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bkuhn Proposal for
Request: Begin a Perl to JVM compiler with B:: and Kawa

Developerbkuhn - Proposal Home Page
Schedule30 days
LicenseGPL or Artistic
Proposal Date2000-12-15

Functional Specification: (make sure to look for developer's admendments at the end)

Begin a new perljvm, a port of Perl to the Java Virtual Machine using the GNU Kawa system.

Simple Perl code should be translated, via perl's B:: back-end, into the internal representation provided by Kawa. Kawa's IR should be used exclusively---no direct bytecode nor assembler should be emitted by B:: directly. Instead, calls should be made via JPL (Java Perl Lingo) to the classes of Kawa. The classes that exist in Kawa should be used or extended, or new classes should be donated to Kawa in the spirit of Kawa.

For this phase of the project, only simple Perl statements using scalars variables holding numbers and strings need to be supported. Basic comparison and assignment operations should work for these scalars. The tests available as "First Phase Test Set" on the perljvm page should work.

After completion of this phase proposed here, the system should be in a state such that new programmers can continue into future phases of the project, adding support for more of Perl perljvm. Documentation must be adequate for someone familiar with the internals of Kawa and the Perl B:: to move forward with such a project.

The license for new code written that is separate from Kawa should be under the (GPL|Artistic) (aka Perl's license). Classes donated back to Kawa should be under the license of Kawa (GPL + a few special exceptions).

Developer's Amendments:


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