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Note: This is not a general information site on ancient Egypt.  For students looking for homework help and others interested in a broad overview of the subject, try Guardians Egypt on the web.

Welcome to this web site.  The material presented here is a compilation of some of the research that I, Ken Bakeman, have done over the past several years in regards to what might be referred to as Arcane Egyptology.   This means that the subject matter deals with hidden and secret aspects of ancient Egyptian civilization.  Emphasis is placed on understanding the esoteric content of architectural, sculptural and iconographic design through the application of geometric analysis.

That geometry plays a central role in contextualizing Egyptian esoterica is evident in nearly every aspect of Pharaonic civilization.  Even the most elegant and delicate designs used in Egyptian decoration followed predetermined geometrical guidelines.   A wonderful example of this is shown in the graphic below that replicates faience tiles probably from the temple palace of Ramesses III at Nay-ta-hut.  Click here to see its design layout.

It is hoped that those who meander through this site will find it interesting, thought provoking and maybe even a little bit elucidating.  To your ka!


Articles and Illustrations by Ken Bakeman

Copyright 2000, 2001 Ken Bakeman

Image   Legends and Myths:

The Osirian Legend as a Geometric Metaphor

Image   Symbols and Hieroglyphs:

Introduction and links to symbols

Image   Metrology and the Canon of Proportion:

Understanding the Canon of Proportion for the Human Figure

The Royal Cubit as an Expression of Ka


The Enclosure Wall of Djoser's Pyramid Complex as a Sacred Circuit

Image   The Giza Necropolis:

The 'Giza Diagonal':  a North Celestial Pole Connection

The East to West Spacing of the Three Main Pyramids of Giza

The Giza Necropolis Design Grid

Seminal Potency:  Why Menkaure's Pyramid is Small

Revisiting Giza:  Towards Making the Case for an Overall Original Plan

Image   The Great Pyramid:

The Names of the Chambers and Passages in the Great Pyramid (just image)

The Hidden Design of the Great Pyramid: Part One

The Hidden Design of the Great Pyramid:  Part Two

The Hidden Design of the Great Pyramid:  Part Three

Finding Khufu:  The Great Pyramid's Occult Anatomy

Seeding a Horus King:  The Design and Function of the Queen's Chamber and its Shafts

Opening of the Mouth:  The Design and Function of the Great Pyramid's Antechamber

The Eye of Horus:  The Design and Function of the King's Chamber and its Shafts

Matrix of Fusion:  An Analysis of the Great Pyramid's Sarcophagus

Decans of Radii: The Determination of the Queen's Chamber Course Heights

Reflections on the Great Pyramid's Underground Plan

Ladder of Ascension:  The Connection between the Queen's Chamber Niche and the Grand Gallery

Image   The pyramid of Khafre:

An Overview of the Esoteric Geometrical Characteristics exhibited in the Pyramid of Khafre

The Architecture of Interdimensional Energy Transfer:  Another Look at Khafre's "Mortuary Temple"

Image   the rock cut temples of ancient Nubia:

The Great Temple at Abu Simbel

Plan, Elevation & Section Drawing of the Great Temple at Abu Simbel

The Temple of Hathor at Abu Simbel

The Temple of Amun-Ra and Thoth at Abuhada

The Temple of Ri'amesse-meryamun in the Domain of Amun at Wadi es-Sebu'a

 Image   Miscellania:

The Pyramid as Mandala