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Pearl Jam 

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Artist / Band:  Pearl Jam
Record Label:  Epic Records
Release Date:  February 03, 1998

Our Review:
Yield isn't just the title of the new Pearl Jam album, it's an instruction for listening. Like their last effort (the underrated No Code), Yield is an acquired taste--subtle and weird in unexpected spots. The album has its obvious radio-ready numbers--"Given to Fly" and "Faithful"--but it's also stocked with solid songs that need time to creep up on you, like the honey-slow "Low Light" and the groovy strut of "No Way." There are enticing references to other artists: "Do the Evolution" has a Neil Young-Beck hybrid feel, "Given to Fly" evokes Zep's "Going to California" and "All Those Yesterdays" slyly nods to the Beatles. Influences aside, however, these boys have their own strong voice, and they know how to use it.

Audio Clips:
Given To Fly (RealAudio)
Faithful (RealAudio)

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