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Custom research reports position your product against competitors

The Competing to Win program helps vendor sales, sales support, and marketing organizations stay current on competitive technologies and trends. The program's research not only draws from D.H. Brown Associates, Inc.'s extensive knowledge of competitive product features and functions, but also uses the firm's in-depth understanding of the competitive landscape for products and services.

Analysis based on the unmatched technical expertise of D.H. Brown ensures that your sales force fully understands the competition, can counter competitive claims, and can go on the offensive to win a sale. Each report builds on the knowledge of skilled analysts who thoroughly understand your product, your competitors' products, and the target market. Competing to Win research drives more deeply into technology than your competitors can, giving your sales force an edge based on more timely and complete knowledge.


The format of Competing to Win research has been refined and perfected through years of actual field experience and reflects the needs of the individual on the street selling your products. Competing to Win papers typically have the following structure:

  • Product Highlights Gives a brief overview of competitive highlights.
  • Silver Bullets Enables your sales force to go after the competition and sell hard.
  • Recent Developments - Highlights recent announcements that impact the market.
  • Functional Comparison Provides feature breakdown versus each competitor, allowing your sales force to see the overall competitive picture quickly and clearly.
  • Product Positioning/Advantages Matches your product head-to-head with the competition, showing areas of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Claim/Response Outlines current claims being made by competitors regarding their products and suggests ways your sales force can counter each claim.
  • Update History (if required) Describes changes to the document over time.

Areas of Focus

D.H. Brown provides competitive coverage in the following product areas and markets:

  • Pricing for UNIX and Windows NT Servers and Workstations
  • Operating Systems
  • Commercial Hardware Platforms
  • Technical Hardware Platforms
  • Proprietary Servers
  • High Availability Software and Cluster Products
  • Database Software
  • Enterprise Storage
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Servers/Infrastructures
  • Internet Hot Spots and Highlights

Updates to papers are typically timed to industry announcements, but can be set up for quarterly delivery as well. Every attempt is made to deliver updated documents within ten working days of an announcement.

Our Analysts

Analysts with many years of experience selling and marketing into their respective markets carefully craft every Competing to Win paper. Our analysts are specialists, rather than generalists, and our unmatched technical depth is our key differentiator. Other firms may depend solely on internal resources, but D.H. Brown also works with independent developers, university professionals, leading-edge users, and noted technology analysts.

How to Purchase

Contact your D.H. Brown sales representative for details or call (914)937-4302.


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