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��Special Award for Overseas Submissions
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��The judges' overall comments��

10,364 participants! Our thought ran all over the world on the Internet, and we've got so many people participated. The youngest was a 3-year-old boy, and the oldest one was 84 years old. The works from all over Japan and from opposite side of the globe were so unique that grown-ups could not imagine, and it was interesting to see its own national characters in the works from all overthe world. There were some works expressing the image of Japan. All the judges were amazed with the works.

The following is each judges' remark about all the works submitted.

Akira Kurosawa
I work on moving picture, so I imagined the rainbow design flying. Many works made me fun to imagine.

Masuo Ikeda
I thought that the rainbow designs have been drawn enough already, but I was surprised to see so many new ideas of rainbow design.

Kenshi Hirogane
I am excited to imagine the rainbow design flying to the blue sky.

Yoshiko Sakurai
Now, people fly not only for work but also for leisure. It was interesting to see many designs which will make the trip fun.

Yusuke Kaji
It was a great accomplishment to have so many submissions from all over the world using the newest communication tool, the Internet.

JAS will send you Mr. Watanabe's present of the rainbow ribbon, won the grand award, as a dramatical trip to the sky. Also, there were many works as good as the grand award. We like to see all those works flying. JAS's affection for the sky keeps growing.

Rainbow777 Grand-Debut!

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