coming over most times.

3. Was Frank a good lover? Yes, he was both aggressive abd surprising!

4. What things did he tell you about Kathy Lee? He always spoke of her being a good mother. Althoug he initially did not want children. He was interested in moving on with his life.

5. Did he prefer any special type of sex? Yes, he was an aggressive lover. He wanted it all. I'll give you some juicy details later on! I knew exactly what he wanted.