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July 15-31, 2000
The goal of Dinosaur Expedition 2000, was to collect the bones of a 200 million year old prosauropod dinosaur known to be at the research site.

This page was updated daily as the crew collected the dinosaur skeleton.  You can see how the dig progressed by making your way through these pages. 


Check out the complete list of Updates from the Field.

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  Dinosaur Expedition 2000 was focussed on the collection of a prosauropod dinosaur specimen discovered at the site in 1998.  This specimen is the third dinosaur specimen to be collected from a small bone bed the Museum researchers have been studying for several years. 

  From this expedition, researchers hoped to recover the entire dinosaur skeleton that was in danger from the high erosion rate at the site.  The tremendously high tides in the Parrsboro area, rising and falling almost 10 meters with each tide, cause the cliff at the research site to erode at an estimated 1 meter per year. 

  This specimen will be another important piece of the story this site has recently revealed.  What caused these three dinosaur skeletons to be buried here 200 million years ago?  Questions like this will take years to answer, but it all starts with work like Dinosaur Expedition 2000, and the collecting of these important fossils.

This Research has been generously supported by:
Nova Scotia Museum Palaeontology Research Grant, and a Jurassic Foundation Research Grant. 

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