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Interview with Howard Perlman

Click here to go to the Machines website.

Machines Interview – Howard Perlman Part 2

4) What goals did you hope to accomplish with Machines and did you accomplish them?

Our intentions were to take the best aspects of C&C, Warcraft and Total Annilation and bring them into a 3D world. Of course we added our own spin on things to become more than just another RTS game in a very crowded market. I believe we did accomplish our goals but the real test comes from the gamers who buy it then we will know for sure.

5) Lots of people have complained that there has been no game that effectively combines 1st person with 3rd person in strategy games. Is Machines the answer? And why?

Machines is the answer to anyone who didn't like 1st person action in their RTS game. What is the secret? Well, it's quite simple actually. Machines was design as a strategy game first, it was not built around the action like Battlezone and Uprising. There is a simple test for this, shut 1st person mode off!! In Machines you can set an option for no 1st person mode and the game is just as deep and strategic as other RTS game on the market. Turn it on and you have a well-balanced mix of action and strategy. How we achieved this balance is by purposely not allowing the player to manage their base or other units while in 1st person. So you can only afford to be in 1st person for small amounts of time. The end result is a 1st person mode that's a deeper extension of the strategy not the focus.

1st person mode does leads to a ton of new strategies like moving around the enemies line of fire, attack specific targets from behind, sneak inside buildings or lead the enemy into an ambush plus a whole lot more...

6) What kind of weapons are in Machines?

I don't want to give away all of them but you start with Bolters and Disrupters then you can research more advanced weapons like Flame Throwers, Auto Cannons, Plasma Rifles, Missle Launchers, B-Bombs and Nukes and more.

7) Explain the resources management aspect of Machines?

Resource management is similar to other RTS games in the past but in Machines the resource is hidden. So the first unit you want to construct is a civilian unit called the locator. A crab like creature that scans the ground for minerals. When it discovers a location it will drop a holographic marker in the spot where you should construct a mine. Once a mine is built you need transport vehicles to transport the extracted minerals to a smelter (or POD). These buildings convert the minerals to useable BMU's (building material units). Once this is set up you will have a constant supply of BMU's to your base.

8) How does one become a video game producer?

You don't have to be a programmer but you should know how to program. You don't even have to be good at it but it really helps to know what the process is. You should graduate from high school and go to college, yeah they don't teach you video games, but they will teach you programming, public speaking, writing reports and giving presentations. Also, learn about the hardware for all gaming platforms and study the industry by following what every programmer, developer and publisher is doing.

Now, after all of that, apply for a job as a game tester and work your way up from there.

9) What advice do you have for those who aspire to become producers?

You can do it, Nicorette can help.

10) Explain what it feels like to turnover Machines?

As most of you probably know this industry is made of long hours, near impossible deadlines and total stress. If feels OK...

11) What is your favorite color?

Blue...Not just any blue but metallic blue.

12) What is your favorite movie?

2001 A Space Odyssey.

Click here to go to the Machines website.


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