Bayfield & Summerside Mutual Telephone Company Limited
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My own recollections:

I can remember that we had the old crank phones in Bayfield till sometime into the 1970's, when the locally run phones were replaced by a modern provincial telephone company (Maratime Tel & Tel?).  Some hated to see the old-fashtioned phones disappear, but mostly we were excited to get fancy new "dial" phones.  The entire communtiy had been on one line.  I would pick up the phone and make five short cranks--heard as five short rings in every household of Bayfield--and my grandmother Randall from a mile up the road would answer, as her number was "11 ring 4."  We were on line 11.  If I wanted to talk to my grandmother Irish out in Afton, that was another matter, as she was on line 16.  To get her, you held down a button on the side of the phone box and you turned the crank, but this time the bell would be muted, and "central" would answer, an operator located in nearby Heatherton.  I would ask her to please get me 16 ring 32, for which she would patch me into line 16 and ring for me 3 long rings followed by 2 short rings.  Sure enough, grammy or grampy Irish would answer the phone.  Now everybody in Bayfield AND Afton could eavesdrop on your conversation, and to be sure, there was lots of listening in.  On occassions when there was an emergency such as a fire, someone might get on the phone and ring, ring, very long ring until enough people answered to get out the word.  As far as I know, the residents of Afton and Bayfield are still listed in the phone book under "Heatherton," the location of the old switchboard for the local companies.  This has caused confusion on numerous occassions for people trying to "look us up," as we would never think to mention that we live in Heatherton!

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