Political, Social, Religious Events Dates Literary, Philosophical Events
Battle of Bosworth Field 1485 Caxton publishes Malory's Morte d'Arthur
Reign of Henry VII 1485-1509
c. 1490 Henry Medwall's Fulgens and Lucrece
1491 Greek taught at Oxford
First Voyage of Columbus 1492
1493-1537 Earliest editions of Everyman
1499-1500 First visit of Erasmus to England
c. 1505 Skelton's Bowge of Court written
1505-1506 Second visit of Erasmus to England
Death of Henryson
1509 Alexander Barclay's Ship of Fools
Erasmus's Praise of Folly
Stephen Hawe's Pastime of Pleasure
1509-1514 Third visit of Erasmus to England
Reign of Henry VIII 1509-1547
Calvin 1509-1564
Wolsey chief minister of State 1515-1529
1516 More's Utopia (in Latin)
1516-1532 Aristo's Orlando Furioso (d. 1533)
Luther (1483-1546) posts his
theses in Wittnberg
Circumnavigation of the earth by
Magellan's fleet
1519 Deaths of Grocyn and Colet
1523 Skelton's Garland of Laurel
1523-1525 Lord Berner's English translation
of Froissart's Chronicles
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Political, Social, Religious Events Dates Literary, Philosophical Events
1525-1526 Tyndale's (1490-1536) New Testament
(published in Germany)
1527 Death of Machiavelli
1528 Castiglione's Book of the Courtier
1529 Death of Skelton
1530 Tyndale's Pentateuch
Death of Wolsey
1531 Sir Thomas Elyot's Governour
1532 Chaucer's Works, ed. William Thynne
Machiavelli's Prince published
1532-1548 Rabelais's (1495-1553) Pantagruel
and Gargantua
Henry VIII marries Anne Boleyn 1533
Separation of the English Church
from Rome
Thomas Cromwell in power
Act of Supremacy (Henry VIII head
of the Church of England)
1535 Miles Coverdale's first complete
English Bible
Death of More
1536 Calvin's Institute of the Christian
1539 The Great Bible (prepared under
1540 Sir David Lindsay's Satyr of Three
1542-1550 Edward Hall's Chronicle
1545 Ascham's Toxophilus
Council of Trent 1546-1563
Reign of Edward VI 1547-1553
1547-1562 English version of the Psalms by
Sternhold and Hopkins
First Book of Common Prayer and Act of Uniformity 1549
1551 Translation of More's Utopia into
English by Ralph Robinson
1553 Thomas Wilson's Arte of Rhetorique
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Political, Social, Religious Events Dates Literary, Philosophical Events
Reaign of Mary I (Mary Tudor) 1553-1558
Marriage of Mary and philip of
Execution of Lady Jane Grey 1556 Death of Cranmer, etc.
1557 St. Thomas More's English Works
(ed. William Rastell)
Songs and Sonnets (Tottel's
Surrey's blank verse translation
of the Aeneid, Books II and
IV, published
Loss of Calais 1558
1558-1562 Thomas Phaer's English translation
of the Aeneid
Reign of Elizabeth 1558-1603
Elizabethan Prayer Book 1559
Elizabethan Acts of Supremacy and
1559-1610 Mirror for Magistrates
c. 1560 Geneva Bible
1561 Sir Thomas Hoby's English Translation
of Castiglione's Cortegiano
(The Courtier)
Thomas Norton's English translation
of Calvin's Institutes
Joseph Scaliger's Poetics
Wars of Religion in France 1562-1598
1563 John Foxe's Actes and Monuments
(The Book of Martyrs)
Sackville's Induction to the
Mirror for Magistrates
1565 John Stow's Sumarie of English
1565-1567 Arthur Golding's English translation
of Ovid's Metamorphoses
1566-1567 William Painter's Palace of Pleasure
Battle of Langside (Mary of Scotland
surrenders to Elizabeth)
Northern Rising 1569
Pius V excommunicates Elizabeth 1570 Ascham's Scholemaster
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Political, Social, Religious Events Dates Literary, Philosophical Events
Thirty-nine Articles issued 1571
Massacre of St. Bartholomew 1572 Gasciogne's Hundred Sundry Flowers
First executions of Catholic
1576 Gasciogne's Steel Glass
A Paradise of Dainty Devices
(ed. Richard Edwards)
George Pettie's Petite Palace of
Pettie his Pleasure
The Theater built
Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates
the earth in the Golden Hind
1578 A Gorgeous Gallery of Gallant
Raphael Holinshed's Chronicles
(Revised edition 1586-1587)
Lyly's Eupheus, the Anatomy of Wit
1579 Stephen Gosson's School of Abuse
Sir Thomas North's English translation
of Plutarch's Lives
Spenser's Shepherd's Calendar
1580 Lyly's Euphues and his England
John Stowe's Chronicles of England
c. 1580 Sidney's Arcadia and Astrophel
and Stella written; his Defense
of Poesy begun
1580-1597 Montaigne's Essays (d. 1592)
1581 Tasso's Jerusalem Delivered
English translation of Seneca's
Tragedies, by Thomas Newton
and others
1582 Richard Stanyhurst's translation
of Virgil's Aeneid, Books I-IV
1583 Philip Stubbe's Anatomie of
1584 A Handful of Pleasant Delights
(ed. Clement Robinson)

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Political, Social, Religious Events Dates Literary, Philosophical Events
1586 William Webbe's Discourse of English

William Warner's Albion's England
William Camden's Britannia
Execution of Mary Queen of Scots 1587
Defeat of the Spanish Armada 1588
1588-1589 Martin Merprelate tracts
1589 Greene's Menaphon
George Puttenham's Art of English
Richard Hakluyt's Principall Navigations,
Voyages, and Discoveries of the
English Nation (enlarged 1598-1600)
1590 Thomas Lodge's Rosalynde
Spenser's Faerie Queene, Books I-III
1590-1593 Signey's Arcadia published (earlier
shorter version first printed,
from manuscript, 1926)
1591 John Harrignton's English translation
of Aristo's Orlando Furioso
Signey's Astrophel and Stella
Spenser's Complaints
1591-1592 Greene's Conny-Catching pamphlets
1592 Daniel's Delia
1593 The Phoenix' Nest
Shakespeare's Venus and Adonis
1594 Drayton's Idea
Thomas Nashe's Unfortunate Traveler
Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece
1594-1597 Richard Hooker's Of Ecclesiastical
, Books I-V
1595 Daniel's Civil Wars
Sidney's Defense of Poesy published
Spenser's Amoretti and Epithalamion
Cadiz Expedition (under Essex and Ralegh) 1596 Ralegh's Discovery of Guiana
Spenser's Faerie Queene, Books IV-VI
c. 1596 Thomas Deloney's Thomas of Reading

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Political, Social, Religious Events Dates Literary, Philosophical Events
1597 Bacon's Essays (First edition,
ten essays)
Drayton's Heroical Epistles
Edict of Nantes 1598 Francis Mere's Palladis Tamia
John Stow's Survey of London
The rebellion of Hugh O'Neill,
Earl of Tyrone
1598-1611 Chapman's English translation of
the Illiad
1599 Sir John Davies's Nosce Teipsum
The Globe Theater built
1600 England's Helicon (ed. John Bodenham)
England's Parnassus (ed. Robert Allot)
Elizabethan Poor Law
Execution of the Earl of Essex
1602 Founding of the Bodleian Library
Champions' Observations in the
Art of English Poesie

Political Rhapsody
(ed. Francis and Walter Davison)
c. 1602 Daniel's Defense of Ryme
1603 John Florio's English translation
of Montaigne's Essays
Reign of James I 1603-1625
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