Dave Blass
Adventures In Hollywood
Hi! My name is Dave Blass. My first taste of Hollywood was in 1957 when I came here to be the next James Dean or Elvis.  I spent a few frustrating months trying to establish myself as an actor in Hollywood, but decided to put my dream "on hold" temporarily and return home to the midwest.

Eighteen years, a wife, three kids, a dog, two heart attacks and heart bypass surgery later, I returned to Los Angeles with my family in 1975.  Unfortunately, I needed to find stable employment to support my family and once again, my acting dream was shelved.

By 1986, I had suffered and survived yet another heart attack, another heart bypass surgery and a cardiac arrest.  My only option at this time, was a heart transplant which I underwent at Stanford University Medical Center on November 10, 1986.

l had seen two of my children "married with children"; one child successsfully own and operate his own business in partnership with his wife; another child obtain a master's degree in nursing and become a nurse educator; a daughter move to Chicago to work on a career in stand-up comedy.

Now, it was my turn to pursue my dream of becoming an actor! I had no idea where to start until one morning I was awakened by the sound of GUNFIRE! I cautiously peered out of the apartment door and was surprised to find cameras, lights and lots of "action" taking place in the courtyard.

The assistant director saw me and came over to apologize for disturbing me. I assured him that I was fascinated by the movie making process and asked about the possibility of becoming an extra in the film. He explained the commercial had already
been cast, but he gave me
the name of a casting agency to call.

After pondering this for five or six seconds, I called the casting agency and they told me to come in and register.  I went to work for them a week later on a Dick Clark Television production. I was finally off and running and I was thrilled.

I was asked to perform at a promotion for the movie "Great Balls of Fire" which was taking place at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. The movie didn't do very well, but I had become even more enthused with performing.

About this time, I became acquainted with Sal Ferraro who owns a nightclub in Burbank called Dimples. It is a place where karaoke singing is performed nightly. I decided this was definitely my cup of tea since it is a popular place which is frequented by actors, producers and other industry people.

I soon became a regular performer and even hosted on several occasions.

My acting career was also on the move. I was registered with several casting agencies and I had gotten my SAG and AFTRA union cards. I was working regularly in both movies and television. While working on the movie "Double Your Pleasure", the star Jackee' heard about my heart transplant and asked to meet me (see picture).

Some my credits to date include: "Air America", "Die Hard II", "Buffy The Vampire Slayer," "Chaplin," Mobsters," "Guilty by Suspicion", "Public Eye", "Soap Dish","Repossessed", "Wild at Heart", "The Doors", "Kiss Me a Killer", "Till Murder Do Us Part", "Ed Wood", as well as numerous appearances on "Empty Nest", "Nurses", "L.A. Law", "Murphy Brown", "Lenny" and "Mancuso, FBI."

More important to me than receiving kudos for my acting, however, has been the opportunity to participate in numerous charity events with fellow celebrities, such as Steven Webber and Paul Peterson.  I am also deeply commited to raising awareness about the importance of donating organs for transplants and am a frequent guest speaker for the American Heart Association.

If you would like to order a copy of my recent CD, "Dave Blass Live," please click here.

Thanks for listening to my story.  See you in the movies!
Here I am in costume and on the set for my appearance on "China Beach"
This is what I looked like in 1957
Here I am with two of the best people I met in Hollywood: Kris McNichol and Lissa Brooks (who passed away a few years ago)
In make up
With Jacquee in "Double Your Pleasure"
With Paul Petersen and a young fan
Participating in a Celebrity Bowling Tournament for charity with Steve Webber
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