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Ready for action? Craving adventure? Game enough for Gotham City? Then let's go ....... Australia's most amazing thrill-speed adventure awaits!

Batman Adventure - The Ride takes you on an amazing journey into the dark Wayne Manor Library, through the foreboding Batcave and onto untested tracking modules for the ride of a lifetime!

In a thrilling chase through, over and under the streets of Gotham City, you will help Batman in his quest to defeat the evil Penguin and his notorious Red Triangle Gang. Every jolt, every turn and every blow is experienced as advanced computer technology makes the free flight sensation seem real and the battle frenzied. The multi-million dollar ride incorporates the latest in high technology and is Australia's best simulated sight, sound and movement experience.

Wait 'til the Red Triangle Gang attacks you on the street corner. Hang on when the tracking module changes to flight capacity. Thrill when control is lost and the modules plummet into the snow .....

Minimum height requirement: 102cms


More than 20,000 tours are admitted into the Wayne Manor at Batman Adventure - The Ride every year