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Prime Minister Tony Blair, watched by his wife Cherie, holding his son Leo on the steps of No. 10 Downing Street on Friday.
Adam Butler/Associated Press

Hague to Resign After Tory Defeat

William Hague announced Friday he was stepping down as leader of Britain's Conservative Party after returns from Thursday's election showed that the party had suffered its second straight devastating defeat.

  * NEWS ANALYSIS Blair's Big Victory Rests on Fragile Pillars of Voter Expectations
  * Pound Tumbles on Concern Blair Will Speed Way to Euro

Man Kills 8 Schoolchildren in Japan

In a crime of rare violence for this country, at least eight schoolchildren were killed and more than 20 people wounded Friday when an apparently deranged man burst into an elite elementary school in a suburb of Osaka and began stabbing students with a kitchen knife, police and fire officials said.

NYSE Halts Trading as Computers Break Down

A failed software upgrade paralyzed the New York Stock Exchange for nearly an hour and a half Friday, in what analysts called a brief but conspicuous blow to the prestige of the world's largest stock market.

Irish Voters Send Signal With a 'No' to EU Expansion

In a referendum tallied Friday, Irish voters rejected the enlargement of the European Union, sending a powerful negative message to the community. But top EU officials vowed to prevent the vote from significantly delaying the EU's planned expansion eastward.

Belgium Sentences 2 Hutu Nuns for Genocide

In a landmark trial that human rights campaigners hailed as a precedent for legal action for prosecuting war crime suspects, a Belgian court Friday sentenced four Rwandan Hutu to prison terms ranging from 12 to 20 years for their role in the 1994 genocide in their central African country.

So, You're Lost in the Airport

There is no better introduction to the chaotic nature of New York City than its airports. Information designer, Paul Mijksenaar has been brought in by the Port Authority to redo the city's obtuse airport signs.

This Museum Won’t Give Up

China's first-ever sex museum was hemorrhaging money, so it closed shop here after 20 months of showcasing some of the most splendid moments in the country's bedroom history. But the man behind the groundbreaking exhibit is not giving up.

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