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TDP Notes
Version 0.4

"TDP Notes" are the initial brainstorming notes which the Techno Democracy Project is based on. All the sections and major sub-sections are linked to from the Table of Contents. More information on the background and purpose of "TDP" and "TDP Notes" is available in Section 1.

This document has been created incrementally over the course of a couple years. There may be, and probably are, discrepancies within the document as a whole due to the natural evolution of the author's thinking over this time period. Discrepancies will be resolved as they come to light.

[ It should be noted by anyone reading this document that it consists of ideas that may or may not be implemented by the Techno Democracy Project. It was intended only as a collection of brain storming notes, not as a blueprint cast in stone. Regardless of the language used to describe the ideas, they are all merely options for TDP, and others, to consider. As time as goes by, it may become apparent that some, many, or all of the ideas are not suitable for implementation. However, either way, this document can be a catalyst for further thought and discussion on the topics covered. ]

Change Log
v0.4March 2001Expanded and cleaned up the Table of Contents. Added a References page. Moved Section 8 to Section 12. Moved Section 7 to Section 8. Added new Sections 7, 9, 10, and 11. Added content to Section 4, Section 6, and the new Section 8. Removed sub-section from Section 4. New Sections are only partially filled in - there is more content for them currently in draft form. Changed fonts. Added page-to-page navigation. Cleaned up a number of things. Contains more than 26,000 words.
v0.3December 2000A clean-up of Version 0.2. Some sub-sections of Section 3, Section 4, and Section 8 were deleted and other sub-sections were modified to reduce the amount of time-sensitive text. Some grammatical improvements were made as well. Contains 15,645 words.
v0.2November 2000Contains a slightly updated Table of Contents and Sections 1 through 3. Completed Sections 4 through 8. Combined the original Sections 6 and 7 to create the new Section 7. Replaced Section 6 with a description of the TDP Framework. Outlined ten to twenty pages of additional content for Section 7, but was not completed or included due to time constraints. Contains 18,234 words.
v0.1December 1999A complete Table of Contents and Section 1 through Section 3. Section 4 through Section 8 are in rough form and are not included. Contains 9,982 words.

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