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Archibald 2. Dangerous Experiment.


Dangerous Experiment is an interactive erotic quest, which depicts America of fifties, during the time of rock-n-roll, big cars and beautiful women. It's about funny, fantastic and exciting adventures of a brave private detective, who saves the Earth from alien invasion.

The game uses NPR and has the following features:

  • 20 colored and richly animated 3D characters and 3 funny painted imps.
  • More than 30 game locations.
  • 3 exiting arcade mini-games.
  • Nearly 40 quests and riddles.
  • Nearly 4 hours of dialogues.
  • 6 practically naked beauties and several stirring erotic scenes.

The game is full of humor, erotic scenes, and fantasy is based on a thrilling and unexpected plot.

Key Features

  • Many special sound and video effects, beautiful and unusual scenes, unbelievably vivid 3D characters.
  • A unique help system, shown by two small devils and angel.
  • Magic glasses, that takes off the clothes of people around.
  • Elements of economy, which make the player count his money and allow him, earn them.
  • Perfect animation.
  • Exciting plot.
  • Style of the fifties.
  • Charming women and erotic moments.
  • Real rock-n-roll.


    32 Mb RAM (64 Mb is recommended)
    2 Mb video card (800x600 16bit)
    Sound card.


If you happened to be near town N on the 5th Highway, on a hot summer evening of the year 1956, you would surely see this car. Luxurious, perfect pink Cadillac with a surf desk on its roof and the sounds of rock-n-roll coming out of it. It was Archi Burton - a famous detective and women's favorite - driving on his vacation.

Some minutes later, pink Cadillac disappeared in the immense territory of Nevada desert, making its driver confront unexpected and exciting adventures.

They were, though, very exciting and unexpected to a person like Archi…

And it started like this.

Half an hour later, we have met Archi's car, it suddenly stopped. The road was blocked by an overturned car, which seemed to have an accident. Archi jumped out of his car to help the people. Near it, he saw an injured girl in a very strange dress. She was unconscious. Archi carefully takes the girl to his car and drives her to the nearest hospital, of the closest town.

An hour of mad driving and Archi arrived to Rousewille Town. He found a hospital and let the doctors see the girl, and decided to spend the night in the nearest motel. But on the seat of his car, right on the place where the girl was lying, he saw a strange object that looked like a trinket. He decided to return it to the girl when he meets her. Next morning Archi went to the hospital again to visit the girl. From this moment on, all the show started. The doctors said there was no girl. And when Archi get out of the hospital he met two burglars, which were waiting for him and advised him to come with them. After short dispute Archi found himself in the mansion of local Mafia boss. Big Harry (that was the name of the gangster) looked at Archi's trinket (but he called it the key to the Devil's Eye) and told that Archi should probably know where whole eye is. So he asked Archi to bring The Devil's Eye in three days, otherwise…. Well, he couldn't surely reject such an offer and so he got into a very dangerous adventure.


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