T.P.Gejendran's Answers

                        Follolwing is part-2  of film director T.P.Gajendran's answers to questions. The details:

                        Question: What about your next project?

                        Answer: Though I had worked as assistant director under such directors as K.Balachander and Vizu, I didn't dream of myself becoming a director of their calibre. Instead, I wish to be a director like a S.P.Muththuraman or an Iraama.Narayanan. Presently, cine industry's attention has turned towards me. Once again I have to direct a film to be produced by K.R.G.. Apart from this, 3 new film offers also have come to me. I have so far directed the following films: "Veedu Manaivi Makkal", "Yenga Ooru Kaavakkaaran", "Kandaa Maanae Makkalu", "Yenga Ooru Maappillai", "Paandi Naattu Thangam", "Thaayaa Thaaramaa", "Nalla Kaalam Poranthaachchu", "Penkal Veettin Kankal", "Konjum Kili", "Paattu Vaaththiyaar", "Paasamulla Paaniyarae" and "Budget Padmanaban".

                        Question: About "Bharathi" Kuvalaikkannan....?

                        Answer: "Bharathi" director Gnanasekaran told about Kuvalaikkannan's character. It greatly moved me and I actually shed tears as I was hearing it! I acted myself having been overwhelmed by a great spirit! I acted in the film without moustache.

                        A director's job is a pleasant burden! Acting is a 'pleasurable' pleasantness. I'm prepared to act continually even, if I'm asked to act in good roles. But the impact the "Bharathi" film has instilled into me will stand the test of time that may comprise a few generations to come! I feel proud for having played that role!