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Click on images to see a larger view!             Updated 5/30/2001       Special Gracia to Signore A. Ross

              This section is devoted to those illusively rare and hyper exotic parts and pieces that
few of even the most die hard vintage buffs have ever seen, must less ridden...    
Indeed, there are skeptics and naysayers who even go so far as to doubt that these
items ever existed!  Let these photos and drawings make believers of the dubious!

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Campagnolo's unique five-lever "Cambio Topollino"
wpe40.jpg (45595 bytes)
"Wing Nuzzio." Artist's rendition, n
o surviving examples known
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Maybe not Campagnolo? Exceedingly rare
Colnago 10-arm crankset.
wpe3B.jpg (24046 bytes)
"tipo Cancello
della Prigione"
wpe3B.jpg (22293 bytes)
The extremely obscure
Universal "Double
Sidepull," Mod. 685
wpe48.jpg (14713 bytes)
rare "Record-Record"
rear derailleur.
wpe3B.jpg (29366 bytes)
The controversial PMP
cranks in their final iteration.
wpe3B.jpg (20726 bytes)
Polish team freewheel and Secret weapon headset.
wpe48.jpg (18794 bytes)
Coppi on a 20" wheel bike!
wpe4C.jpg (72191 bytes)
The elusive "Egarim" bicycle which stored reserve energy in the frame tubes to be released as needed on the uphills.
wpe11B.jpg (36973 bytes)
"..The last 'real' Masi
ever produced?"
wpe4B.jpg (29014 bytes)
The unique ADS minimal
friction brake shoes and their review in Bike World magazine, August 1974.
HiLo_F_1.jpg (17981 bytes)
Super rare! The unique
Campag Hi -Lo FRONT hub!
wpe12A.jpg (23374 bytes)
Guideonstop means
"for those who pray a lot"?

Can you supply "photos" or "scholarly
drawings" of other equally amazing components?

Help us resolve those mysteries that have been whispered about in cycling bistros for decades!

Have you seen these?

From the 1940s...?
The hard-to-find aluminum filled, wood rims.. made in Belgium, Germany or Italy?

From the mid 1970s...?
The hardly-ever-seen
36 tooth chain ring
for the Campagnolo Super Record?

(Yes, 144 pattern!)

Other rarities or obscurities?

Send only plausible and scholarly data (as seen in examples above) to:
International Lightweight Vintage Bicycle Historical Academy

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