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Compaq Delivers World's Fastest Workstation: The AlphaPowered™ Professional Workstation XP1000

Alpha Processor, PowerStorm Graphics and High-Bandwidth Architecture Bring Unmatched Power on UNIX and Windows NT

HOUSTON, February 1, 1999 - Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) today announced worldwide the world's fastest workstation - the Compaq Professional Workstation XP1000 - and the first in the company's AlphaPowered Extreme Performance product line. Based on the new 500 MHz Alpha 21264 processor, PowerStorm graphics and a high-bandwidth systems architecture, the XP1000 delivers unparalleled workstation performance for customers running power-hungry applications on Tru64 UNIX® or Windows NT®.

"With our first AlphaPowered workstation, Compaq has staked our claim to performance leadership, delivering to our customers the ability to design and engineer products, develop digital content and build geographic models faster than they've ever done before," said Les Crudele, Vice President and General Manager, Workstation Division, Compaq Computer Corporation.

Superior Application Performance

The XP1000 delivers the power of the fastest processor available today, the Alpha 21264. With an estimated SPECint95 rating of 26 and SPECfp95 of 52, the new Alpha 21264 is at the top of its class in both integer and floating point performance. In comparison, Sun Microsystem's fastest UltraSPARC 2 processor scores a 16.1 on SPECint95 and 23.5 on SPECfp95(1).

The XP1000 really shines where it's most important, running demanding workstation applications, as indicated by the following benchmarks:

  • Computer-aided Design (CAD). Best score (33 minutes) for a Windows NT-based workstation on Bench98 run with Parametric Technology Corporation's Pro/Engineer v19, a technical workstation benchmark measuring processing power, system throughput and 3D graphics performance.
  • Computer-aided Engineering (CAE). Highest performance (6,685 seconds) on Ansys v5.4 benchmark, a finite element analysis benchmark measuring processor floating point performance and memory bandwidth.
  • 3D Graphics. Best weighted time (21 minutes) on Pro/E: The Magazine's gBench98 graphics benchmark, achieved by a XP1000 with Compaq's PowerStorm 300 midrange graphics option for Tru64 UNIX and Windows NT.

Compaq customers reviewing beta units of the XP1000 have been amazed by the speed of the system in their own environments as well. "The XP1000 ran our MM5 Mesoscale Weather model between 1.8 and four times faster than any other workstation we've tested," said Dave Gill of the National Center for Atmospheric Research, "and compiling the code is as much as 150 times faster. Such performance will allow us to be more productive in our development process and run our models at higher resolution."

Powered By High-Speed Components

The extreme performance of the XP1000 is driven by a combination of the Alpha processor and a system architecture that maximizes bandwidth for key subsystems, such as system memory. The XP1000 supports up to 2 GB of ECC-protected RAM and has a 256-bit bus that delivers 2.6 GB/second of peak memory bandwidth. As a result, XP1000 customers can design and analyze large assemblies, work with voluminous mapping and image databases and execute demanding animation and streaming video applications at speeds they've never seen before.

High-speed graphics on the XP1000 is powered by a new member of Compaq's PowerStorm family of graphics accelerators, the PowerStorm 350. With 30 MB of frame buffer memory and 32 MB of texture memory, the PCI-based PowerStorm 350 offers high resolution support for true color rendering - up to 1920 x 1200, double-buffered. Like the PowerStorm 300, the PowerStorm 350 leverages the speed of the Alpha processor to blaze through geometry and lighting calculations. In addition, the PowerStorm 350 provides stereographics support.

Support From Leading Software Vendors

To maximize the performance of the XP1000 on leading technical and creative applications, Compaq has worked closely with the vendors of these applications to optimize and certify the workstation, where applicable.

"Both ESRI's current and recently announced next generation of its flagship ARC/INFO GIS software will fully support Compaq's powerful Professional Workstation XP1000 running both Compaq Tru64 UNIX and Microsoft Windows NT operating systems," said Jack Dangermond, President of ESRI. "We will continue to work closely with Compaq, as we have in the past, so that our customers can take advantage of the combined power and capabilities of the XP1000 and ESRI's ARC/INFO, a winning solution for the GIS industry."

"The introduction of the Alpha-based XP1000 is good news for PTC customers because it offers extremely high levels of performance," said C. Richard Harrison, President and COO, Parametric Technology Corporation. "Our longtime support of PTC applications on the Alpha platform, running both UNIX and Windows NT, allows engineering customers the opportunity for significant productivity gains. Those customers running floating point-intensive applications, such as Pro/Mechanica®, or modeling large assemblies with Pro/Engineer® should be especially pleased."

Unmatched Customer Flexibility

"With the introduction of the XP1000, Compaq is now delivering the industry's most comprehensive workstation product line," said David Parsons, Director of Workstations Marketing for Compaq North America. "The XP1000 expands the Professional Workstation lineup to meet the diverse needs of any workstation customer - from budget-conscious small businesses to demanding enterprise business, technical and creative professionals. Only Compaq offers customers the freedom to choose the workstation that matches their performance, price and operating system requirements."

In addition, the XP1000 adds significant flexibility and investment protection for Compaq customers because it supports both Tru64 UNIX and Windows NT. The ability to run both operating systems on a single platform makes the XP1000 ideal for working in heterogeneous operating system environments and can ease the customers' interoperability between UNIX and Windows NT. It also means a single platform can be used in environments that support two operating systems, such as software development and support.

World-class Worldwide Service and Support

Compaq also offers worldwide service and support capabilities through our network of authorized and specialized resellers, or direct from Compaq. Compaq employs approximately 29,000 service and support professionals at 550 locations in 114 countries to ensure that customers can turn to Compaq as a single point of accountability. Included in this number are 2,200 certified Windows NT experts and 3,000 UNIX engineers, as well as numerous UNIX / Windows NT integration and interoperability experts to ensure that our workstations and other systems integrate seamlessly into both environments.

Pricing and Availability

The Compaq Professional Workstation XP1000 is available immediately with the ELSA GLoria Synergy graphics accelerator. The PowerStorm 300 graphics accelerator will be available in early March, and the PowerStorm 350 will be available in late 1Q99. Pricing for the XP1000 starts at $7,152 (U.S.) for a system running Windows NT with a 500 MHz Alpha 21264 processor, ELSA GLoria Synergy graphics, 128 MB of RAM and a 4 GB Wide-Ultra SCSI 10,000 rpm hard drive.

For more information and access to Compaq Professional Workstation interactive launch events, visit the Web site at: /products/workstations. In addition, Compaq is hosting a live, Workstation Web broadcast, today at 2:00 p.m. (CST). Key Compaq and partner executives will discuss the impact of this new product. You can download the "Webcast" on the World Wide Web at: http://webevents.broadcast.com/compaq.

Company Background

Compaq Computer Corporation, a Fortune Global 100 company, is the second largest computer company in the world and the largest global supplier of computer systems. Compaq develops and markets hardware, software, solutions, and services, including industry-leading enterprise computing solutions, fault-tolerant business-critical solutions, networking and communication products, commercial desktop and portable products, and consumer PCs. The company is an industry leader in environmentally friendly programs and business practices.

Compaq products are sold and supported in more than 100 countries through a network of authorized Compaq marketing partners. Customer support and information about Compaq and its products are available at http://www.compaq.com or by calling 1-800-OK-COMPAQ. Product information and reseller locations are available by calling 1-800-345-1518.

1 Sun results obtained from http://www.specbench.org/osg/cpu95/results/. XP1000 results have been submitted to SPEC but have not yet been audited and published in the SPEC newsletter.

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