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Agillion takes traditional customer relationship management solutions to new heights. It enables businesses of all sizes—from SOHO
to SMB to enterprise—to empower customers with personalized, relevant information in one common view. With Agillion CustomerPages,SM companies can bring their
customer relationships online
in Internet time connecting
their most important assets—
customers, employees and partners.

With Agillion, any business can:

  • Give their customers Internet access to customized account and other personalized information in an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy common view
  • Access real-time information to facilitate swift, thorough decision-making
  • Leverage always-on collaboration and two-way communication tools to enhance customer interaction

For enterprise business, Agillion can:

  • Provide a complete low-cost, scalable technology solution for accessing customer information from multiple sources—"trapped" legacy information, robust Web services and more
  • Leverage current customer relationship management applications for immediate return on investment

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Agillion Wins Blue Ribbon For Best Customer Service Site From Winmag.com

Agillion CustomerPages Brings New Level of Personalized Interaction, Closes Digital Divide for Growing Businesses

The Solution

It's never been easier to serve customers better�
and make your business more successful in the process�than it is now, with Agillion.
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