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Cover Feature
The quest for more cinematic games is turning into a huge commercial prospect. Here, Pascal Luban and Joël Meziane offer a few tips for designing games that look and feel like movies.

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At the request of several people, we're always going to have the 3 most recent features (sans images) available on our wireless channel. Tell us what else you'd like to read on your PDA. Contact the Editors...

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Gamasutra is actively seeking Postmortem features detailing the audio or art paths of recent games. Interested in sharing the highs and lows of your art or audio production process? Contact the Editor...

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Tommy Tallarico
Composer, SFX
Tommy Tallarico is the most successful and accomplished video game composer in history. He has helped revolutionize the video game industry and has shown time and again his ability to create unique soundtracks that truly enhance the overall gaming experience.
[Learn more about Tommy, and hear his work.]

Shawn Sharp
Artist, Animator
Shawn Sharp hopped the fence from commercial storyboarding, junk-mail design, and occasional comic book work to greener pastures at Dynamix in 1990 and is now with Daylight Productions in Austin. His recent credits include Tribes and Tribes 2.
[Learn more about Shawn, and see his work.]

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Latest News:
Motorola Supports M-Services Guidelines [06.15.01]
Open Source Implementation of Quick Draw 3D Updated [06.15.01]
Infogrames Hands Down Humongous Layoffs [06.15.01]
Bay Area IGDA Chapter Kicks Off with Will Wright [06.13.01]
Game Developers Conference Deadline Nears [06.13.01]
dvGarage and Electric Image Announce Macintosh-Based 3D Training System [06.13.01]
Digimation Releases Flatten [06.13.01]
Fathammer Develops a Game Engine for Mobile Devices [06.13.01]
Climax Acquires Syrox [06.12.01]
Last Call for Game AI “Gems” [06.12.01]
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Latest Articles:
Turning a Linear Story into a Game: The Missing Link between Fiction and Interactive Entertainment
by Pascal Luban and Joël Meziane [06.15.01]
Interview with Black Isle Studios' Feargus Urquhart
by Tramell Issac [06.11.01]
Postmortem: Monolith's No One Lives Forever
by Craig Hubbard [06.08.01]
The Birth of a Game Studio: Goin' Places, Meetin' People
by Daniel Sanchez-Crespo [06.06.01]
Games with a Day Job: Putting the Power of Games to Work by Patrick Gardner [06.01.01]
An Interview with Minh Le
by John McLean-Foreman [05.30.01]
The Power of the High Pass Filter
by Peter Hajba [05.23.01]
Replayability, Part One: Narrative
by Ernest Adams [05.21.01]
Postmortem: Cutler Creative's Last Call
by John Cutler [05.11.01]
Game Boy Advance Resource Management
by Rafael Baptista [05.09.01]

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Latest Projects:
NuDimension Studios: EntosFear
Shiny Entertainment, Inc.: The Matrix (Based on the next Matrix Movie)
Psyonix: 3D Engine Programming
Studio Gigante, Inc.: Studio Gignate--Fighter X
Play-O-Rama Inc.: Project Nebula
[More Projects...]

Latest Jobs (Requires Login):
Idol Minds: 3d Animation Programmer
Pandemic Studios: Lead Programmers
Integrated Medical Systems: Technical Lead
Stormfront Studios: PS2 Lead Programmer - Fantasy Adventure Action Title, Major License
EA-Studio Oz: Senior Computer Graphic Artist
LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC: Content Coordinator
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Company: earcom ltd. [06.16.01]
Company: Slackstat12 Stationary [06.14.01]
Company: Piranha Games Inc [06.14.01]
Company: InGame Media [06.13.01]
Company: Front Fareast Industrial Corp. [06.12.01]
Product: Net-Z [04.24.01]
Product: Nuendo [04.10.01]
Product: Stitcher [04.02.01]
Product: ReTimer [04.02.01]
Product: ImageModeler [04.02.01]
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Windows Game Development
Finding a Job in the Industry
Games as Media, Art, and Communication
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