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DJ With Your Cellphone

SSEYO music tools lead the advance of “Koan” enabled wireless devices

BRACKNELL, UK – 27th November, 2000 – SSEYO (pronounced “say-o”), a leading developer of wireless, email and Internet audio enabling technologies, today announced new cross-platform SSEYO Koan authoring tools, Koan Plugin 8 and Koan Pro V2.6 which include support for “Koan Vector Audio” plus a massively uprated Software Synthesiser.

Koan Vector Audio is a powerful way of describing music and quality custom sounds in simple text format. It can be as little as 300 bytes, and can be embedded directly into web-pages - meaning no file attachments. SSEYO will soon be announcing significant Internet partners that will be using it to describe audio and FX for rollovers, menus and site navigation, as well as content for complex interactive audio applications and banner ads.

Also, for the first time, SSEYO Koan authoring tools may be evaluated free of charge for 30 days and used to create material for the SSEYO Koan Interactive Audio Platform. This latest change in strategy is in direct response to the interest generated by the launch of SSEYO’s “Concept Phone”, which is powered by the convergent Koan system.

SSEYO’s new releases mean that users themselves can prepare for Koan before the technology’s imminent appearance on wireless devices, such as mobile phones. SSEYO is already working on further, enhanced versions of the tools. You will soon be able to DJ with your cellphone!

“This is really exciting news,” said Francis Charig, Chairman of Tao Group. “Personalisation is a key requisite in today’s electronic devices and personalised audio is just waiting to happen. SSEYO’s authoring tools will enable users to prepare for the upcoming audio revolution on networked devices.”

Tim Cole, co-founder and CEO of SSEYO Limited comments, “Since the launch of the “Concept Phone” we have received requests from customers interested in discovering more about our Koan technology. By offering full authoring tools on 30 days evaluation we hope to demystify interactive audio and start users creating ready for the new wave of unique, personalised polyphonic audio on mobile phones.”

The tools will be available for download from SSEYO’s website http://www.sseyo.com and on CD covers everywhere. SSEYO Koan Pro can be licensed for $199.95



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Notes to Editors

UK based SSEYO develops Audio Entertainment Technologies for Email, Internet, Games, Devices and Digital TV. Its ultra-fast scalable SSEYO Koan Interactive Audio Platform (SKIAP) - with patents applied for - is available in a range of formats, including both Internet Plugins and licenseable content "engines" for embedded devices and network servers. SSEYO Koan technology leverages the power of vector-audio to facilitate consistent high-quality audio from as little as 300 bytes of data. Key shareholders include antfactory and Invisible Hand. SSEYO Koan is the integrated audio engine for Tao Group’s intent(tm) media stack, the revolutionary and market leading multimedia layer for networked digital devices.

About antfactory
antfactory is a strategic investment company founded in October 1999 by a group of experienced Internet entrepreneurs and investors. It has over 150 employees with focused experience in the essential areas of enterprise development. Its strategy is to identify and develop new economy businesses by partnering with corporate incumbents to leverage their assets. antfactory, completed its second round of equity financing in June 2000, raising $150 million. Together with its $350 million side fund, $45 million raised last year and realisation on investments such as its recently announced sale of Ace-Quote, antfactory now has over $500 million of capital available for future investments. antfactory is a global firm whose home market is Europe with offices in 12 cities; London, Munich, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

About Invisible Hand
Invisible Hand LLC is a technology growth company and business incubator focusing on wireless, digital enabling and Internet infrastructure technologies. Invisible Hand has offices in New York City, Helsinki and Osaka. Recent investments include Dataplay, Ztango, Amiga, Espial, Digital Ink, Inc. and Riverrun Software.

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