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Getting an Estimate

The cost of an interstate move is usually based on the weight of your belongings and on the distance they are shipped, plus the amount of packing and other services that you require.

To help you anticipate the cost of your move, movers will give you an estimate of the price. Help the movers calculate the cost of your move by showing them every single item to be moved. Don't forget to go into the attic, basement, garage, closets and under beds. Reach a clear understanding about the amount of packing and other services needed. Anything omitted from the estimate but later included in the shipment will add to the cost.

Most movers offer two types of estimates: binding and non-binding. Binding estimates are written agreements that guarantee the cost of the move based on the items to be moved and the services listed on the mover's estimate sheet. Therefore, it's important to make certain the binding estimate sheet contains all of the items to be moved, along with any additional services to be provided by the mover. Anything that is added later might result in increased charges and may delay the move.

Non-binding estimates, on the other hand, are not guaranteed. Instead, a non-binding estimate is an approximation of the cost based on the mover's survey of the items to be moved, with the final cost determined after the shipment is weighed. A non-binding estimate does not bind the mover. When you receive a non-binding estimate, there is no guarantee that the final cost will not be more than the estimate.

When you are discussing your estimate with your mover, be sure to ask about the arrangements for paying for the move. It is customary for movers to require that charges be paid in cash, by certified check, or by money order. Most movers will not accept personal checks. Some movers will accept payment by credit card. However, do not assume that because you have a nationally recognized charge or credit card that it will be accepted for payment. Ask your mover.

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