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These are just a few of the questions that STArt can help answer:

· Looking for examples of arts performance tasks? or a guide for developing your own performance task?

· Need to know basic techniques for working with clay? or step-by-
step lessons in drawing?

· Want to cut through the extraneous and find a few good arts Web sites?

· Don't want to reinvent the wheel and wondering what other districts have accomplished in the development of arts standards and benchmark continuums?

· Looking for a short list of local community arts resources?

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Support for Teachers in Art

Welcome to the Support for Teachers in Art (STArt) Web site!

  • was initiated with the knowledge that a lot of quality arts resources already exist....if only you had more time and knew where to look.

  • is designed to expand and adapt to teacher needs. Teachers are encouraged to comment, submit information to be added to the site, and make requests or suggestions about how STArt can better serve classroom teachers.

  • has initially focused on visual arts and music but will evolve to include all the arts.

  • was developed for teachers by teachers, artists, and arts specialists throughout the state.

  • Learn more About STArt: Content descriptions, submissions, and project background.
Arts for All Seasons Project presents a series of activities. These activities are linked to the arts strands and have been aligned with monthly themes. These monthly themes similarly guided a series of activities in Dance, Drama, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing.

Online Resources -- Search our annotated index of online art resources. We have individually reviewed each site according to the relevant art media, grade levels, CIM strands and more.
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