Technical Specifications: Dell Latitude CS/CSx Portable Computers User's Guide
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Technical Specifications: Dell™ Latitude™ CS/CSx Portable Computers User's Guide

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bullet.gif (1107 bytes) PC Cards bullet.gif (1107 bytes) Battery
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bullet.gif (1107 bytes) Connectors bullet.gif (1107 bytes) Physical
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Chip Set and Bus

Microprocessor Intel� Mobile Pentium� II for the Latitude CS;
Intel Mobile Pentium III for the Latitude CSx
System chip set Intel Mobile 440 BX PCIset
Microprocessor data bus width 64 bits
DRAM bus width 64 bits
Address bus width 32 bits
Flash EPROM 4 Mbits
AGP bus 66 MHz
PCI bus 33 MHz

PC Cards

CardBus controller Texas Instruments PCI 1225 CardBus controller
PC Card slots two (supports type I and type II cards in any combination; type III cards can be used only in the lower slot; the upper slot supports ZV cards on computers running the Microsoft� Windows� 95 or Windows 98 operating system)
Cards supported 3.3-V and 5-V
PC Card connector size 68 pins
Data width (maximum):


16 bits


32 bits


Architecture SDRAM
Memory module sockets two (one is customer-accessible for performing memory upgrades)
Memory module capacities and type 32-, 64-, 128, and 192-MB 3.3-V SDRAM1 modules (the 192-MB module cannot be installed in the memory upgrade socket)
Standard RAM one 64-MB memory module
Maximum RAM 320 MB
Memory clock speed 66 MHz
Memory access time CL2 or CL3 (Note: CL3 indicates a CAS latency of 3 clocks)
BIOS address F000:0000-F000:FFFF


Parallel one unidirectional, bidirectional, or ECP connector
IDE IDE connector for external media bay
Video SVGA connector
PS/2 mini-DIN connector
Audio microphone-in jack;
headphones/speakers jack
USB USB-compliant connector
Docking connector for the C/Port Family Advanced Port
Replicator or C/Dock Family Expansion Station


Audio type Sound Blaster (software emulation-capable)
Audio controller NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 ZX
Stereo conversion 16 bit (analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog)


PCI bus/AC97


microphone-in minijack;
headphones/speakers-out minijack
Speaker 2.5-ohm speaker
Internal speaker amplifier 500 mW
Controls volume can be controlled through key combinations, application program menus, or the Speaker window in the Dell Control Center (Windows 95 only)


Video type 256-bit hardware-accelerated
Data bus AGP
Video controller NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 ZX
Video memory 4.0 MB


Type active-matrix color (TFT)
Dimensions (active area):


214.9 mm (8.46 inches)


270.3 (10.64 inches)


337.8 mm (13.3 inches)
Maximum resolution/colors 1024 x 768 pixels; 65,536 colors
Response time (typical) 50 ms
Operating angle 0� (closed) to 180�
Viewing angles:


� 40�


Dot pitch 0.26 mm
Power consumption:

Panel (typical)

800 mW

Backlight (medium brightness)

3.7 W
Controls brightness can be controlled through a key combination


Number of keys 87 (U.S., Canada, Korea, Thailand, and locations that use traditional Chinese);
88 (Europe);
90 (Japan)
Key travel 2.7 to 2.9 mm (0.106 to 0.114 inch)
Key spacing 19.05 mm � 0.3 mm (0.75 inch � 0.012 inch)


Type lithium ion


16.3 mm (0.64 inch)


84.05 mm (3.31 inches)


205.5 mm (8.09 inches)


0.306 kg (0.67 lb) for standard battery; 0.494 kg (1.09 lb) for high-capacity battery
Voltage 11.10 VDC for standard battery; 14.4 for optional high-capacity battery
Capacity 34 WH for standard battery; 46 WH for high-capacity battery
Charge time (approximate):2

Computer on

1.5 hr for standard battery; 1 hr, 50 minutes for high-capacity battery

Computer off

About 1 hour
Life span (approximate)2 350 discharge/charge cycles
Battery life2 From 2.5 to 3 hours for fully charged standard battery; up to 50 percent more time for fully charged high-capacity battery
Temperature range:


0� to 35�C (32� to 95�F)


–20� to 60�C (–4� to 140�F)

AC Adapter

Input voltage 90 to 135 VAC and 164 to 264 VAC
Input current (maximum) 1.5 A
Input frequency 47 to 63 Hz
Output current 4.5 A (maximum at 4-second pulse);
3.51 A (continuous)
Rated output voltage 20.0 VDC
Height 22.94 mm (1.1 inches)
Width 58.42 mm (2.3 inches)
Depth 133.35 mm (5.25 inches)
Weight (with cables) 0.4 kg (0.9 lb)
Temperature range:


0� to 35�C (32� to 95�F)


–20� to 60�C (–4� to 140�F)


Height 29.0 mm (1.14 inches)
Width 306.0 mm (12.05 inches)
Depth 246.0 mm (9.69 inches)
Weight Configurations from 1.95 kg (4.3 lb)4 and up

Environmental (Computer)



0� to 35�C (32� to 95�F)


–20� to 60�C (–4� to 140�F)
Relative humidity (maximum):


10% to 90% (noncondensing)


5% to 95% (noncondensing)
Maximum vibration:


0.9 GRMS using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates truck shipment


1.3 GRMS using a random-vibration spectrum that simulates air/truck shipment
Maximum shock:3


152.4 cm/sec (60.0 inches/sec)
(less than or equal to a pulse width of 2 ms)


203.2 cm/sec (80 inches/sec)
(less than or equal to a pulse width of 2 ms)
Altitude (maximum):


–18 to 3048 m (–59 to 10,000 ft)


–18 to 10,600 m (–59 to 35,000 ft)

Touch Pad

Interface PS/2 (compatible with Microsoft mouse driver)
X/Y position resolution Minimum 40 points/mm (1000 points/inch) (graphics tablet mode)


0.71 � 0.15-mm (0.028 � 0.006-inch) printed-circuit board (PCB) thickness (including mylar cover) 

2.50-mm (0.098-inch) PCB at highest component


83.0 � 0.3-mm (3.268 � .012-inch) rectangle

62.5-mm (2.461-inch) maximum bezel opening


66.4 � 0.3-mm (2.61 � 0.012-inch) rectangle

46.5-mm (1.831-inch) maximum bezel opening


8.2 � 0.5g (.289 � 0.018 oz)

Supply voltage

5 V � 10%

Supply current

4.0 mA (nominal operating)
ESD 15 kV applied to front surface (when properly mounted)

1 The Dell Latitude CS/CSx portable computer does not support some memory modules from older models of Dell portable computers, such as the Latitude CP, XP, XPi CD, or LM. It only supports SDRAM modules and does not support EDO memory modules.
2 Battery performance features such as charge time and life span can vary according to the conditions under which the computer and battery are used.
3 Measured with the hard-disk drive in head-parked position.
4 Latitude CS system with standard battery

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