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Moving Your CD Player

Before moving your CD Player, there are certain procedures to follow which will protect your system from mechanical failure or damage due to normal physical shock which occurs during transport. If the following tips are used prior to moving, your CD Player should arrive safely at destination.


Remember to remove all CDs from your player before packing.

Make sure all CDs are back in their cases.

If you don't have the owner's manual, draw a diagram of the wiring PRIOR TO disconnection.

Some CD Players have a transport screw under the unit. Tighten before packing.

Remove any stacker or multi-play cartridges prior to packing, and wrap individually.

Close CD trays.

The best way to move your CD player is in the original box with the original packing. In the event that you do not have the original box and/or packing, use a box big enough to cover the entire unit with enough room for packing material. The packing material should snugly fill the excess room in the box so that the unit will not move around. Plastic bubble sheets make an ideal packing material. Try to stay away from using newspaper. Seal the box with reliable packing tape. Your carrier can provide you with packing containers and materials if needed.

If you have a remote control, be sure to wrap it separately, but pack it in the same box with your CD Player. All wiring should also go in the box with the CD Player.

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