Saves The Day - Stay What You Are - July 10 - 2001
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    New Releases
    June 2001

    5 The Thumbs Last Match
    5 Various Punk-O-Rama 2001
    5 Hot Water Music A Flight And A Crash
    5 Osker Idle Will Kill
    5 Unsung Zeros Fading Out
    5 Starflyer 59 Leave Here a Stranger
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    11 The Business No Mercy for you
    12 Useless ID Bad Story, Happy Ending
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    12 Impossibles 4 Song Brick Bomb
    12 Useless ID Bad Story Happy Ending
    12 Citizen Fish Life Size
    12 Glasseater 7 Years Bad Luck
    12 Welt Brand New Dream
    12 American Nightmare Background Music
    12 Thee Michelle Gun Elephant Collection
    12 Deville Pleasure to Burn
    12 Fall Silent 6 Years in the Desert
    12 Various Centre of the Universe II
    12 18 Visions Anthology
    12 Total Chaos Punk Invasion
    15 Never Say Never Down this Road
    19 Pennywise Land of the Free
    19 F-Minus Suburban Blight
    19 Snuff Blue Gravy: phase 9
    19 Ted Leo The Tyranny of Distance
    19 American Steel Jagged Thoughts
    19 Agent 51 Just Keep Runnin
    19 Various Vans Warped Tour 2001
    19 Various Living Tomorrow Today
    26 TSOL Disappear
    26 TSOL Beneath the Shadows
    26 Scared of Chaka Crossing with Switchblades
    26 Various Alpha Motherf***ers

    Joe Strummer to tour
    Posted by Aubin on Wednesday, June 20 @ 13:53:25 EDT (read:37 times)
    Hellcat Records Chris Gorman writes "Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros will begin their tour of North America on October 4th in Washington D.C. at the 9:30 Club. They are going on tour to support the release of the bands new album "Global A Go-Go", due out July 24 on Hellcat Records/Epitaph." Remeber how we mentioned the tour? Well, click below for the confirmed dates.

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    T(I)NC at the Gothenburg Protests
    Posted by shindo on Tuesday, June 19 @ 22:26:29 EDT (read: 53 times)
    Burning Heart The (International) Noise Conspiracy played in Gothenburg during the protests this weekend. Bassist Inge Johansson has written a lengthy report on the demonstrations that took place… heres a preview:

    I was participating in the demonstrations/riots in Gothenburg this weekend between the 15th and 17th of June 2001. This thing has been all over the news in Sweden/Scandinavia, but I don't know how much it has been hitting the news around the world. And if it has, it's probably a very, very "produced" version of it. We all know who owns the media and what their purposes are. This is my story and my version of what happened…

    Check out Inge’s account here.

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    Pure Punk Dates
    Posted by shindo on Tuesday, June 19 @ 22:18:36 EDT (read: 58 times)
    Tours Some of the dates have been posted for the Pure Punk Tour (organized by Cyclone Records). The tour will feature Oxymoron, The Forgotten, The Boils and Dead Empty. There are not all the dates there are more to come. On certain dates the tour merges with the Beer Olympics and the Holidays In The Sun festival, click READ MORE for the dates.

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    Weezer Tribute Release Date
    Posted by shindo on Tuesday, June 19 @ 22:10:23 EDT (read: 86 times)
    Weezer is reporting that "Rock Music" the Weezer tribute will be released August 1st on Dead Droid Records. Apparently A New Found Glory has dropped off of the tribute due to conflicts with their (in the words of Punkbands) rockstar-ish schedule and filming videos and such. Also, the lead singer of Elliott, Chris Higdon, will be doing a solo acoustic version of "The World Has Turned And Left Me Here."

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    More on West Hollywood VS Pennywise
    Posted by shindo on Tuesday, June 19 @ 22:00:48 EDT (read: 49 times)
    Epitaph Records Some more information about the city of West Hollywood cancelling the Pennywise show. Tower Records (the venue) has said that the cancellation was prompted by rowdiness at the band's Key Club show last week. Laurie Miller, office manager at Tower regional offices stated that "It got kind of ugly. There was stage diving and craziness and not enough security." Store manager Jay Smith said the store and city were on the same page with safety as priority. The band and Epitaph dispute the account of the Key Club chaos, but the show has already been moved. Pennywise guitarist Fletcher Dragge made this comment, "We live in a city where the cops are on trial for framing people, shooting people and robbing banks, and they think we're the ones that pose a problem. It's ridiculous."

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    No Idea / FBR Split Comp
    Posted by shindo on Tuesday, June 19 @ 21:48:23 EDT (read: 37 times)
    Fueled By Ramen Records No Idea and Fueled By Ramen will be releasing a split sampler soon. There will be 24 songs by bands like The Impossibles, Small Brown Bike, The Stereo, Hot Water Music and Less Than Jake. The best part is the price; get it on Warped Tour this year for just $2.

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    EdgeFest II
    Posted by Aubin on Tuesday, June 19 @ 20:17:46 EDT (read:205 times)
    canadian info Mr.T writes "From the Radio station Edge 102 "Edge Fest II Featuring Blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Millencolin, Jimmy Eat World & More To Be Announced!!"" I'm not so enthused about the line up, except, of course for Jimmy Eat World. Click below for more details.

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    Good Riddance Music and Video
    Posted by Aubin on Tuesday, June 19 @ 14:14:18 EDT (read:107 times)
    Fat Wreck Chords flanders writes "The new Good Riddance CD "Symptoms of a Leveling Spirit" will hit the streets on July 10th, according to Fat Newsletter. The band also has a "full length" video, which will be a compilation of the band from 1994-1999. The video will be released on VHS on July 24th and will be entitled "Exposed". "

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    Adam Davis Quits Link 80 and joins Luckie Strike
    Posted by Kip on Tuesday, June 19 @ 01:00:54 EDT (read:74 times)
    Asian Man Records Anonymous writes Hello all. It has recently been announced by the band Luckie Strike that their bass player for four years, Andre Gallardo has left the band on good terms and played his last show last Saturday in Sacramento. Along with that announcment the band has also announced that the person that will be replacing Andre Gallardo is long time Link 80 guitar player Adam Davis, who is quitting Link 80 to do so. A secret show will be held somewhere in Sacramento to break Adam in for his first show next week. Adam's first official shows with the band will be on the 27th of June at Jerry's pizza in Bakerfield california and then again on the 29th of June at the Los Angeles Warped tour. For the official explanation from the band and to write a message to wish Dre well, or welcome Adam to Luckie Strike go to the message board

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    Sunny Day Real Estate buy the farm
    Posted by Scott on Monday, June 18 @ 22:00:33 EDT (read:97 times)
    news DrRingDing writes "Sunny Day Real Estate announced on their official website that they have broken up. Interestingly enough, the story was on MTV news."
    This news has been bouncing around for a while, I'm surprised that no one had submitted it until now. SDRE was an incredible band, and they most assuredly knew what "emo" was all about. Check out their old albums -- "Diary," "LP2", and "How Does It Feel To Be Something On" -- all are classics.

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