Weblint 1.017

Acorn front-end and ports version 1.017 © Sam Kington 17th October 1996.
Perl back-end version 1.017 © 1994, 1995, 1996 Neil Bowers.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the "Artistic License". It is not public domain.

Download Weblint 1.017(66K)

What this program does

This is a port of Neil Bowers' HTML validation utility, Weblint. Briefly, it looks at HTML files and complains if there's something wrong with them. This can be anything from actual syntax errors to using the wrong type of tag, or even a few simple design errors.

Weblint is essentially a Unix utility: it runs from the command line, has a whole batch of switches you can change to tweak things, and comes with a big commented configuration file you can change to tweak other things (often the same things, sometimes different ones). The system works quite well, but is not particularly adapted to RISC OS.

This is where RISC OS Weblint comes in. It puts an icon on the icon bar you can drag files to, and a nice big dialogue box with all the settings you can change (and believe me, there are a lot), conveniently divided into sections. It behaves like you would expect a RISC OS application would: errors from Weblint are reported back in a throwback window, adjust-clicking on the icon will reprocess the last file dragged to the icon. Weblint is still there, but hidden from you.

System requirements

Weblint is a Perl script, so you need Perl to run it. And because Perl has to be loaded from disc every time, you need a hard disc to properly use Weblint.

Furthermore, because of a bug in older versions of Perl, you need Perl 1.51 or later. You can get Perl at the following places:

Changes since version 0.90

Weblint will now recurse through directories successfully.

Minor fixes: menus are the correct width in RISC OS 3.1 and will appear over all windows, not just the icon-bar. Weblint will handle HTML files if they're typed to &FAF, even if type &FAF hasn't been defined as HTML. Adds HTML file-type and icon if they're not already there anyway.


The remote URL getter function is untested, as I don't have net access from my Risc PC. I have no idea how these things work on RISC OS; if anyone wants to fill me in, my email address is at the bottom.

If you drag several files to the Weblint icon, it will run weblint separately for each of them, rather than running Weblint with a list of all the files (which would be much faster). This is because the list of filenames could rapidly get too long for RISC OS to cope, so I don't bother giving it one. Drag a directory to the icon if you want to check lots of files.


If you want to see what weblint looks like, possibly because you don't want to commit yourself to downloading weblint and Perl without knowing what you're likely to get, have a look at the thumbnails below. They all link to full-sized versions of the screen-shots.

Standard windows

Info box

Icon bar
Icon bar menu

Choices dialogue boxes

HTML Style
HTML Style

Design errors
Design errors



Syntax errors
Syntax errors


Contacting me

I have two addresses: my fairly permanent address in Scotland, and my home address in France. I will generally be in Scotland most of the time, except when I'm not. The addresses are:

12 Carrington Street Glasgow G4 9AL

24420 Savignac les Eglises

Email is much more reliable: mail me at sam@illuminated.co.uk, and you'll get a reply within a day or at most two, unless I'm in France, in which case I'll reply when I get back.

Any significant developments will be posted here.

Download Weblint 1.017(66K)

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