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A Dreams Reality

by Aim

He paced down the halls walking almost aimlessly. He ran a hand through his short dirty blond hair and held his papers in the other, another delivery for Sister Pete. Truthfully he didn't mind the errands, it gave him something to do in this shithole, something to keep him busy. After years as a lawyer, inactivity was torture. For years he worked non-stop and it brought him nothing but an addiction for anything alcoholic and a constant headache. Here in Oz the addiction and headache were still there but he needed something to keep his mind off of the pain of his need for sedation.

His mind was so thoroughly wrapped around his thoughts he paid no attention to his surroundings...a mistake. Suddenly a hand reached out a grabbed him, pulling him into a random room and spilling the papers over the floor. His first instinct was to yell, fight, rip out his attackerís jugular. All he could manage was a quick yelp followed up with a muffled scream as the attackerís other hand covered his mouth. His brain raced with so many thoughts of how to escape that when he first heard the voice it barely registered. His attacker spoke again in soft hot tones letting his breathe caress the nape of his victimís neck,"Hey, baby." At the sound of this voice he sighed and his back relaxed against his attackers chest. He tilted his head to the left and the attacker smiled and licked the side of his victims neck.

The victim felt limp in the arms that held him tight. As the tongue of his attacker searched the landscape of his neck. The tongue was hot on his skin and the lips even sweeter, with each grazing kiss his body tingled with fire. The kisses on his neck turned into sucks and he closed his eyes in pleasure. The hand of his attacker was still covering his mouth but less forcefully now. He licked the length of a finger and then sucked it into his mouth. His tongue danced over the finger and the taste of salt and soap entered his mouth. He gasped as his neck burned with the sensations caused by a mouth that seemed to devour him and he started to grind his hips back into the hardness that pushed into his backside. His attacker moaned loudly and his voice curled. Toby sighed and cradled his head into the crook of the neck behind him. As he did so, his attackerís other hand traveled downward. The hand rubbed over a hip and down further to the hardness waiting there. The victim gasped and bit down lightly on the finger in his mouth. He let the finger drop from his lips and turned to look into his attacker's face. His eyes fell upon the hawk-like features that he had gazed upon so many times before. He smiled and raised a hand softly over the ripples of muscle, taking his time to feel each breathe and heartbeat, then finally the hand landed on his lovers neck. He let his hand direct his attacker to his lips and they kissed. The kisses were soft, sweet, chaste kisses that grew into strong passionate ones that make your heart burn with desire.

Now it was the victims turn to be the aggressor. He gently but forcefully shoved the man infront of him into the wall then proceeded to push his lovers legs apart and rub his own leg against the hardness there. He smiled as his lovers head went back and whispered,"Toby." He then leaned in and licked over his loverís Adam's apple, in response his attacker-turned-victim gasped and leaned forward to indulge in another kiss. He pulled Toby closer to him and they began thrusting together.

They ground their hips together trying to feel the full force of their cocks rubbing together. They indulged in breathless passionate kisses as they held each other in a tormented need for release. Beecher felt his lover's hands grab his ass in a tight grip and he moaned. They began humping and rubbing faster and faster, whispering cries and moans of lust. Toby came, arching his back and screaming with pleasure. Less than a second later his partner did the same.

Part 2

Tobias Beecher awoke with a start. He was sweating and panting in a frightened frenzy. He grabbed his chest and waited for his breathing to normalize once again. He glanced beside him. Well, thank God he hadn't woken up his wife, he really didn't need her yelling at him again for awaking her. He brushed a hair away from his wife's face and sighed. He loved Gen, she was the mother of his children and his wife of many years. It was just that, well he didn't know really. Their marriage started going down hill awhile ago. He didn't know what caused it....The passion was gone...maybe the love too. No, he loved her...didn't he? God, life was so confusing for him right now. He rubbed his hand hard against his face and walked towards the bathroom.

He splashed some cool water on his face and stared into the mirror, watching as the wet droplets fell down his face only to drip upon his neck and shirt. With out much grace he grabbed a towel and dried his face as the dream was remembered and came back into his conscience. That was the third dream. Each one was so different from the others, so contradictory but each starred the hawk faced man. His brow furrowed slightly, he must really be insane, he always thought that was a possibility, and an easy explanation for his faults. But now he was beginning to believe it. Well, why not? Practically every client he has ever had has pleaded insanity, maybe some of it rubbed off on him. Maybe insanity is contagious. He smiled slightly then searched his face in the mirror.

The hawk-faced man. Who was he? He'd never met him, nor anyone that remotely looked or acted like him. Yet he had had three dreams about him. The first was strange, they were friends. Playing chess everyday, talking, then suddenly they told each other they loved one another, in a laundry room. Tobias Beecher, love another man? Tobias Beecher, father and husband love another man? No, the next day he drank himself into a comma trying to erase the dream. Only to wake up with a hangover and the dream still clear in his mind.

The second dream was even more difficult to comprehend. The hawk-faced man who had told him he loved him, broke his arms and legs! How does that make sense? He didn't know, all he knew was that he woke up on the floor yelling, crying out in pain, his wife screaming at him to wake up. Gen, didn't even show any concern for his nightmare. Just made a snooty nasal noise and rolled over to fall back asleep.

And, well, the third dream...that was definitely different. He and the hawk-faced man actually had sex. The only similarity between the dreams is that he had been drinking the night before each of them. Ok, Ok...I just won't drink anymore. Easy enough. He laughed nervously and walked downstairs for a cup of coffee. There was no way he was getting back to sleep tonight.

He sat at the dinning room table and sipped his coffee. Without his permission, remembrance of his last dream flooded back. His cock twitched and he looked down. "I need a drink." He got up and grabbed the first thing alcoholic he could find--beer. He took a huge gulp and smiled at the bottle in his hand lovingly. Alcohol, Mother's milk, the quick reliever of any problem, cures your ills, your chills and it's better and cheaper than any therapist's pills. He decided he would take the next two days off...he told his boss he had emotional trauma, which wasn't too far from the truth.

A Dream's Reality - Part 3

by Aim

A couple days later, Beecher finally decided to leave his cocoon. He hadn't had a dream in the past two days and felt relatively safe he wouldn't have anymore. The dreams had pretty much been forgotten when he woke up that morning and were further forgotten as he kissed his children on the forehead and his wife on the cheek before leaving for work. His work was pretty much finished for the day except for one inconvenience, he had to meet his boss at a nearby office to converse with a new client possibility. The meeting was to take place at 6:00 and he was already ten minutes late. His mind was only consumed by the paper work he would have to fill out that evening and the clients that weren't coming to him for business. As he stepped out of his car he centered his glasses on his face and grabbed his briefcase from the back seat of his car. He quickly glanced at his reflection from the car window, flashed his trademark smile and stepped onto the busy street. He walked quickly past people hardly noticing any of their faces. He kept a steady pace and stared confidently ahead, he noted a hot dog stand on the side of the road and stared for a moment then stared ahead again, when he did he noticed something that wasn't there before...someone that wasn't there before. A hawk faced and green eyed man walked in his direction. His breath caught and he started walking backwards frantically. He bumped into people and heard their curses and cruelties in return, but he didn't stop. He needed to run away, desperately needed to run. He swiftly turned around and ran....right into a brick wall.

This whole time Chris saw the panic in this mans face. Was it because of him? He looked behind him and around him to see who could have startled this man and saw no one. He was curious about this man and something told him to help him. Christopher Keller helping some freak on the street,that's a laugh! None the less he stepped over to the man laying on the concrete. He cocked his head to the side and stared down at him, he then proceeded to tap him with his shoe. "Hey,hey buddy, you Ok?!?". In response he got a muffled groan. Chris knelt down beside him and tapped him again. "Hey, yo, wake up."

Tobias' eyes fluttered open revealing his light blue eyes and Chris couldn't help but smile. "Hey...thats some hit you took!" The man underneath him stared up in fear and fainted.

Great, of all the shit to happen in this world...,Chris thought for a moment then looked around. For some reason he just couldn't leave this guy alone 'specially on the street.

/Won't my parol officer be proud/, he thought sinically as he picked the smaller man up. He carried him to his motorcycle and set him down. He then shook his arms which had become slightly sore from the weight of the man. He then sat down behind the weak form and started his bike. As if this isn't a pain in my ass, he thought then drove to the hospital. On his way there he felt the form infront of him move slightly, and mold against him. His eyes widened slightly and then he sighed, it felt good have this man against him. Toby's head rested on his shoulder and Chris just stared down at him. What the hell is wrong with me?, he thought, this man is a freak! I don't know anything about him and I'm already thinking about throwing him down and fucking the life out of the lil' bastard? He growled at him self as they pulled into the hospital parking lot and drove to the emergency room entrance. He lifted the man up and carried him until orderlies with a stretcher came and took him away from him. They asked him many questions, like, "How are you related to this man?", "Uhm...I'm not...I just saw him on the street", "Were you witness to what happened to him?", He smiled slightly and spoke "Yah, he ran into a wall" After taking a full report they told him he could leave. He didn't know why, couldn't even control the question from excaping his lips, he had been thinking it but didn't plan on saying it and here it was being said, "Is it alright if I stay? I just wanna know how he turns out" They told him he could and he waited in the waiting room.

A couple of hours later, after Keller had checked his watch about a million times, a nurse came to him. "Your the man who brought Mr. Beecher?"

"Ummm...I..I dunno his name...All I know is he ran into a wall."

"Yes, that's Mr. Tobias Beecher."


"Anyways, it seems he has suffered some sort of trauma, it took us a long time to sooth him and sedate him then we had to give him stitches and wait for him to reawaken, and because of this we thought it best if you take him home instead of leaving him alone to travel home."

At this Chris' eyes grew large and he whined slightly, "But I..I can't..I don't even know the guy!"

"Well, we cant get a hold of his wife or mother, and his friends seem to be extremely reluctant to help, and that leaves you." She paused and stared at him then spoke again, "Just drive him to his house, we have already told him we would ask you, and at first he was afraid but then agreed." Without waiting for an answer she left.

Chris just sat there in a state of shock until Toby walked up to him.

"Hi...", Toby said scratching the bandage that surrounded his head like a turbin.

"Hey", Chris responded plainly. They just stared at eachother uncomfortably for a minute until Toby couldn't take it anymore and broke the silence, "Uhm..thanks for helping me back there." Chris smiled slightly.

"No prob." Chris slowly stood up and stated "So, I guess I'm taking you home."

"Ya, I'm really sorry about that, I don't know where my wife is..."

"S'ok", Chris responded as they walked outside into the parking lot. Toby stared up at the sky and say that the sky was now a dark purple gray color and the stars were starting to appear, Oh shit, he thought.

"Hey, uhm...I don't know your name.."

"Oh, Chris, Chris Keller."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Toby Beecher," he paused for a second as they approached the motorcycle, "Hey, Chris, can you tell me what time it is?"

"Oh, sure," he glanced at his watch, "It's about 9:00"

"Shit!" Toby yelled.

"Hey, you Ok?" Chris asked.

"Ya, but I can't go home...the kids are sleeping by now and my wife will kill me for missing dinner...She'll think I was out drinking again," Toby explained.

"Thats Ok, I'll drive you there and then I can explain it to her and..."

Toby cut Chris off before he could finish, "No, you don't understand my wife, I mean....can you just drive me to a motel?"

Chris thought for a moment and sat upon his motorcycle saying, "Uhm..sure I guess. But why don't you just stay at my house tonight? I mean it will save you money and the doctors didn't want you alone tonight anyways"

Toby thought awhile and made up his mind.

Part 4

The ride to Chris' house had been awkward. Toby had to ride on the back, behind Chris, and hold onto his torso while they rode. The people on the street seemed very interested by this spectacle as they drove by and this made Toby even more uncomfortable. He wasn't sure why he had agreed to stay at Chris' house tonight, but it would save him money....his wife would be happy about that. As they stopped at a street light Chris looked back at Toby and asked if he was Ok. Toby lied and said yes as they drove on. Toby had never really ridden a motorcycle before and at first he was nervous but now he closed his eyes and let the wind rush against his face. He let his head fall back slightly as he felt the full force of the wind. He found himself bringing a tighter grip upon Chris' sides and snapped his head back into place as he loosened his grip once more.

When they arrived to Chris' place it looked kind of rundown. It was an apartment building, or actually buildings. The landlords house was in the middle of five or six separate apartments that looked more like storage rooms. Each building was about four feet away from the next. The whole place had a quiet dark feeling about it, or maybe that was just the nights shadows. They stopped at one of the apartments and Chris got up and walked over to the door. He turned to look at Toby quizzically then spoke "You comin'?" Toby nodded slightly and got up to stand by Chris. Chris opened the door and walked in to turn on the light, Toby followed and closed the door behind h im."So, Toby..what do you do for a living?"

"I'm a lawyer...," Toby said as he looked around, he thought he heard a small chuckle from Chris' direction but dismissed it as he looked around the small two room apartment. From what he could see it had a kitchen that was connected to the living room, and he guessed the next room was Chris' bedroom.

Toby just looked around until his thoughts were interrupted by Chris calling from the kitchen.

"Hey, Toby...You wanna beer?"

Toby smiled wide and laughed,"Hell Yah, I wanna beer!!" Seemingly out of nowhere a beer was thrown at him. Toby caught it and flipped off the cap with his thumb.

"Well, look at that, preppy lawyer boy can catch,"Chris said and smiled.

"Yah, preppy lawyer boy can drink too," Toby responded with a smile.

"You challengin' me?" Chris asked.

Toby just smiled slyly and chugged down his drink. A few seconds later he set the empty bottle on the table and smiled,"Beat that!" he said smugly.

"Oh, you are going down!" Chris replied as he went to the fridge for more beers.

Chris came out of the fridge carrying about sixteen beers and set them down on the table infront of the couch. He then sat down and Toby sat down beside him staring at all the beer infront of him.

/I'm in heaven / He thought, then looked over at Chris with a challenging smile on his face.

Chris scowled at him slightly "Ok, here's the rules of the game: There are eight beers each on the table, that means eight rounds. Who ever has the fastest time, the most times wins...if you think you can handle it?"

"I can handle itm," Toby said with a deep throaty tone.

About five beers later they had forgotten all about the contest and all rational thought had disappeared. They started rambling on about stupid things and laughing at every word. Although Toby was a lil' more tipsy than Chris, Chris wasn't far behind.

A dog howled out side and Toby cringed and grabbed his ears. "Somebody shut that thing up!" he yelled

"I think that dog needs a drink," Chris said. Toby laughed and agreed.

After alot of effort they finally made it to the door. Giggling like idiots they opened the door and whispered to the dog, hiding the beers behind their backs. "Here poochy pooch pooch poochy," they repeated between giggles over and over until the dog finally came over to them. When the dog came over to them they petted it slowly and then pulled the beers out from behind their backs and poured it on the dog. The dog whimpered and ran away.

Toby and Chris closed the door and collapsed to the floor laughing. "I guess he didn't like the brand." Toby said. Chris snorted out a laugh and stood up. He wobbled slightly then got some balance and pulled Toby up. They walked over to the couch and flopped down on it laughing like madmen.

When Toby could finally breathe he thought as hard as he could for an intelligent thought and all that could come out was, "You know what I miss?"


"Gillig...Gilligan's Island; that...that show was great."

"Yah, I loved the theme song..." At that they both began to sing the theme song horribly off-key.

"Now sit right down and you'll hear a tale.........," They sang in unison then stopped abruptly.

"I dun remember the rest of the words," Toby said.

"Me either," Chris said and they started laughing hysterically.

"OH OH wait...wait I know a song!" Chris screamed.

"I'm Henry The Eighth I am," Chris paused and looked at Toby, "Come on, you know this!"

They began singing together and after each verse would laugh or make some stupid wisecrack. "I'm Henry The Eighth I am, Henry The Eighth I am, I am. I got married to the woman next door, she's been married seven times before!"

"She was a slut!" Toby said and Chris nodded his head as they started singing again. "And every one was a Henry, never was a Willie or a Sam."

"Huh..hehe...they didn't have any willies!" Chris laughed as Toby kept going, "I'm the eighth I am. I'm Henry. Henry The Eighth I am I am, Henry The Eighth I am!!!!"

They collapsed against each other laughing and Toby fell on the floor. This made Chris laugh even more . A few seconds later Toby climbed back onto the couch. "You know wha...what, Chris? This Bandage itches," he said as he pointed to bandage over his head. He took it off and put it on the table along with his glasses.

He looked at the two beers left on the table and picked one up and stared at Chris. "Hey, Chris, you know what the man who made this drink is?" In response Chris just shrugged and giggled. "He's a joy good fellow!!" Toby said smiling.

With that they both broke into a chorus of "For He's a Joy Good Fellow" while holding their beer in the air and swinging it back and forth over there heads.

"For he's a joy good fellow, for he's a joy good fellow. For he's a joy good feeeellllllllloooooowww!!" Toby stared at Chris mouth which was puckered with the last word and he reached his hand out and grabbed Chris' bottom lip. He pulled it out and then let go, watching it snap back into place. He laughed slightly and searched Chris' face then quickly pressed his lips against his.

A few seconds later he pulled back and looked at Chris. " ...nobody can...deny," Toby finished breathlessly. Chris just stared at him for a moment in shock as Toby finished the song. When he was done Chris pushed his lips against his. They kissed slowly at first, just enjoying the heat that was exchanged between their lips and mouth. Then their kisses became more passionate and it felt as if their bodies were on fire. They pulled apart for a moment gasping for air and looking into eachothers eyes, then at almost exactly the same time they lunged at eachother and began kissing again.

Chris felt the tingling that was sending flames throughout his body crawl down and center in his groin. He stood up and Toby stood with him not wanting to let go of the kiss. Chris pushed Toby back towards the bedroom. They were so caught up in the moment they didn't even notice, or didn't care, that they had knocked over a lamp. The apartment was totally dark now except for the moon light that shone through the window and lit upon their forms as the moved together to fall on the bed. Toby pushed his hands under Chris' shirt and pushed it over his head. He let his hand roam the curves and contours of the hard chest over him as they kissed. The moonlight caressed the outlines of their bodies as the moved and it cast a shadow and the wall beside them. Chris moved his head down to kiss Toby's hard jaw bone and lick it and his hands traveled downward to unbutton his pants. Toby craved the taste of that mouth again and moved his body so that they were kissing again. Then it all stopped, Toby pulled away from the kiss and stopped writhing beneath him. Chris worriedly opened his eyes to find that Toby had passed out from the drinking. He tapped him slightly, even called out his name but Toby was out cold. Chris sighed and rolled over beside him. He lay there for a few minutes just watching the moonlight play over Toby's features and then fell asleep.

A Dreams Reality - part 5

by Aim

The next morning Toby woke up with a pounding headache. He looked around the room but his vision was blurry. He rubbed the back of his hands over his eyes and his sight began to come back to him. The first thing he saw was the light filtering through the window. He winced and turned away from the window to shield his eyes from the light. He looked around slowly taking everything in. He didn't know where he was or what he was doing here, he had a faint dreamlike memory of what happened but it couldn't have, it all felt so unreal. He sat up slowly and groaned.

At the sound of the groan Chris walked into the room and without much feeling in his voice said, "Hey, you're up."

Toby's eyes grew wide and he laid back down upon the bed as memories flooded back, seeing the hawk faced man, the hospital, coming to his house, drinking.........KISSING! He sat up quickly and stared at Chris.

"Oh my God, we...we didn't do it...I mean we...," Toby spit out his words in a whirl of confusion. He was scared to know the answer but he had to know.

"No, we didn't. We both passed out," Chris said slowly as he walked over to the bed and sat beside Toby. Toby just sighed with relief and looked back up at Chris apologetically.

"Hey," Chris started again, "We were both drunk, and we didn't know what we were doing, so lets just forget all about it, Ok?"

Toby thought for a moment then agreed. They decided to go to breakfast before driving Toby home. Mainly because he didn't want to see his wife's angry face right now. Not after all he'd been through. They stopped at a diner down the road and walked in. Toby looked around with a strange look on his face.

"Hey, you ok? You wanna go somewhere else?" Chris asked.

"No, this is's just what's that smell?" Toby asked as he twitched his nose slightly.

Chris smelled the air then let out a long reminiscent sigh, "Shit on a shingle."

"What?" Toby half yelled, "What on a shingle?!?"

"You've never had shit on a shingle?" Chris asked with a laugh.

"No, what is it?" Toby asked with a slightly worried look on his face.

"It's like chipped beef and gravy on toast, it's good," Chris smiled at him.

They looked at their menus and a few minutes later a waitress came over. She was old and her gray hair was pulled up into a hair net. The bags under her eyes indicated that she hadn't gotten much sleep lately and her finger twitched with arthritis. "Christopher Keller," she said as she placed her hands on her hips and shook her head.

"How are ya, Rona?" Chris asked as he stood up and gave her a hug.

"I'm fine. Who's yer friend, he's cute," she said pointing to Toby with a pencil that she pulled out from behind her ear.

"Oh, Rona this is Toby. Toby, Rona," Chris said nonchalantly.

Toby stuck out his hand to shake hers but she just shook her head and smiled, "That's not how we do things here."

Toby stood up to apologize, even though he wasn't sure what he had done. The moment he stood Rona grabbed him and pulled him into a hug. Chris almost fell over laughing as he saw the shocked look on Toby's face. A few seconds later the embrace ended. As if nothing had happened Rona pulled her pad out of the flap of her apron and pulled the pen out from behind her ear "So, boys, what's ya havin'?"

Toby opened his mouth to speak but before he could Chris took over. Two coffees and two shit on shingles. She nodded and walked into the kitchen as Toby sat back down into the booth and looked at Chris oddly.

"What? You'll like it, I promise!" Chris said innocently. Toby shook his head and smiled at Chris and then looked out the window.

A few seconds later their breakfast was in front of them. Toby looked down at it just staring. Chris laughed.

"So what you think?"

"I...I think it looks like barf on toast," Toby replied. Chris just laughed and told him to shut up and eat. Toby obeyed. He cut a small piece and placed it on his fork then he looked up at Chris again.

"Wish me luck," Toby said with a smile. He placed it in his mouth and chewed down on it letting it flood his taste buds.

"Good?" Chris asked with a knowing smile. Toby nodded and took another bite. Chris smiled and ate his own. After they were done they began to leave. Toby went to cash register and paid, he was determined to pay, since Chris let him sleep at his house last night. Buying breakfast was the least he could do. They hugged Rona, said their good-byes and walked outside.

"You like it?" Chris asked again.

"It was great," Toby said with a laugh. Chris got on the motorcycle and Toby sat behind him. Chris revved up and soon they were on their way. Toby had to point every so often so that Chris would know where to turn and soon they were at Toby's house. Once there Toby immediately stepped off the bike, but Chris just stared at the house. It was a huge "Brady Bunch-esque" house with all the trimmings and Chris felt suddenly embarrassed by the shabby place he resided in. He quickly snapped out of it as Toby asked him to come in. Chris walked up to the door and walked in slowly. As soon as they stepped in and shut the door Chris heard a high pitched yell from the next room.

"TOBIAS BEECHER! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL NIGHT?!?" Gen yelled as she came closer to them. When she saw company was with Toby she suddenly calmed down. "I'm sorry sir, but my husband didn't come home last night...," she started to explain her anger.

"Oh, no it's ok ma'am. Toby spent the evening at my house last night. He took a pretty bad hit on the head and we couldn't get a hold of anyone so ....," Chris began his explanation of what had happened, leaving out all details of the drinking and...scene in the bedroom.

Gen looked as though she had been slapped in the face and just mustered up the strength to say, "Oh, well Mr..."

"Keller, Chris Keller," Chris filled in quickly.

"Well, Mr.Keller, I'm sorry but I thought that maybe my husband had spent the night drinking again. But now that you explain it to me I understand that I was wrong," Gen said uneasily and left.

After she was gone Toby sighed slightly knowing he would still have to endure a lecture later on from his wife about staying with people she didn't know and how he should have called her. He looked at Chris who was smiling sarcastically, "Nice wife," he said with a laugh.

"Yah, well, I would tell you that you were wrong and that she's usually an angel and today is just a bad day....but why lie?"

They both laughed and Toby escorted Chris outside to his motorcycle. They looked at each other for a moment and then they shook hands.

"Thanks, thanks a lot for helping me and letting me stay at your house last night," Toby said as he looked at the ground.

"Sure, no problem," Chris uttered shyly.

"Oh," Toby said as he dug in his pocket, "I owe you a lot and so all I can really offer is a lawyers advice...if you ever need any," Toby said as he placed his business card into Chris' hand.

"Thanks," Chris said slowly. They shook hands again and Chris left. Toby stepped back into his house awaiting the lecture that was sure to come.

A Dreams Reality - Part 6

by Aim

It had been days since Chris had met Toby and he should have forgotten about him and blocked out everything that happened between them but he didn't, he couldn't. The memory of diamond blue eyes and soft blond curls flooded his mind. Every time he came home he saw the bandage that Toby had taken off and placed there, and everytime he laid down upon his bed he felt and tasted the soft lips upon his own, the warm flesh in his hands, the other body touching him. He lay there now just thinking, he closed his eyes as thoughts consumed his brain. Thoughts of a certain lawyer who in one instant could make him laugh harder than anyone he's ever met, and could make him harder than anyone he's ever met. He sighed and rolled over to fall asleep.

All week Toby kept himself as busy as possible. Work always kept his mind off of what he didn't want to face that very moment. When ever he had a break and nothing to do he went crazy, he just couldn't get his mind off of the man that once filled his dreams and then turned out to be a reality, the man that helped him, the man he had fun with, the most fun he's had with anyone in ages, the man he kissed... The hawk faced man...Chris. He rubbed a palm against his forehead and then pinched the skin between his eyes. When his eyes focused again he signed some more papers and typed up a new report on the latest case.

Chris couldn't sleep, something was poking into his back, he lifted up and looked on the bed. Laying there was the business card Toby had given him. It lay face up as if it were amused at how pathetic he was becoming. His first thought was to call Toby, but then he dismissed the idea and ripped the card in two and threw it across the room. About an hour later, after he had tortured himself thinking about what to do, he found himself on the floor searching for the pieces of the business card. When he finally found both pieces he placed them together with tape. He stared at the card. /853-7780...wait is that an 8 or a 3? Oh, well no way to find out unless I try both/

In his throat as he tried to talk but the voice on the other side spoke before he could. "Hello, Papa Gino's pizza, how can we help you?" Chris let out a deeply held breath and slammed the phone down upon the receiver. /Well, ten to one says that was the wrong number/ He sighed and began to dial the other number. RING.......RING..... /Two rings and no answer/ He almost hung up but decided to wait a while longer.

Toby had just gotten home and was fiddling with his keys as he heard the phone ring. /Great.../ He hurried to open the door and dropped the keys. He lifted them back up and unlocked the door and ran to the phone. "Hello?" Toby said expectantly. He waited, but all he heard was heavy breathing on the other end so he repeated himself,"Hello...Hello.....Goodbye"

He shrugged his shoulders and hung up. He then went to the door and pulled his keys from the key hold and picked his briefcase up off the stoop. He walked in and shut the door behind him and sat down on the couch.

"Oh My God! I chickened out!" Chris said aloud in a soliloquy. "What the hell is wrong with me? I can't even make a fucking phone call?" He grabbed his keys and headed towards the door thinking that maybe a drive would clear his mind.

Chris' drive unconsciously took him to the street where Toby lives. He looked around and saw a pay phone. /Why the hell not, I'll...I'll go over for a visit, that's sane enough, I mean we are friends, right? I guess so...AUGH! I don't know./ He stared at the pay phone for a long moment as if it were the most amazing thing he had ever seen, and the most confusing. Finally he gave into his feelings and stopped listening to his conscience. He got up and walked over to the phone and place 35 cents into the slot as he searched his pocket for the number. When he found it he let out a deep breath and started dialing. /Hope I don't get that damned pizza place again/ Suddenly a voice on the other side answered "Hello?" hris smiled and answered,"Hi, Toby? It's Chris, Chris Keller." Toby almost dropped the phone "Oh, hi Chris. How are you?"

"I'm fine, but I'm in the area and I....I sort of need a lawyers advice." Chris paused for a moment before continuing,"Is your wife home?"

"No, she and the kids are at their grandmothers house," Toby answered shortly.

Chris paused /He has kids?/

"Chris? You still there?" Toby asked

"Oh, yah I'm still here. Is this a bad time for you or can I come over and talk?" Chris asked hesitantly.

"Uhm..I guess you can come over but I..."

"Great! I'll be over in a few minutes" *CLICK*

"WAIT....Oh God, what did I just do...," Toby hung up the phone as he thought about everything. /It's ok Toby, he just wants to discuss something about the law, thats all. People come to you all the time for a lawyers advice this isn't any different.../ This thought both calmed and disappointed him.

A few minutes later there was a knock on the door. Toby fixed his hair and walked to the door to open it. When he opened the door Chris stood there in jeans and a tee-shirt smiling slightly, "Hey," Chris said.

Toby smiled and said hello as he led Chris in and closed the door. He then stood in front of Chris and leaned against the couch,", do you want a drink before we start talking? We have" Toby said in a slightly nervous tone.

"No, I want to be sober when I do this," Chris said and searched Toby's face.

"When you do wha.....," Toby's words were cut off by Chris' lips pressed against his.

Chris pulled back and stared at Toby's face to see his reaction. Toby stared at him wide eyed for a moment then pulled Chris' collar and pulled his face close to his bringing them into another kiss. They kissed softly at first, basking in the taste and the feeling it shot through out their body's. Both astonished by the sweetness, sexiness of another man's mouth. Chris pushed his tounge past Toby's lips, searching, exploring the mouth pressed against his. Toby sighed into Keller's mouth as their tounges moved in an erotic forbidden dance. Toby felt a slight tingling pull over his heart and shivered. He pulled away from the kiss and looked into Chris' dark eyes. He smiled slightly, almost in a nervous fashion, but he knew what he wanted, and he nodded towards the stairs. Chris kissed him once more and looked at him.

"Are you sure?" Chris asked worriedly.

"Yes," Toby whispered against Chris' lips before kissing them again.

They headed up the stairs kissing and touching. Feeling almost dizzy from the sensations of pleasure they felt. When at the top of the stairs Toby pushed their bodies towards one of the rooms and opened the door. They stepped inside and closed the door behind them, locking it.

They stopped for a moment and just stared at eachother as the sounds of heavy breathing filled the room. Chris waited and watched as Toby slowly stalked towards him again softly, lingering on his lips as his hands rubbed over the muscular chest and arms that filled his dreams. He let his hands fall slightly and rub Chris' stomach, he let his wrists catch at the bottom of Chris' shirt and pulled it upwards. Chris broke the kiss and placed his mouth beside Toby's neck caressing the flesh with his tounge and freezing Tobys movements. Toby felt even hotter now and pushed Chris' shirt up further as his hands slid over the landscape of a muscular chest. When he finally reached the shoulders he lifted it up and over Chis' head. For a moment Toby just stared at the bare chest before him, then he laid his palms softly against Chris' pects feeling the warmth they released and the hard smooth muscle move against his fingers with each intake of breath. He leaned in for another kiss and felt dazed with passion. As they kissed Chris moved his hands down towards Toby's pants. He ran his pointer finger over Beecher's lower belly in a zig-zag pattern until he came to the button. Chris unbuttoned Toby's pants quickly and broke the kiss as Toby stepped out of them and kicked them to the side.

Chris stared at the body in front of him clad only in boxers and a t-shirt and Toby smiled slightly as he removed his shirt. Chris smiled and pulled Toby towards him, feeling the heat of another firm chest against his own as they kissed. Keller felt his cock throbb with need and felt Toby equally as hard against him. He began unbuttoning his own pants as they kissed. The pants fell softly to the ground unoticed as the kiss continued. Toby ran his hands down Chris' sides until he came to the elastic of his boxers, he pushed his hands down farther until he heard the cloth hit the floor.

Suddenly, Toby pulled away from the kiss and away from Keller, who helplessly reached for him. Toby smiled slightly and Chris relaxed as he watched Toby remove his boxers. Chris finally stepped out of his pants and walked towards Toby kissing him hard against the lips. Toby's body tingled with the feel of his naked body against another and the hardness of his lover against his own.

Chris paused for a moment and looked into Toby's eyes "Are...Are you sure you want to do this?"

Toby pressed his lips close to Chris' ear, "No turning back now," he whispered hotly.

Chris kissed him again and pushed him towards the bed. Toby laid upon it and Chris straddled him. They kissed again and Toby's hands slid softly up and down Chris' back, from the shoulder blades to the small of his back and up again. Chris smiled as he began kissing and sucking down the length of Toby's neck. Beecher sighed in pleasure as his body tingled from each of Chris' movements. His mind went crazy, everything was so new, so strange, so.... AMAZING! His senses were flooded by the man above him, his smell, his taste, his sight, his hearing, and his touch all sighed in ecstasy and he couldn't take it anymore. He pushed his body to the side until he was laying ontop of Chris, in between his legs. He kissed Chris on the lips passionately and shifted his weight to the side to get more comfortable.

"OOoohhhhh!" Chris moaned.

Toby smiled down at him,"You like that, huh?" he said teasingly.

Chris nodded his head violently, and closed his eyes in pleasure as Toby did it again.

Keller growled deep in his throat and with a smile pushed Toby back onto his back. They kissed as Chris pushed Toby's legs apart and lied gently upon Beecher's body, lining their cocks together. Beecher groaned slightly and Chris closed his eyes with the sweet friction that consumed him. He opened his eyes again and looked down into Toby's face, his eyes were closed in pleasure and Chris smiled as he thrust against his body. Toby gasped and opened his eyes to see Chris moving over him. Toby lifted his hips slightly and rubbed against him. They moved slowly at first but soon picked up the pace, they moved against eachother in quick short movements up and down and from side to side, panting as they stretched their bodies forward in a tumble of extreem exigency, as if they would die if they every slowed or stopped. They humped eachother in earnest, gasping and writhing. Their hips rolled together and the temperature of the room went to a fever pitch.

"Oh.....God, CHRIS!" Toby moaned as he moved against the man above him.

Chris softly cried out and spoke in a shuddering breath, "!"

Toby lifted his head up towards Chris' and placed a hard and desperate kiss upon his lips. The kiss was broken when Toby threw his head back and came between their bodies with a breathless moan. Chris soon did the same and fell onto the body beneath him. After a moment he lifted his head up and kissed Beechers hot lips that tarried softly and deeply on his own. The kiss broke and Chris rolled over to lay beside his lover. Their bodies throbbed with emotion and their hearts pounded through their chests as they waited for their breathing to normalize.

"That was...."


"....and you were..."

"You too." They both smiled blissfully until concern crossed Beecher's features.

A million questions raced through Toby's mind at once and he turned away from Chris. Keller tilted his head to the side to see Beecher, but all he saw was his back. He felt worry wash over him and he sat up on his elbow, looking over Toby's back to his face. Toby's face was pale and sweat covered his brow, his lips were red and his eyes closed as he breathed slowly against the pillow.

"Toby?" Chris asked, his voice tainted with unease. As he let his finger softly caress the back infront of him. He felt a slight shiver run through Toby's body and brought his hand up to lie against a shoulder.

Toby's mind came to a halt. Why ask questions about something that feels right? Why should I ignore my feelings and desires? I've done it for way to long. For once I'm going to do what my feelings tell me too, and all they tell me to do is to be with this man as often as possible....I give in...

Beecher turned over and stared up into Chris' face and smiled. Chris smiled back and they kissed for a second then lay together, with every body part embracing another, and fell asleep.

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