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Vint Hill Farms Station, VA

Vint Hill Farms Station is closed in October 1997. The 701-acre facility opened in 1942 as an intelligence base. During and after World War II, the was one of the Army's most important intelligence-gathering operations and trained radio-intercept operators, cryptanalysts, and radio-repair technicians. The installation's focus changed in 1974 to research, development, and logistical support of intelligence and electronic warfare. The installation provided integrated wholesale and specialized logistics support to the Army, DoD, customers, and foreign allies for assigned signals intelligence and electronics warfare weapon systems and equipment. The installation also provided communications jamming and intelligence fusion material capability to the Army.

In mid-1993 the Base Closure and Realignment Commission [BRAC] recommended the closure of Vint Hill Farms Station, producing a savings estimated to be $10.5 million annually. At the time there were 846 military personnel, 1,356 civilian personnel and 454 contractors working at the facility. Most of its employees [712 federal jobs] were transferred to Fort Monmouth NJ, while others were reassigned to Fort Belvoir VA. The maintenance and repair functions of the Intelligence Material Management Center were relocate to Tobyhanna Army Depot PA.

In November 1997 the Virginia State Vint Hill Farms Economic Development Authority and the Army settled on a purchase price of $925,000 for Vint Hill Farms Station. Plans for the base include an office park for technology companies, a public golf course and retail and residential space, all part of an effort to replace the 2,656 jobs lost as the base closed over three years.

During World War II Vint Hill served as a signal school, signal training center, and refitting station for selected signal units returning from combat prior to further overseas deployment. In the late 1970's, Vint Hill Farms Station was on the closure list and all maintenance and construction ended. On July 29, 1981, the post came off the closure list and monies once again became available for updating buildings and starting new construction projects. Vint Hill became a part of the Communications Electronics Command located at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, in October 1987.

Vint Hill Farms Station is located in northern Virginia, near the town of Warrenton (Fauquier County). Vint Hill is not located in Warrenton, but it in the postal delivery area of Warrenton, which is why Warrenton appears in the address. Manassas (Prince William County) is 15 miles to the northeast, and Washington, DC is 43 miles to the northeast.

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