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Miscellaneous Questions and Answers

Who built the Great Pyramid, and why?

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A:    No one knows for sure who built the Great Pyramid, but several theories have been proposed. Some think Adam and his sons built it before the flood. Some think Enoch built it. Others say Noah and his sons built it after the flood. It appears that some of its features indicate that it was intended to be a testimony to God. Adam did not have a Bible so God gave him the gospel story in the stars with the 88 constellations telling the entire gospel story and God’s plan for the ages. After the flood Noah still did not have a Bible so God gave him the gospel story in stone.

The Great Pyramid has no inscription to any Egyptian king.

It is the earliest and largest of the 67 pyramids found in Egypt. The later pyramids are of lesser quality and are mere copies of the Great Pyramid.

Inside, there is a broad way that leads to a pit and a narrow way that leads to the King’s Chamber. (Sounds like Matthew 7 to me.)

The 153 steps of the narrow way match the 153 fishes gathered in John 21:11, which may be a reference to all nations of the earth gathering into the kingdom of God. (See John 21:11)

The King’s Chamber is on the 50th row of the stones; 50 was the year of Jubilee. (See Leviticus. 25:11)

Inside the King’s Chamber is a solid carved, empty red granite tomb the same volume as the Ark of the Covenant.

Although most have been torn off, the pyramid was originally covered with 144,000 polished casing stones, the number of witnesses in Revelation 7. The stones were a perfect fit such that many of the seams could not be seen nor a paper put between them today, thousands of years later.

The cornerstone at the top is missing, symbolic of Christ, the rejected chief cornerstone ( Daniel 2:45; Psalm 118:22; Matthew 21:42; Mk 10:12). The 5 sided cornerstone may represent the number of grace.

The Great Pyramid is of such magnitude that it could not be built today. It is 90 times the volume of the Chicago Sears Tower. Napoleon said there was enough stone in the pyramid to build a 10 foot high brick wall all the way around France! Some stones near the top, 400 feet from the ground, weigh 70 tons!

The foundation covers so wide an area (over 13 acres) that it could not be built today as level as it is (less than 1/10 inch error in 13 acres). Every locomotive in the world harnessed to the Pyramid could not pull it The door is so well joined that it was undetectable from the outside for centuries.

The pyramid sits right on the longest latitude line and the longest longitude line with land above sea level thus making it in the center of the land mass of the world.

"In that day shall there be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar at the border thereof to the LORD." Is. 19:19. The pyramid is on the border when Egypt was divided into a northern and southern kingdom and in the midst when they united.

Satan has been using the great pyramid as his symbol for the New World Order. On the back of a $1 bill you will see the pyramid with the all seeing eye (Lucifer) coming down to finish the pyramid. He thinks he will take over God’s kingdom, but Jesus will be the one to come to earth and rule and reign for 1000 years. See Rev. 20-22. (See seminar #5 for more)